Nonsensical place names

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Nonsensical place names

In passing, I've come across place names of ... places and just now, things, that make no sense!

From a decade ago, the top contender was Wyoming, Michigan. (Suburb of Grand Rapids, MI)

Just now, in some academic attribution on a misc tome in my collection, is "Miami University, Oxford Ohio".


Anyone else got good ones?

Fun or fantastic place names is a good parallel thread to this one, but works better for writing fodder and should be separate. (Maybe in Writer's Workshop?) This one is just for the silly twelve second venting of confusion!

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Re: Nonsensical place names

Some real places/situations that do not live up to their names:

Moscow Idaho
Paradise Montana
Mall of America
Navy Intelligence (followed by Army Intelligence)
Human Intelligence
Racial profiling
Illegal Immigrant
Paris Hilton
and of course, Hillary Clinton

for me most human words border on insanity as there is an escape clause for all words: Love to mean something great or love to mean something demeaning. Bad meaning bad or meaning good. Dear, deer, to, too, two...

I wonder, how can one not raised with such a crazy language such as English come to fully understand the unstandable...

Keeps writers busy though, trying to paint a picture to a reader with 'words'.

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