Still looking for a Short Story Editor...

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Post April 18, 2017, 09:25:04 PM

Still looking for a Short Story Editor...

Folks, as you may well know, this upcoming May issue will be the last one for which we have a Short Story Editor. Kate had to step down a few months back, and Nate kindly leapt into the breach on a temporary basis, but he is stepping away to concentrate on his own writing. May is his firm deadline on doing the job any longer. Both Kate and Nate have my support, for both deserve to spend their time as they will.

I have contractual obligations of my own for paying gigs, so I'd be only half-assing any attempt to step into the breach myself. Besides, I'm not worthy to step into their shoes. Every Aphelion Editor has set such a high bar that I'd be making myself look a fool to blithely leap in assuming I'm worthy of such an august position.

Now is the time for some good person to come to the aid of their favorite e-zine, to misquote the Bard.

The assignment is simple: To help other writers learn to be the best they can become. The work is hard, however. Short Story Editor is the most demanding position at Aphelion.

What is involved? An e-mail address from which to receive submissions. Editing, working with submitting writers to help them become better writers, basic HTML skills which are easily learned, picking and choosing which short story submissions are ready for a new issue and which need a bit more polish, working with the submitting writers to work out what degree of polish and where same would be needed, and uploading the finished stories into the page templates for each new issue. A Facebook account to more easily communicate with myself and the Staff in instant messages would be nice. If an applicant were anti-Facebook, an account restricted to only Aphelion Staff as friends, set to extreme privacy options, is do-able, or we can ask Rob Wynne how to revive the Staff e-mail list for communications between us all once again. (Basically, since all of us use Facebook to different degrees, it's become simpler to have staff meetings there using Messenger. But we have always been adaptable. We used to use an IRC chat room, at one time, believe it or not!)

Readers, writers, put the word out please. We need a Short Story Editor. Are you the One? Have you got the time? Do you have the desire and drive to step up and do the necessary? Come, you are needed...

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Post February 24, 2018, 10:14:06 AM

Re: Still looking for a Short Story Editor...

I really have high hopes for 2018!

So my last year in particular was turbulent, but with hope I proclaim I garnered the strength I need from it.

I am and will remain in New York City for quite a while to come, so I shall begin to use my modest efforts to put out this Clarion Call and see who turns up!

At least, part of my new philosophy is First, Add Voices!

So here is Mine!

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