Post January 18, 2007, 08:34:24 AM

Dreaming of the Dreamers by Tamara Wilhite

I thought this was a great concept, but the vagueness of detail about the Dreamers and their transformation gave the story a bit of a split personality.  If the girl really had been dreaming of becoming a dreamer her whole life, surely she would have known more about the subject.  As Dr Singhe began her explanation of the subject I got the impression she was just a mouthpiece informing the reader, and sounding rather bitter about it too.  The bio at the end tells us that the author writes a political blog, and I felt this story veered rather close to becoming a political rant about the environment, rather than just telling the story.
The image of the Dreamer, swimming free out in the ocean, was a lovely one, but less preaching and more story telling would have raised it from good to great for me.