The Receptive Ocean By Robert L. Read

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The Receptive Ocean By Robert L. Read

Wow. Who ever would have expected dolphin thought processes to be so eeriely human?

An excellent story, with a well-placed moral and a lot of thought put into the physics of the situation (though I must say, I'm a little confused as to exactly what the Servant did to the fly-boy). A small, local war, centered on the group bridging an ancient gap (between Land and Sea, in this case) under attack from representatives of both sides; it's a strong plot, and one that can be handled badly or well, and in this case it was handled very well. Ideally, I would personally have expected the dolphins to be a little more alien (mentally), but that's really a minor point in a well-written story.
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I liked this, but it took a few minutes getting used to its structure.

I kept getting bothered by the dolphins using human time and distance measurements. I think this could have been treated with a few more words here or there to either use alternates, or explain the reason.

Also, it just seemed that the humans were way too at ease with high levels of exertion while holding their breath for very long periods.

As well, the timeline seemed accelerated; some of the humans were in their first generation at sea, as it were . . . maybe the war broke out suddenly, and I missed it. It just seemed as though that transition was too quick.

Details and description are marvelous, and it's nearly all action. Very good.
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