Shift / Change by Roland Allnach

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Shift / Change by Roland Allnach

I'm not exactly sure how to describe this one . . . maybe that there's as much unsaid as said, up until the very last line. Maybe it's the classic model of a campfire story . . . excellent job!
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Its a twisted bit of "night shift", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (tip of the hat to Tao), and forgot the name of the movie where they were searching for god who was in an old man's body, plus the unusual.

I liked it. I had to read it twice, the 2nd time slowly to make sure I had all the action figures in their correct locations.

It's one that I will think about. Instead of Satan being thrown out, it's his "brother" for the sin of pride. Not a bad take on the old story.

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Post August 10, 2010, 08:19:09 AM

Edge of Tomorrow

I liked Pleasantville better.

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Roland Allnach's story allows us to peek into an underground hell. With gritty, mind numbing images, the characters in this story grabble with the failures in their past as the christian gods try to find their own humanity.
This reminded me of the movie 'Dogma' - the main character seems to be honest in his patient, eons old, search for redemption and reconcilliation with a omnipowerful god and with his own feelings. All these gut wrenching characters are seeking their own passport to paradise, only to end up in a hell of their own making.
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Well worth reading.
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I'm glad to see people have enjoyed the story, and I appreciate the reviews, particularly from an experienced crowd. It's always interesting
to see how readers interpret your words, and rewarding when the intended meaning translates across the page. Hopefully I'll be returning
to the pages of Aphelion in the future!

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