June 2018 Flash Contest (Part 2) - The Story

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June 2018 Flash Contest (Part 2) - The Story

Hi folks

Not much to vote on, since I have had only one entry, but I thought I would post the tale:
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"In complete darkness" by Sergio Palumbo

Darkness had suddenly enveloped Thiago while he sat at the desk in his room, busily reading some old documents while preparing for his next task.

‘This is tiresome,’ thought the 60-year-old man. ‘Just when I’m ready to write my report, the lights go out…’

As he had already closed the shutters, there was no way light could filter in from the outside, especially since they were in the countryside and there were no street lights way out here. The man, who happened to be the leader of the local secret chapter of the Illuminati, found it ironic that the house was without any light, in spite of their name that meant ‘The Enlightened’… Well, he needed just some of that light right now.

Of course, Thiago knew where everything was on his desk, so he rang the bell to call his 70-year-old butler, Alexander.

It didn’t take him long to arrive, with a lit candle in his trembling hands, the flame enlightening the way from the opened door to the desk where Thiago stood.

“Here I am, sir. Sorry about the delay, I just had to find the copper candleholder that was on the table in the sitting room.” The low tone of the old butler’s voice made his words almost incomprehensible because he seemed to be muttering all the time.

“What happened, Alexander? Did you forget to pay the electric bill this month? Or is the whole town without power?”

The old butler took his time to think about it. “Actually, sir, I think it’s due to that object, again…”

“Again?” Thiago’s mind turned to the ancient stone case that had been brought to his house a week ago by three of the Illuminati’s agents. It was a rare artifact that had only recently been discovered in a tomb in Egypt. Unfortunately, their agents had been forced to eliminate the governmental archaeologist who had been sent to find the same artifact. Ever since that man had been killed, the stone case itself had started to behave very strangely.

Someone said the soul of the dead man had become attached to the object itself, which wouldn’t surprise Thiago much, as there was a long history of unusual events connected to that thing…

Suddenly, as if to prove the suppositions of the butler, a laugh began to fill the room. Just listening to it was enough to make the hearers afraid.

“So what should I do now, Alexander?” Thiago asked his wintry butler.

“If I may, sir…this usually doesn’t last long. In a matter of minutes the power will be back on and you’ll be able to continue your work.”

“Yes, I know that’s the way things usually go…but this is irksome.”

“Irksome it is indeed, sir…” the elderly butler added.

At that moment, another laugh burst out, coming from the middle of the room.

“What the hell!” the man exclaimed. “Isn’t there anything we can do to put an end to that laugh?”

“Maybe when you complete your studies on that stone case, sir, you can find a solution…” the butler suggested.

“Yes, I know…but I’ve been too busy with other things to have my experiments completed on it.”

“If I may, sir…I will leave the candleholder here on your desk and go back to the kitchen. I have things to do as well, sir…” the butler told his employer.

“Yes, I know…you can go, Alexander.”

The man had just said this when the butler turned towards the door, stumbling stumbled over his own feet and falling to the floor.

‘Again…Just like the last time…’ Thiago thought. ‘I know, there’s no treatment for stupidity, but this old butler is undoubtedly very stupid…’

Another stronger laugh filled the room.

“Are you okay, Alexander? Why didn’t you bring two candleholders so that you could keep one to light your way back to the kitchen?”

“I guess I didn’t think about it, sir…”

“Alright, no problem. Take this one back with you and get another one for me.”

As the old man staggered to his feet, his hands grabbed the candleholder. “At your service, sir…And sorry for my fumbling about…”

“No problem, no problem…just hurry up.”

As soon as the door closed behind the butler and the room was dark again, a twinge of dejection started running through Thiago. Now he was unable to see anything at all as he waited for Alexander to get back…

Trying to keep calm, his fingers moved to put the bell back on the desk, but the tiny object fell to the ground, the ding-dong resounding loudly.

A much deeper laugh filled the house at that moment.

Almost immediately, Thiago saw a small light coming down the hall. As the man looked towards the door, he saw it was the butler again with the same candleholder he had when he left. Why was he back?

“Here I am, sir…you rang?”

“No, Alexander. The bell fell on the floor, I didn’t want you. And why do you have only the same candleholder with you?”

“I thought my presence was needed immediately, sir.”

“Okay. Please, just bring me another candleholder, I have work to do.”

“Outright, sir,” said the butler exiting the door again, but not before stumbling over his feet again. Unfortunately on this occasion the candle hit the floor and the flame went out.

Now both of them were in the same room with no light whatsoever. Thiago considered that they were probably giving a bad name to the Illuminati themselves, the supposedly Bringers of the Light.

Suddenly an even worse laugh was heard in the house.

“It’s going to be a long bad night, Alexander,” said Thiago, looking helplessly in the direction of the old man who was slowly trying to keep from tripping over his own feet. Well, at least they couldn’t see each other, because if the butler could have spotted his features, he might have noticed that the expression Thiago wore wasn’t very enlightened either as he was hideously pulling faces…

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Re: June 2018 Flash Contest (Part 2) - The Story

Sorry I couldn't enter. My wife broke her hip and I've too busy helping her. But, I should be able to enter the next one.
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