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Tell us what you thought about the September/October 2010 issue!

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2:54 by James A. Andrew

This seemed quite well done, but . . . I have a confession to make . . .

I suck at reading horror stories . . . I always have, and I don't know why, but they just don't have the intended effect on me; for whatever reason, I just can't suspend my disbelief for them. No kidding, if Cthulhu himself stepped into my room in 3-D Technicolor Hi-Resolution, I'd just look at him and say, "Sorry, pal, you can't be here. Great simulation, though." Poe, Robert Chambers, all those classics -- nothin' -- nada, zip, zilch -- I just don't react. The movies? I laugh more than I cringe. I look at the special effects and say, "Cool! How'd they do that?"

Ya wanna know who can scare me? Ray Bradbury. (Dick Cheney is up there on the list, too, but never mind that.)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand . . . reminds me a little of old Twilight Zone. But, hey, the special effects were great . . .
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I thought it was very well written, and had a nice flow. The author got right to the point, and the story kept moving until the end. Based on the weirdness going on, the ending didn't really suprise me. Everything had sort of a "Jacob's Ladder" feeling to it.

The plot of a person subjectively having surreal experiences, while in reality they've died, isn't new. Ina way these types of stories are like roller coasters. The ending isn't what's important. It's the thrills along the way that make the experience enjoyable.
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I'll admit right up front that I was much more impressed by the author's previous story The Last Concerto. However, that may just be a preference of mine, as a Lovecraft fan-atic.
Having said that, for my taste, it was too obvious that the main character was either dreaming, or in a dream state.
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I like the pictures in the hall. I like the texture of the bare brick wall in the living room. I like the limits of infinity. I was a little confused about the broken window.
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