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We've a new project titled "Xenobiology-Stranger Creatures"

PostPosted: October 21, 2019, 06:55:39 AM
by ente per ente
For anyone interested, and as a sort of pre-call for submissions for the members of this Forum/Magazine, here I post some interesting news:

The new project of a Sci-Fi/Horror Anthology, titled " Xenobiology – Stranger Creatures", to be edited by Michele DUTCHER, by myself and Gavin Chappell will be published in 2019/2020 by British Rogue Planet Press, an imprint of Horrified Press.


Xenobiology: the study of synthesizing and manipulating biological devices and systems. From the Greek word xenos, which means "stranger", it indicates a form of biology that is not (yet) familiar to science and is not usually available in nature. It may also indicate biological systems and biochemistries that differ from the DNA system we all know.

Xenobiologists: scientists that aim at the detection or design of forms of life with a different biochemistry or different genetic code than on planet Earth.

Think, for example, of:

“Cryptoterrestrials spotted here or on other planets, Xeno-Humans, or Xenoids that willingly underwent significant genetic changes to be more similar to the models of lifeforms they had on their mind, Half-Human/Half-Alien intelligent beings built for bloody actions, Hybrids that were made up with genetic materials - in part from Earth and in part from other worlds…- with very different genetic codes purposely re-written, unbelievable Cryptids that are just a product of a directed evolution or come from a secret process meant for engineering the environment, Cybrids that are partly humans and in a small part mixed with alien machines with xeno nucleic acids (XNA) and some alternative forms of DNA, or just the opposite, Bioarmor made for wars in space, and cells that have been constructed to include one or more of men’s features along with traits from alien animals. And were they born by chance or were there constraints that ruled out other types of chemistries we know here on Earth? What about these new biological systems that we supposed not to be present on our planet, but that might be a reality, though unexplainably? Is this still unknown biotechnology a possible threat to human health? Or to the health of hidden alien creatures that live somewhere, unbeknownst to all the people…?”

So, what do You think of it all? What is Your opinion about such possible project?

Also this new Anthology will have a wonderful cover ( and a back-cover) by American author/illustrator John "DavidsonHero" ROSE and many beautiful drawings, in black and white, as internal art, one per each story, by Davide “Atog” MARESCOTTI and his wife Sara (who have recently made some of the illustrations for the new edition of Cthulhu RPG Manual by Raven Distribution here in Italy…).

More news soon of course... :D

Re: We've a new project titled "Xenobiology-Stranger Creatur

PostPosted: October 21, 2019, 09:39:43 AM
by Lipinski
sounds like fun though the salt crystals that are massing for the takeover of Mars might think otherwise.

the only problem I see in the project is a writer injecting 'new' science so impossible to understand it would only confuse more readers who already do not understand that the Earth is flat and that the Sun circles it...

Re: We've a new project titled "Xenobiology-Stranger Creatur

PostPosted: October 21, 2019, 12:11:54 PM
by Lester Curtis
Sounds like a fun project. I might have to try it. What's the word limit?

Re: We've a new project titled "Xenobiology-Stranger Creatur

PostPosted: October 22, 2019, 02:13:56 AM
by ente per ente
About 7,000 words, but we can make exceptions of,eh :D