Post June 08, 2010, 06:13:56 PM

Time of the Season by Christopher Pender

As I spend another day at home trying to recover from the 'creeping crud', I thought this tale might be just right for me. The basic plot is the appearance of the 'stay the fuck away from him' virus, done to delightful apocalyptic refrains.
The writing is young - similar Catcher in the Rye in it's train of action way of looking at things. People are dying around our young heros, but they don't give a f*^k - and why should they? Youth screams out, "Today I am immortal". It is as it should be, the young have the right to believe this day will last forever.
The part where life can go from amazing to f*^ked in one careless moment is also a young person's right. When a person gets some age on them, most of the bad things that happen have been brewing for years. But with college age kids, their lack of experience can turn on them quickly.
I liked the humor in this story - just rip out your throat raw humor.
We've all been in this story, blasting down a winding highway, music on full, buzzed out of our minds - with or without benefit of drugs - that perfect moment on that perfect day, and then, with no further warning -
Good read.
Time of the Season's group was funny to. It showed one direction this sotry could have devolved into - a Zombie flick. I'm glad it didn't. As the college kids stepped over one corpse after another, I wondered who the real zombies would have been.
Since the house is on fire - at least let us warm ourselves.