History Lesson by Shane McKenzie

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History Lesson by Shane McKenzie

Detention is supposed to be boring, isn't it? Maybe it involved some physical discomfort, back when corporal punishment was allowed, but these days, it usually consists of being forced to sit still in one place, doing nothing, when you would rather be somewhere else.

In this story, detention is anything but boring. It's hard to be bored when you're afraid for your life...

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Go. Comment. Then Read.

I suppose this concept "only works once" because it's the universal answer to anything being "boring". History is stereotypically considered boring because a curriculum may be trying to cram too many nouns into the lesson. "Teacher, I'm confused, which is Brighton's hill and which is Bowdler's hill?"

It's also "boring" because time travel magic isn't available to us mere mortals. So yeah, "The Civil War sukked because the South got pissy" is about where a ten year old will leave it, and the subsequent twelve days cease to matter.

So the story device is a little bland. How about the choice of events? Why the Salem Trials? I don't really know why it was selected, but it's as good as any.

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