Post October 30, 2019, 03:19:07 AM

Australian author/publisher Robert N. Stephenson died

I have had news that, unfortunately, this summer, Australian author and editor/publisher Robert N. Stephenson died, aged 57.

Born in Adelaide, South Australia, he had published around 50 stories, included the notably Aurora Award winner “Rains of la Strange” in 2012. Some of his short work was collected in We Would Be Heroes (2004), The Clever Nature of Wool (2019), The Mess in My Head (2019), To an Untrained Mind (2019), and Blue Reasoning and other lesser tales (2019).

He had also launched SF magazine Altair in 1998 before closing in 2000. After that, he had focused on publishing books through Altair Publishing, renamed Altair Australia Books in 2004. Altair Australia was also a literary agency. He has also edited various anthologies, including Zombies (2007) and four volumes of The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror series (2016-19).

He had spent his last months trying to help his friend, Comics Artist Conny Valentina, that had recently lost her home, her pets and her noteworthy art collection to a fire, by promoting a new Horror Anthology so as to be funding her expenses and find her a new house.

Here's the link to the article that was also on Locus Magazine:

My deepest condolences to his family.