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Flash Contest Stories - I have good news, and I have bad new

Hello, folks

First, the bad news: the recent glitch in the matrix has had an unfortunate side effect here in the Fun n' Games Section: we've lost a lot of flash stories from the contest. Unfortunately, my account was one of those wiped out by the spambots, and since the stories were posted in my account...

No, I did not take backups - after all, they were all safe in my pm backlist, right? Yeah, that logic has bitten me badly, since when my account was wiped, so was the mailbox. I have learned, and this will not happen again.

The good news is that everything Nate Kailhoffer curated in his first two indices *has* survived, since Nate's account survived the Spamocalypse. I am busy backing those up to another drive as we speak. Belt, braces, and suspenders from here on, people...

If anyone who has submitted a story since May 2017 can find it, and would like to resubmit, I will gleefully post it back up. I may create another thread for those. The list of stories is still available in the archives. The links, sadly, will return a 'file not found' message.

We can rebuild! We have the technology!
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