Perchance to Dream

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Perchance to Dream

Very nicely done. I did not see the ending coming at all.
I suppose we all wonder what is happening inside a person's mind when they're unconscience or in a coma. The connection between body and mind is also an issue in the story, although I don't truthfully don't buy that part of the story.
"'It's the feeling of guilt isn't (it) doctor?'
I'm sure his conscience has a lot to do with this strange condition.'"
I don't buy it.
But the writing is good, nice detail most of the time. One jumbled sentence was "He may be in a way be protecting itself..." huh?
Usually I can anticipate the ending, and I thought I knew this one, but I was happily surprised.
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On grammatical errors

I try to fix them. Sometimes I miss a few, or they don't seem like errors to me. Sometimes I DO "fix" them, and the result seems just as bad as the original version (if not worse) to an unbiased reader. (This applies to "In God's Image", too.)

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