Sci-Faiku by William Landis

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Sci-Faiku by William Landis

It takes a lot to surprise me for a Haiku - normally I'm a High Word Count fan. (You know, I'm the critter that reads the comparative introductions appended to new editions of books.) Let's see why.

First line - starts me thinking of some midwest farm.
Second line - early to rise, way of the farm, all that jazz.

Nothing special yet.

Third Line - "while the _____ sets" ... La la how sweet, ...wait, WHAT?

While the *earth* sets... Uh oh.
"Dammit, now I have to WORK. Lessee..."

What little I know of astronomy feebly informs me that while Mars is visible to us, it takes a bit of work to see, and isn't usually Tractor Gazing fodder. So I don't think this is a Mars base - it's Luna 1 or such.

Barring some truly extravagant tech, the Moon can't be terraformed proper. Okay, Fella On'na Tractor is probably under one of those domes (or tunnels with a MirrorSky system.) ... And so it goes.

I churned through an entire book of Japanese death-poem Haiku with only a couple entries that were this much fun. Bravo.
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Post April 10, 2009, 01:22:26 AM

Or cargo tractor on Moon Base Alpha, perhaps?

Or maybe a laser cannon prime mover on an asteroid settled into distant Earth orbit to act as a space marine forward base. Marines can be early risers, too.

Lots of possibilities with this one.
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