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Floods in Georgia

PostPosted: September 23, 2009, 01:05:06 PM
by Robert_Moriyama
Great Gosh a'mighty -- 15 inches of rain in a couple of days in some parts of Georgia. I hope Casa Vila's levees and/or stilts are up to the challenge and them there semi-feral cats can swim!


PostPosted: September 23, 2009, 04:33:01 PM
by Vila
We're fine. Casa Vila is near the top of a small hill. The nearby creek would have to rise 100 feet over its banks and spread out to a 1/4 mile-wide river to be a threat. The real danger in this spot would be trees falling over.

The cats are fine. We've had 5 of the females spayed & given rabies shots recently. Going to have to budget for the rest of them over the next few weeks. I do need to build an overhang above the door to the pet shed, though- Their carpet is soaked, LOL!

One more night of work for this week. Have to do all sorts of chores over the 4-day break. As well as dive into edits/rewrites of the steampunk story, write October's editorial, write a couple of book reviews, recordings for the voice-acting workshop, etc.