Post August 31, 2010, 08:10:15 AM

A World of Good by Kevin Gordon

This story has to do with a young man who survives a catastrophy brought on by scientists working on the Hadron Collider. All of the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere is being burned up by the fire-bloom that resulted,that is now the size of Europe. There are excellent visual descriptions of the event itself, and the insanity of a dying Earth, 80 years after the Event.
The thing I find interesesting was the intensity of the 'diary' he is writing. If there is one person who will lie to you, it is yourself - and this comes through in this young boy's writing. His rationaliztion for killing one person after another is interesting. Throughout the entire story he is talking about people who may or may not exist. He finally stumbles upon a way to save the world through basically magic - but once again the reader is left with the underlying fear that maybe the 'blue orbs' are just a figament of his imagination.
The diary boy tells everything as if he is trying desperately to be honest with the reader - and yet, how apt would any of us be in being honest with ourselves.
The names in the story may be a give-away, maybe not. One sentence towards the end of the story definately sounds like something a shrink could have a ball with: " makes up for burying September, killing my Memory, and watching Able die." Are these really people's names - or is he killing parts of himself? "So, at this last meeting, a guy named Lucifer spoke up." Really?
This story is well written and descriptive. I'd be interested to know if other readers have a similar take on this fascinating tale.
Since the house is on fire - at least let us warm ourselves.