Post February 23, 2011, 02:08:13 AM

Re: Retrograde Feature by Daniel C. Smith

A new feature series!

"Welcome to Retrograde, where I take a look at movies and novels that somehow slipped under the radar or have faded too far into memory or for whatever reason I feel deserve a closer look by the dedicated sci-fi fan."

This sounds quite promising!

I'll leave the door open for someone to chime in on the fetured movie Silent Running. I'd instead like to take a tangent on the Retrograde theme itself.

I'd like to nominate Tron as the current entry for the highest profile Retrograde in a long while. I find it rather humorous that twice in a row the same movie manages to become famous for "a strange and complicated story backed by the best graphics ever seen at the time."

Something different seems to be happening in the land of sequels too. Cliche used to have it that the first movie was the first & best. Lately though, starting with the hero movies, movie #3 or #4 in a series is turning out to be the winner. My opinion is that some combination of the first two movies needs to lay out a lot of necessary material (and even make necessary mistakes!) Then with all that background in place, a fresh new chapter shows up that becomes one for the ages. Batman's Dark Knight is an example. I think Tron Legacy may be in that category too. Reviewers seem to agree that the current script was badly flawed, but what if it was Good Enough to get the whole Dictator Clu bit out of the way and leave an open canvas? Could Tron 3 become the signature conclusion to the "trilogy"?

Caveat - The Matrix seems to me to be the premier counter example of a brilliant first movie put at risk by the concluding two sequels.