The Lore of the Birds by Joshua Allen

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The Lore of the Birds by Joshua Allen


I had a little trouble with the title of this one. Clearly it's because the author is sophisticated and I am a fading relic from better days.

There's good effort here to recast common things back through the unclear vision of a native-tribal member who doesn't have modern vocabulary for anything.

But then what metaphorical birds are referred to by the title?


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The spaceships were supposed to be the birds. I say toward the end that the ship rose up like a bird with no wings. Although, in an earlier draft I made more of that, so maybe the title was obsolete. And, I just kind of liked the sound of it.

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This is a very well written story. I have always been a fan of "historical" or "anthropological" science fiction. Why create a fantasy world far, far away when there is so much diversity here at home? Plus, since the sci-fi writer's job is to make the impossible (or maybe the implausible) seem real, grounding the story in a world that exists (or existed) adds to the reality effect. The narrator and his world view are both exotic and very real.

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