Hazardous Material by Matthew Quinn Martin

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Hazardous Material by Matthew Quinn Martin

This story took me on a pretty wild ride...just when I thought I was getting into a familiar pattern, the author threw in another twist. This made for a real fun read, and the ending took me completely by surprise.

Spoiler below! Go read the story before continuing!

At first, I thought it was a kind of an easy way out to throw in an "explain everything, wrap everything up" character like Agent Ross. But I think the creepy ending made up for this (especially the closing image and punch-line)

What do you all think?



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Hazardous Material is AWESOME!

I really liked HAZARDOUS MATERIAL by MATTHEW QUINN MARTIN. This is the story that really stuck with me. I started to read and only had a minute before I was headed out...but once I started reading, there was no way I was going to stop until I finished the entire story! It was the way Matthew's story took turns and the comfortable freestyle dialogue he used to of tell the story...that made me feel present -- as an observer -- during the episodes he was relating between the story's characters...that kept me bated and wanting to find out what happened. Where was he going with all this!? I had to find out. I loved the ending--great twist! As in "Wait--did I miss something? OMG, how totally creepy yet how totally plausible." Hazardouos Material is GREAT WRITING. Kudos to the author, Matthew Quinn Martin! He shows a very unique, skilled style of writing...very marketable, I'd say. I want more! This one was just a tease. PLEASE publish more stories from this author. :twisted: :D
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Hazardous Material by Matthew Quinn Martin


If anyone deserves kudos on this, it's Aphelion for getting a real, professional author to even submit a story to a free webzine.

Hazardous Materials is a truly professional story. Everything works. Period.

Going off Mr. Martin's Bio. . .I looked-up some of his other work and he's a real pro, actually making (I think) a living off of selling his material.

And it shows.

To all of us aspiring writers out there, look at what he does and emulate, steal or copy some of his authorial tactics.

First of all, dialogue. Each character has little vocal quirks that say so much more about them than mere exposition will ever do. By tweaking the way someone speaks, you can skip volumes of description. Read the story.

Also along the lines of characterization, these folks--all of them--said and did things that were consistent with the character they were set to portray. They all worked off of believable motives and none of them did anything outrageously stupid, brave, brilliant or evil, given the circumstances. They may have been petty, greedy and self-serving. . .but that's just normal.

His spelling, grammar and syntax are perfect, which only means that these things do not distract the reader. It's important, folks. We have to keep our readers in the story, not wondering if something was misspelled or if it was some kind of intentional step from the author.

The story structure was good, starting with our protag's first day on the job and leading up to his last day. It proceeded in a logical and well-paced flow which keeps the reader engaged. Things went from a little weird to very strange in a step-by-step manner.

Plus, of course, it was actually a good story.

Read and learn, folks.

Bill Wolfe
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wow! thanks!

Mike, Star and Bill...those are some seriously amazing reviews. Thank you all so very much. :!: (...and stealing would probably be the highest form of compliment...so feel free to take Bill's advice everyone)


...oh and kudos are due to Aphelion, indeed...for being one of the few outlets for novelette length fiction on the web or in print...thank you very much!

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