The Hot Bolt Kids by Cody L. Stanford

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The Hot Bolt Kids by Cody L. Stanford

This story has real personality -- well, several, if you want to look at it that way. Kind of a supernatural-noir-blended narrative. Wonderfully done; he puts Charles ("Charlie") Darwin in the same universe with a bunch of mythical beasts and wizardry, and then turns the ending in a direction I didn't expect.

Setting and characters had an authentic and distinct feel about them . . . I'd say it was colorful, if you take 'gray' as a color . . .

Cody's bio indicates experience and practice, and this story shows it; it is an artfully crafted piece of work. Read it!
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This was an excellent piece. I love the narrator, his little comments, snipes, and morbid sidetracks; he was just full of character. You did an awesome job conveying a world with a dash of history with minute references here and there. I've never really read a urban fantasy/steampunk kind of tale before, and I liked it. Overall, great job and let me echo Lester, read it.
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Reminded me a little of China Miéville, all those races living together, especially the bird people. So the moral of the story is.. It's better to be a warewolf than a child abuser? Hmm, I could just about agree with that.

How do you pronounce Faolán anyway?

Neat job of turning the narrator from unsympathetic to sympathetic over the course of the story. Well done!
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