Death Ships

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Death Ships

Death Ships
HG Well’s classic story, the War of the Worlds, is a good example of the optimistic view that, no matter what, humans (or their diseases) will overcome even the most formidable of alien adversaries. Death Ships reminds us that such may not be the case – perhaps there would be no help coming.
There are some very nice lines here – “I’ll keep you informed. You…the deceased.” “People sucked from the ground like ants.” I like the last quote, especially, because I have had the same dream. From a distance I could hear the ‘slap, slap’ of the bodies as they hit against the sides of the transparent tubes. Some of the blood from the bodies flowed out of the bottom, around the rim onto the ground.
Pleasant dreams, fellow Aphelionites. Pleasant dreams!
Very nicely done. What gruesome fun!
Since the house is on fire - at least let us warm ourselves.
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Yes, very well done . . . great imagery, but -- it got a little funny when

camouflaged my face and head
with limp leaves and cigarette butts...

I smell
the ashes of our best days...

I'm glad my best days didn't smell like that . . .

I'm sure the humor was unintended.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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