Homer and The Goddess By Cary Semar

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Homer and The Goddess By Cary Semar

Well written; the scene was well described, and the moral at the end well grounded in the story. Although I did think that they were going to do worse to the poet than merely blind him...
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The moral being -- choose your audience wisely -- especially if you insist on telling the truth . . .
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The truth

Lester says the moral of this story is "Choose your audience wisely - especially if you insist on telling the truth..."
I would tend to disagree. What is the truth? Is there a 'the truth'? Is my truth the same as yours?
I wish I could say I loved this story but, with absolute no regard for my audience - I wasn't that impressed with it. Maybe it's because this month's journey into the 'Age of Darkness' has rendered up some mighty tough competition in My Salieri Complex and Shift/Change. This story was good, but great? - not on my watch.
As far as the basis of the tale - are there gods who will punish us if we attract their vengence - Homer's tales have men so punished by the gods that only a few are alive after ten years of being swept about the Mediterean Sea. Sounds like punishment to me, and I'm sure the people Homer was telling stories to felt the same.
Going further into the story - are there gods? A vital question. Perhaps history moves forward from all of nature being gods, to the gods of Olympus, to one god, to no gods. A kid just walked into the bar wearing a teeshirt with a mean Santa on it. It says, "Believe in me or die." Interesting.
This is a story worth reading, but it simply pales beside some of the other talent displayed this month.
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