Cry From the Abyss by Michelle Dutcher

Tell us what you thought of the February 2010 issue.

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Post February 23, 2010, 05:23:41 PM

Where would Gilligan get a banana cream pie?

davidsonhero wrote:... so are you saying Michele is Gilligan and that if she wants to be taken seriously she better quit throwing so many banana cream pies?



Where would Gilligan get a banana cream pie? It would have to be made with improvised ingredients (substituting for cow's milk, eggs, butter, flour, and sugar). I'm sure the Professor could come up with something (including an oven powered by a bamboo bicycle), but I'm not sure how edible it would be...

which might well justify throwing it instead.

Never mind.

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Post February 25, 2010, 10:43:27 AM

Re: Cry Baby from the Abyss

bottomdweller wrote:I'm just waiting for this month's Flash Fiction challenge in the Fun & Games section. Submit.

??? You mean, to read and vote on? The challenge has been out there for a while. You'd have until 9 tonight if you wanted to write something. I'll post the stories for voting around 10.

There's only 3 stories so far. I'm just not going to have time for one myself. Got to get a few more ice sculptures done before Saturday morning. The candlelight ski at the state park is Sat. night and we're doing an "enchanted woods" theme. Hope to have all the "enchanted creatures" spread around the trails (lighting them from below with LEDs) so when folks ski by, they come across a glowing ice turtle, or raccoon, or eagle, etc. that illuminates the woods. And Pooh, Piglet, and maybe Eeyore as snow sculptures if I can get him done in time.

I really hope it doesn't flop. Was a lot of work, but also good practice for me.

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