The True Death by Colin Heintze

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The True Death by Colin Heintze

Ewww . . .

All right . . . it's well-written, for what it is, but -- what it is . . .

Poignant, and all the more tragic, is that love goes on, even in an inescapable living hell.
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Whee! What a psychadelic, post apocalyptic trip. With zombies!
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The True Death

When I was 35, I read in the newspaper about a Jehovah’s Witness convention that was attended by 300,000 people. Since they believe that only 144,000 people will be taken up in the Rapture, I wondered what they thought as they passed each other in the hall, since obviously 156,000 of the faithful wouldn’t make the cut.

This story is about the other 156,000 plus the billions left on Earth during the period beginning the Tribulation. The great thing about this story is that it picks up one piece of a current religion and turns it into a heavy-weight tale of horror, without becoming preachy. It begins with a scene very reminiscent of a Mardi Gras I went to New Orleans before a flood tried to wipe it from the face of the Earth…complete with zombies.

Of course you have the lead character Mike – a young man in love with a woman who is suffering greatly – but the character I like the most is Ruiz, a professor/scientist. His view is that mankind isn’t living through the end of history; rather history is continuing to unfold.

"You don't care, not at all?" Mike asked incredulously.
"Why should I?" Ruiz snapped back, letting the wild gesticulation of his hands do most of the talking. "Humanity has been granted its greatest wish: immortality! We live in a world without fear, regret, or loss, able to indulge our every passion without consequence. Don't let the thrash in the street and the whores in the alleyway mislead you: this place is Eden, my friend! It may be a consolation prize for us left-behinds, but you don't see me complaining, do you?"

In a world where death is impossible, religions have now sprung up promising ‘true death’. However, when people try these magical ways out, they are always painfully resurrected. One group, the Peterians, took to lobotomizing their followers:

"The Peterians were just turning their clients into zombies and hiding them in underground complexes. Some of the Baron's men discovered it: a subterranean cavern a mile long, stuffed to the gills with zombies stacked together like cordwood."

About midway through a subplot occurs that carries the reader towards the end of the story like an avalanche. I found it impossible to stop reading, it was that exciting. It centers around one man who has access to a nuclear device, a new Messiah – and so begins a quest unlike any other, in a world produced whole from Colin Heintze’s imagination.

“Mike stood anxiously in the great, barren plain waiting for the party to begin. He had heard rumors attesting to the egos of the Western warlords, but had never believed that such a degree of pomposity could be concentrated in a single man. Everywhere expanding far into the ocean of pilgrims, massive columns bore heroic renderings of their host like the paintings of the totalitarian despots of old. It was well into night, and Mike had already stood in the baking heat through a fully electric band, commencement speeches, and a rambling sermon from the generous demagogue himself, "America" Jim Meyers."

I found myself actually moved by emotion near the end of the story, for even in this hell-hole there is love, true love – if not true death. A phenomenal read – and what could be the start of a series.
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