Never Friday by Gregory L. Barozzi

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Never Friday by Gregory L. Barozzi

A fairy tale. A tale of two lovers cursed never to be together.

Much have I read in this forum about showing versus telling.
This tale is almost all telling. Little are we shown of the
main characters . The glowing figure of one of them, though
present almost all the time lingers just at the edge of

Litte are we shown indeed, exept for the short scene at the end,
when She drinks of the cup left by Him. A short, a very touching
moment. It seems to me the story has been written for just that
one moment, which for me works very well.

Se let me add just one thing:
How I wish to see that curse finally broken!


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I love the end. I think it is sublime. The whole story is a set up for that moment and I think the payoff is huge.

It does make me want to read more.

And like the other poster, I wish they could break the curse!

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