Post September 30, 2009, 04:50:56 PM

Butterfly Cocoon

Being as old as the planet, I’ve seen many plots for Sci Fi tales. Butterfly Cocoon reminded me of a movie simply called ‘Cocoon’. Having said that, however, this story is well worth reading.
I liked the ‘hoe versus shovel’ sword fight. I liked the fact that the main character was completely bored out of her mind at her job – we have all been there!
The story line moves along at a steady pace and unfolds in a well-structured, well thought out manner.
I like that the author had done her research well enough to have Frank blush because he knows he is just spouting more facts than his listeners want to hear.
“Marie’s stomach hitched. She hated space flight.” Again, I like the no-hero-here tone of voice: the main character is drawn into the action.
I didn’t care for the part about the old woman’s medication…I have no idea what medical procedures will be like in the future, but I can’t believe that 400 years from now Granny will still have to take pills to make sure her heart doesn’t stop. And we’ll be living longer than 100 years, without a doubt. Within 20 years we should have people making it to 130 (maybe me, maybe not).
If they find an object in space that is only 200 miles from where there home base is, it shouldn’t take 10 hours to get there. Did I miss something?
Just right about the middle of the piece, it looks as if the author turned off the spell check on her computer. There are at least a dozen easily recognizable grammatical errors. What up?
Overall, this was a nice piece because it incorporated a lot of personal details and feelings into what is often a stoic setting. I enjoyed reading it.