Bleeding Metal By John Carrick

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Bleeding Metal By John Carrick

This is great stuff, and downright creepy . . .

This story struck me as an instant classic from the opening sentence:

Dr. Fox set the black-metal device on the desk; he'd felt its need.

I couldn't tell how many old wonderful sci-fi stories I've read that had such short but powerful opening lines, but when you see one such as this, you know the author means business, and intends to deliver with ruthless efficiency. Take this example:

Dr. Andrew Fox was tall and lean, his physique that of an obsessive scientist, who eats when he has to and resents the activity.

I am deeply impressed, and I hope to see more from Mr. Carrick.
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bleeding metal

I know that Lester liked this one, but I didn't see anything here to write home about. The first line was, mediocre at best. "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed." - now THAT's an opening line.
And the story is the same old, same old - scientist creates secret invention that threatens to overtake the scientist and the world. So what?
I can identify with the main character's lametation about inventing something and the government owns it. I work at a non-profit government agency, and I create things on the side, and then give the ideas to the government - to improve the life of those less fortunate. Suck it up, dude. You're on the clock.
Signal separation could be a huge problem with the machine created. I was surprised when the machine didn't take over the brain of the guy from the government accusition agency. People have a basic neural net - a super smart machine could generalize its components and communicate with other humans.
I wondered if Fox created it, or if Fox was created by someone else and then created the box - because he seemed to be infected by it at the end, but was supposedly a bionic being. It might be more interesting if Fox was a created being - less boring.
I just didn't find much here that was new. And I'm not sure that LA is the heart of the fictional world. Yeah, ya'll make TV shows and suck up ideas to make movies - AND????? If there was any worthwhile fiction writing in LA, this summer wouldn't be full of sequils and video game movies.
Since the house is on fire - at least let us warm ourselves.

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