#21: Changing Time, Tone, and Type by Seanan McGuire

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#21: Changing Time, Tone, and Type by Seanan McGuire

I like mornings. They're Crispy. But when the cool evening tendrils of the breeze blows across the seaside patio of the restauant at dinner, it's great to order shrimp penne and listen to the sound of the waves.

States of mind can vary. Ye Olde Vermont Style makes its own sentences from raw dots, each letter drawn in pointilism upon the vellum page. New Jersey mass produces lots of words, then ships it to Maine to be wrapped as a new Stephen King novel.

Pause a moment. There. Right there. Did you see it? You paused. I asked you to, and you did. How very nice of you. What's the difference between a Cat and a Comma? A Cat has claws at the end of its paws and a Comma has a pause at the end of its clause.
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Well, this is interesting, but I'm not sure it's all the universal phenomenon that Seanan makes it out to be. Then again, I've never thought to look for it in my own stuff.

The problem I have about certain times of day is whether or not I can write anything at all . . . if I try early in the day, I'm likely to have hours invested in a single sentence -- followed by a similar struggle starting the next one. The sentences are okay; I just can't seem to get a flow going just any old time.

Still, the article is good for getting writers to look for style changes in general. "Know thyself."
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