HAIRY MUTANT by Mike Burger

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HAIRY MUTANT by Mike Burger

I thought of Wells The Time Machine and I added Meets the Nerds in my head. That's sort of a twisted view of the picture in my head

I love the poem. It's a great outline for a story too.

Mutant ? Do you remember the Twilight Zone, plastic surgery scene?
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Yeah, this one was fun. Damn cell phones, getting in the way of personal interaction . . .
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Hairy Mutants

I liked the ending - it's a twist. I suppose the reason I didn't see it coming was because I have a preconceived notion of what a barbarian should look like - but who is the real neanderthal?
I did have a couple of picks - in case the author wants to re-publish this eventually: ...romed the Earth? - probably roamed the Earth (unless you're an evangelical Catholic, and then you need a capital 'R'). And they probably ...stared at each other... (perhaps asking a question in their minds)...
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