Never Friday By Greg Barozzi

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Never Friday By Greg Barozzi

As never Friday made the Best Ofs,I'd like to make a comment I failed to make the first time the story was published.There's a short and a long version of that comment. I've deceided
on the long version which is less scientific but might still be a bit involved...

When Richard Ofthebroom, Baron of Barrenfields first set eyes upon Citizen Bertrande Dulac he spontaneously thought her utterly unappealing. At that time Baron Barrenfield was the captain of a maritime reserch vessel the Kingdom of Ursinia had committed to a multinational expedition studying the reefs of the Unruly Ocean. As he considered his duty, he had welcomed on board a group of scientits of the Republic of Cismariana his ship was to host. Citizen Dulac was one of these and as they moved to their assigend cabins she told her colleagues how arrogant a person their captain was.

Of course, after such first impressions these two were destined to fall in love. Indeed the following year they married.

One of the reefs the expedition had investigated had contained a former passenger cruiser called the Maria Spes Notra run aground and abandoned. Baron Barranfield hat attempted and succeded obtaining ownership of that ship, and together with his then fiancee had decided to have it refitted for their eventual honeymoon.

On the second morning of their honeymoon the newlyweds woke up to find two frigates, one each from the Republic of Cismariana and the Kingdom of Ursinia cruising in close proximity. What had happened was that as a result of the very expedition Citizen Dulac and Baron Barrenfield had first met the Maria Spes Nostra was declared an island. An island that as its new owner was a loyal subject of his, King Clemens IV of Ursinia had declared part of his kingdown. Now Baron Barrenfield had arranged for ownership of the island to pass to his beloved wife as morning gift, and the Republic had laid claim on the island on grouds of the owner Citizen Dulac being a citizen of the republic. The firgates merely served as signs for their states pretentions while the real battle for the island was fought by the states' lawyers.

The conflict was rapidly resoved when it was pointed out that by both states' laws and intenational treaties Citicen Dulac and Baron Barrenfield had both become both Citizens of the Republic of Cismariana and subjects of King Clemens. Accordingly it was agreed the whole island would belong to both the Kingdom and the Rublic simultaneously. Both states then hastened to erect immigration and customs offices on Maria Spes Nostra, and to replace their frigates with smaller and cheaper coast guard vessels. The newlyweds had to accept that
intrusion into their privace, and as it now had a condirable population anyhow
decided to convert the former cruiser into a recreational resort. That way soon a thriving commnunity developed on the island.

Living in two states simultaneously led to some peculiarities. For instance the Republic and the Kingdom lay in different time zones. So when it was Two AM in the Republic it was Three AM in the Kingdom. Both states had decreed that their island of Maria Spes Nostra shared their home timezone. So if you asked an inhabitant of the island for the time she or she might ask back 'royal or republican?'. In addition, the two states used to be separated by the planets international date line. So when it was Two AM in the Republic is was Three AM in the Kingdom on the following day. As that was confusing to many visitors it was agreed upon that each visitor to the island would have to pass immigration of either the Republic or the Kingdom, and would then be bound by the laws and customs of that state.
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I liked "Never Friday" also. The Plot Poignancy was thicker than average, but -- as a Mare story, it works well.

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