Winners: July Flash Fiction Challenge

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Post August 10, 2017, 08:09:38 PM

Re: Winners: July Flash Fiction Challenge

Hey! I demand a recount!

I got two votes (let me see, if I take my right foot plus my left foot... that means I have one hand and one foot left. So, two appendages...)

Anyway, I got two votes, so I deserve, NO. I DEMAND fourth place. And if I can't have fourth place I want at least a participation award. You know, a silver star or maybe one of those duck stickers.


Yes parasite?

"You're retarded."

You can't say that parasite, it's politically incorrect. You have to say I'm mentally challenged.


Yes parasite?

"You're really, really, retarded."


On a serious note though, congrats to the other two writers and the two people who clicked on mine by mistake wasting their vote. (really though, thanks for the votes.)

Maybe the next challenge will bring in more writers, readers, AND a duck stamp sticker or silver star participation award.
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Re: Winners: July Flash Fiction Challenge

Congrats, Jim! Good job!
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Winners: July Flash Fiction Challenge

No problem Dan, I'm one of those who care less if my writing is classified as first rate or so horrible it should be banned in hell. And, must say, I for one sure appreciate this website and all the good it does for those who enjoy writing and reading. All it needs now is something for those liking pictures. Maybe the mechanisms of webby stuff on the Aphelion can allow people to submit fantasy art or something along those lines.

I once was writing horrible stuff for a horror site and they had monthly fantasy art contests. Some really cool (or sick, depending on alien tastes) pictures.

And Sergio, I voted for your story as I really like the concept of exploding insects. It was inspiring.

Now, if only more people would get involved with writing, that way Dan will be so busy he'll have no time for writing, roofing homes, walking dogs, talking with alien life forms, and shape shifting. (when I used to drink moonshine, I'd shape shift into some really strange creatures...sigh, I miss the old days)

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