April 2018 Flash Contest - The Premise

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Post March 30, 2018, 12:20:22 PM

Re: April 2018 Flash Contest - The Premise

Suggestion ... remove the requirement for arson, since it would be a violation of Rule #2 as pertaining to both violence and subtlety. Worse, I think it could be a roadblock to some perhaps unexpected outcomes. Good stories are about how people react to events.

Sure, the story can start with a wish for revenge, but it shouldn't be constrained to resulting in wanton destruction when so many more interesting endings are possible. Even if the story does end in revenge (and I don't think it should be compelled to), that doesn't have to be violent or crude. I'd like to be surprised.
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Re: April 2018 Flash Contest - The Premise

Jim Statton wrote:
ente per ente wrote:Ok, mine is done, now waiting for the usual reviews/suggestions before sending it in...eh,eh :D

1 hour and 11 minutes and yours is done? I'm in a wonderland of conceptual geniuses.

Wonderland? Well, yeah.

Geniuses... Time will tell on that, I guess.

I've maybe written a flash in only a week or nine days maybe a half dozen times in my life. I used to take the whole 2 weeks.
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Re: April 2018 Flash Contest - The Premise

Some challenges cause the fingers to go into hyper-drive, thus testing the 1000 word limit in only minutes and I sometimes would like to add about 10,000 more words. And then, some challenges seem like only 100 words are needed.

Don't know about most but I have always found more enjoyment in short, or even extremely short stories.

In poetry there is a style called, Haiku and this months challenge could be a story as short as a Haiku

Never wrote one before but (censored) if I did write one for this challenge it would be:

Jane ran up the hill
Ugly in drive and bullied
Beautiful fire

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Post April 07, 2018, 09:58:02 PM

Re: April 2018 Flash Contest - The Premise

That could be a challenge also in the future: See writing as a barrier and something you have to do. You HAVE to write or you'll be destroyed. The pain of not writing is so extreme that it is on par with burning flesh or torn entrails.

And as a further addition to such a challenge, (here is where it gets... weird) by NOT writing the stories needed to keep you alive, the literary characters in the stories not-yet-revealed, come alive (much like a recent challenge) and are the ones that destroy you for not letting them out.

But, that is why writing is fun!

Anyone reading this and not submitting a story for this challenge, be careful... those literary creations in your mind may come alive anyway, to haunt you...

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