Grip Henshaw Goes To Hell by Hoagie DeFalco

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Post July 03, 2007, 10:20:44 AM

Grip Henshaw Goes To Hell by Hoagie DeFalco

What a romp!  Take all the stereotypes, smack 'em against the wall and watch them splatter, merge and puddle on the floor.  This was an entirely entertaining read.  This story was an amazing blend of the fantastic, psychotic and the well.  .  . maybe.  .  . scientific.  

The dialog was snappy and the pace was non-stop to the very end.  Sure, the characters were barely two-dimensional but they were fun.  I found the story a little hard to follow, the first time around, but only because there was so much going on in it.  It took me a little while to figure out that Rails and Satan were one and the same.  I've never heard that particular nickname for Old Scratch, before.  And the physical description of The Beast.  .  .well, that's one that should have been better-hyped by Satan's Spin Doctors.

There was an amazing variety of neologisms and phrase turning that just plain worked, in context:

"I spidered up a wall.  .  ."
"I fired the other seven grenades.  They bounced off the furry fury like BBs off a battleship. "

Now folks, that's good stuff.  Furry fury, 'fer cryin' out loud!  

On the quibbly side, the text could have used a little more editing:

" Nobody’s would have said you wimped out.”  

And the word—everyone—is dying.  This is the second story I've read in this month's collection were the author has chosen to spell it dieing.

Given, English is a funky language.  At the end of dying, you die.  When you dye fabric, you are dyeing.  And a dieing machine makes dice.  .  .the singular of which is a die.  So though dying, dyeing and dieing are all real words and will pass spell check with flying colors, they are not interchangeable.

So Hoagie, you are both a good writer and a scrumptious sandwich.  

Bill Wolfe
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Post July 07, 2007, 10:14:37 AM

Re: Grip Henshaw Goes To Hell by Hoagie DeFalco

... After that whole Rocket o' Death affair, Henshaw retired again. Then he got a phone call.

"Henshaw? Ryder here. We got a problem. See, those gaming companies use all these funky dice. You know, the weird shaped ones with the funny colors. Well, Satan has hijacked the world's supply, and now it's freakin' $100 for a measly D-20 for Chriss'akes. I don't even wan' t' know what something exotic like a D-12 goes for these days..."


P.S. Is that where Ruby on Rails got its name? I was wondering why train tracks were special, but I could go with "Devil's Developer Tool".

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Post July 25, 2007, 05:55:46 AM

Grip Henshaw Goes To Hell by Hoagie DeFalco

now this needs to be made into a video game pronto, all the parts are in place...story, detailed settings, awesome enemies, cool weapons and non-stop action.

the characters: no problem. the story: works great and kept it moving. the language: rich, colorful and at times downright witty and funny. but it was messy, there were more than enough instances where Hoagie would have been well advised to sit down and engage in clean up.

at any rate, really enjoyable story and i do mean it: this would make for tremendous fun as a game. going back to satanic imagery, i believe it's time to pitch.

plus loved the name..Grip Henshaw, heh heh.

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