We have a go:New project titled "Fantastical Savannahs an."

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Re: We have a go:New project titled "Fantastical Savannahs

Sounds interesting.
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Re: We have a go:New project titled "Fantastical Savannahs

What kind of word count are you looking for? Is there a submission guideline page somewhere?
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Re: We have a go:New project titled "Fantastical Savannahs

I like the idea of an African-type setting on distant worlds. Who knows what lurks out there except the animals that inhabit such a place! They might be strange to us, and we might be just a strange to them. Lost worlds---I'm sure the universe is full of them. I'm interested!
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Re: We have a go:New project titled "Fantastical Savannahs

What is the deadline? I missed it if it was listed above.
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Re: We have a go:New project titled "Fantastical Savannahs

Another previous post I once wrote that I recovered... :D

- " Fantastical Savannahs and Jungles…” - Anthology".

As previously anticipated, is finally available on Lulu.com and on Amazon.com shop the British Fantasy/Sci-Fi Anthology, titled "Fantastical Savannahs and Jungles", by Rogue Planet Press edited by Michele DUTCHER ( and myself...), under the supervision of Gavin Chappell.where you can find also that Fantasy/Horror Short-Story written by me in American/English, title title "Blood and Mind…",set in a sort of African-like mainland, and with a sort of High Queen, some fierce warrior-women and a vengeance, in the end, with a very surprising outcome, maybe...

That story has been written by me and my (unfortunately now dead) old friend Ernesto CANEPA, as it was mainly a very old idea of his that I completed and put on (electronic) paper with some modifications, after a very old Fantasy RolePlayingGame session at my Club..

The GREAT cover and back-cover art is by American author, and designer, John "DavidsonHero" Rose.

And the drawings inside (one per story...) are by John "DavidsonHero" Rose and by comics designers (from Raven Distribuzioni ) Davide "Atog" MARESCOTTI and his wife Sara DELLA CASA:

Here are the cover, the back-cover and the links:







And many thanks to very kind Michele "Bottomdweller" DUTCHER who edited my short-story and many thanks to very kind Mr. Gavin CHAPPEL and Mr. Nathan ROWARK that accepted it for this Anthology, and published the book of course!!!

Dedicated to Annamaria MARCHETTI

Mother that taught me the love for the English language and World Literature

Dedicated to Alfredo PALUMBO

Father that passed down to me the love for Sicily and the U.S.A.

Foreword by Michele "Bottomdweller" Dutcher ( and myself...)

Here is the Full Table of Contents and the name of the authors:

Remember the Rider by Shane Porteous
Creatures of the Hidden Savannah by E. W. Farnsworth
The Obsidian Key by Madeline L. Stout
Dormant Gods by Jonathan True
Laramidia by Richard Tornello
The Woman Who Became a Triceratops by E. W. Farnsworth
The House of Skulls by Gavin Chappell
The Rebirth by Michele 'bottomdweller' Dutcher
Blood and Mind by Sergio 'ente per ente' PALUMBO and Ernesto CANEPA (edited by Michele DUTCHER)
Savanna People by Bruce H. Markuson
Scarred Sargon and the Temple of Ss'dar by John David Rose
Major Dace goes to a Strange Place by John X. Grey
Burdens of the Beast by Christopher Collingwood
Savannah Wolf by Bruce H. Markuson and Frank Pipp
Amber Waves of Grain by Bruce H. Markuson
Jungle World by Bruce H. Markuson
A Mother’s Love by Jonathan True
The Jambok by W.T. Watson
We Move Towards a Better Life by Carl "TaoPhoenix" Woollen
Rainforest Greenhouse by Bruce H. Markuson


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