Post November 19, 2008, 11:57:02 AM

Under the House by Jeani Rector

I’m not sure if this story fits the Sci/Fi/Horror genre of Aphelion as I understand it, but--all things considered---this story was a very fine read that did border on Horror.

Unfortunately, child abuse and spousal abuse are part of our society, and this story could have been inspired from real-life tragedies that are so frequently featured in newspapers and magazines.

Psychological stories can be spellbinding. Just read Edgar Allen Poe as I’m sure many readers at Aphelion have. Demons that inhabit one’s mind are far more insidious and ubiquitous than those that roam the Earth!

Kayla discovered the craw space under the house, and used it as a refuge when her father was on the rampage. I thought that a monster, time-space shift or imp might be lurking there, but none was.

Kayla’s father in a fit of rage, as the story suggests, kills her mother and buries her under the house in the craw space that Kayla discovered. During this scene, Kayla displays guilt about never helping her mother. But she re-directs the guilt onto her mother.

The storytelling very good, the writing also good and the sensory input about right. The story was easy to follow, yet not simple. And it held my interest from beginning to end.

Nice read
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