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Editorial & Memories

"...We have grown to expect our memories to remain untouched by the hands of time. You and I know better, but yet we want to believe in the infallibility of memory so strongly..."

I'll offer a counterpart to this. My memory is rather thin. So thin in fact, that I don't expect to reliably remember *any* event. I'd be a terrible witness. How do you forge a life when something as basic as memory is wrenchingly flawed?

I get by with a mix of heavy notes, magician's mentalist showmanship, and guerilla acting. I created a career position which mostly assures that no to-do event remains active for more than two months. I work out patterns, and reorder life as crossmixes of those patterns. I spend every hour of the day maneuvering around fragility of memory.
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Re: Editorial & Memories


By, R. Tornello © 2007

How does memory hold?
Stratified atoms all
Chemically told
Just what to do, when given the cue
Voila, the picture comes back to you!

But what if, just a thought, the atoms leak?
A bit,
they seep,
Maybe too much booze?

The cue?
A Chip
Maybe the data corrupting?

A picture conjured up; thought to be real.
Upon photographic reflection
truth turns out to be weak.
A movie remembered?
You thought you knew well.
But trickle down memory
Shot that one to hell.

How about memory leaking into dreams.
Dreams into memory.
Then reality itself?
So it seems.
Uplifted crust of an idea.
Memory sub ducted, folded,
Crustal plates of thought memory.
Reality , ones own goes deep
to layered others
driven inward downward
melted anew.
Brought back to the surface
by cue
and thought anew !
Eye witness accounts.

Combined well in
Stirred up the plot pot.
Upwards backwards forward and past.
Sideways too.
All dimensional cast.
Memory’s changed somewhere deep in that brain.
With that all said
Who is this, “I AM”


Layer upon layer
Year after year
Pressing down hard
Upon that brain of yours dear.

Till what was mutable, changeable
Becomes hard as a rock.
Sworn too.
Yet upon investigation
found permeable,
And leaks quite a lot.
Don’t YOU think………
That was?
Was, is not.
Memory now and memory then
to much a degree
Compressed illusion.


Uplifted crust of an idea.
(all chemical)
Volcanic eruption
Boiling inner mind
(all chemical)
Memory sub-ducted, folded
(all chemical)
In with other crustal plates of memory
(all chemical)
Driven downward to be
Melted anew.
(all chemical)
A memory built upon
The foundations of the old
(all chemical)
Or like the permafrost
To melt when the heat
Of earthen reality is focused?
(all chemical)
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Re: Editorial & Memories

Rick, that's cheating. You're supposed to send them to me first :D ;)
KNEEL before Zod!
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Re: Editorial & Memories

You published that poem a few years ago.

Your memory is fading too?

I thought it fit the the situation regarding memory.


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