In The Icehouse by Dave Weaver

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In The Icehouse by Dave Weaver

Very good job! Proof that corruption isn't limited to politicians . . .
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In the Icehouse

This story seems to be a study in opposites. The public usually sees scientists portrayed as quiet, small men – in search of their tiny pieces of a larger truth. Peterson’s character, however, goes against this cliché. Peterson is huge, indomitable, bellowing, larger than life – and willing to stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The ice-covered scenery that begins the story is also a stark contrast to the blistering heat experienced by Mathers near the end of the piece.

I liked the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ reference. I balked a little, however, at the idea that these particular core samples were the end-all in the Global warming debate. Surely if these cores had been destroyed, another expedition would have been mounted.

Beyond that, even if the Earth’s people were 100% certain of Global Warming’s alarming reality, what to do about it is the main problem. It will take a lot more than turning off the water a few times while brushing our teeth. That stuff always gets me – “We collect pop cans to save the Earth.” A larger Inconvenient Truth may that be we as a civilization are already beyond saving.

This is a good study of a well told story in a short amount of space.
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