Post April 09, 2009, 10:48:20 PM

Beauregard's Bodacious Barbeque and Ballistic Banking

I'm starting this post on the title alone. Now I'm stuck, lessee where the story leads.

Beautiful use of alliteration to signify semi/total absurdity. It can't possibly be one of those Nuclear Fall stories by now.

I think the author had to at least semi-consciously be paying tribute to Biil & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Bodacious, dude. Hey, there's some Fixins' in the early paragraph - so he's half surferboy half southern. That's like Mary Poppins getting relocated after the way (pick one.) SuperRustyF150HogswashAndTarnation. UmdillyUmdilly WhereWasI...

NewDollars eh? So that's what happened after the Great Collape of 2008 ... it led to a Lira-like currency problem. ... "a rusty transmission off an old F-150 before Ford went broke and sold out to a Chinese auto manufacturer". Prophecy duly noted.

(Interesting use of section titles in Bold. I'll have to ponder that.)
(Equally interesting use of EconCollapse. I'm having real trouble thinking of examples that weren't war induced.)

Kewl... Parachute dropships for supplies. "Texas Commonwealth Republics isolated themselves from the United States." Equally fun - states seceded again.

"...Seventy nine bricks...Seventy nine is their atomic number."

Internet Age to the rescue! (P.S. Where is the Net in this future?) Atomic Number 79 is Au aka Gold. Gold bricks. Gotcha.

"Yah. Daddy helps folks trade in them 'cuz everyone knows the New-Dollar is about to crash."
"Crash into what?"
"No, not crash into something. Crash, as in become worthless. The hard money holds its value."

Yep, more Econ Collapse, looks like the 3rd round.

"Dedicated in loving memory to the 2001-2008 global credit expansion."
How 'bout that - has anyone dedicated a story to an economic cycle before?