Post January 29, 2010, 10:53:01 AM

Stumblin' Mumblin'

An Irishman I used to know would have called this poem, “A tale known over the bar at midnight”. Stumblin’ Mumblin’ is light-hearted and easy to read, with just enough non-rhyming lines to save it from becoming the sing-song it might have been.
Some of the friendlier parts are the lines where that bring the reader into the scene: “You shut that door, my arse is freezin’.”
I like the name Stumbli’ Mumblin’ because around a bar, everyone has a nickname. If you ask, “Did you hear what happened to…Kenny Collins” (for instance) people will give you a blank stare. If you ask, “Did you hear what happened to Cadillac Kenny,” everyone knows exactly who you’re talking about.
This is a fun, well planned, poem. Excellent, enjoyable.