Help Wanted: Short Story Editor

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Post August 07, 2016, 06:29:16 PM

Help Wanted: Short Story Editor

Don Traverso has resigned his position, and I transferred back over into that slot, where I started. That leaves our Short Story Editor position vacant.

Do you have what it takes to be an editor? Have you ever done it before?

Do you love fiction?

Do you have 15-20 hours a month free to dedicate to helping people becoming better writers?

Can you hit a deadline?

If this sounds like your cup of tea, contact any of the editorial staff, and he or she will forward your interest to the rest of us.
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More Than Thanks

I don't begin to understand the administrative structure of this online publication or the gargantuan amount of work that Nate has done for this site through the years. What I DO understand is he should be receiving a hell of a lot of thanks, appreciation and praise for his personal contribution to Aphelion from its membership and especially from staff members.

Don't you think?

If you're saving your kind words for some occasion down the road, now is the time to post it.

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Post August 07, 2016, 09:03:36 PM

Re: Help Wanted: Short Story Editor

Just some comments on Nate's recruitment appeal:

* Prior experience as an editor is optional (but worth extra points if you have it). I had no such experience when I accepted the Long Fiction editorial position, but look at me now! Got me some OJT, and I've been entirely ... adequate. Lately. (Thanks to Dan, Rob, Nate, et al, for all your patience and assistance!)

* Among the necessary qualifications are some familiarity with HTML code, and some familiarity with FTP. Good software (available free of charge) can take you a long way (like it does for me).

* The Short Story editor will have a lot to do. My job is really simple and easy: I only have to post one story a month, maybe two. My stories are bigger, but I only have to deal with one at a time; you'll be doing about six, give or take.

* You MUST know how to be diplomatic with rejections.

* You'll need a Facebook account.

I hope that wasn't all bad news. Just a heads-up. Just ask if you have further questions.
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Post August 07, 2016, 10:42:21 PM

Re: Help Wanted: Short Story Editor

I cut my chops here and now I have my own token/semi pro magazine. I am also a published novelist. There are worse ways to get a credit on your resume than giving these guys a year of your time. This is a good bunch who are very selfless and help everyone that crosses their path. If you are on the fence overcome your fear and give it a shot. They will help you get up to speed and it will give you credentials and experience. I believed in their mission when I started and believe in it now. If I had the time to pursue a full time career and a part time gig as an author hopefully leading to full time writing I would go happily back. Give it a shot. You won't be sorry.
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Post August 17, 2016, 12:07:32 AM

Re: Help Wanted: Short Story Editor

Ladies and gentlemen, of whatever species, I would like to announce that the Short Story Editor position at Aphelion has been filled! The ranks of our Editorial Mafia have been enriched by yet another talented raconteur.

She arrived in our midst in a "borrowed" hypership, dodging asteroids and Space Patrol do-gooders with equal skill. With a delicate and gentle megaton-per-second broadside aimed with pin-point accuracy at the besieging hordes which had somehow learned it was happy hour at the Mare Inebrium, she made a perfect three-point landing at the spaceport. Shame about the other fifteen landing gear legs, really. She breezed through Customs with a bright smile and a wave of her hand. Although the resulting question of exactly which droids the Reever's port security officers were supposed to be looking for has not yet adequately been addressed. Bert, the cab driver she'd hired to convey her away from the annoying alarm bells and sirens that apparently all faulted into their planetary invasion mode because of some odd glitch in their maintainence program, ushered her into the Mare, and escorted her to the table we occupied as we morosely considered our options in the then-current emergency. Emptying our bank accounts and fleeing the planet had just been voted down, but it was a close-run thing.

"I know some guys," Bert said as he led her to our table. "They might want to meet you."

"I understand that you might be interested in taking on a new Editor," she said by way of introduction.

I looked up blearily from my space-cold fifteenth snifter of the afternoon. Krupnick, and as cold and old as Max, the bartender, could match to my credit limit. My eyes met her eager smile. It was a nice smile. My eyes shook hands with her smile and I just had to ask. "There's three of you. Which one wants the job?"

In way of reply, she simply unfurled her resume'. A scroll about eight feet long. Times New Roman font, 6 point type, single-spaced. With bullet points. In HTML. Took me a week to read it that day.

"I'm qualified," she said. "I think I'll be able to do the job the way it needs to be done. You shouted for help, so here I am."

"Where did your other sister go? There's only two of you now," I replied. "You really want the job? The pay is trivial, the work never ends, and you'll be reading a slush pile every month. On the other hand, we have the best writers in the universe, so you'll be reading some pretty good stuff."

I looked at the guys, who were reading her resume' and asking her questions about her previous work. I quit talking and started listening carefully to her answers. She didn't miss a beat. Answered everything cheerfully, too. She was having fun! That could be a gift, right there. As the evening wore on, I came to a decision. I'd been keeping a running tab on how many times she earned a "she's in" from my staff. By this time her other sister had left, so there was only one of her. Probably off at the bar, and equally probably Max was flirting with both of the now missing sisters.

"I think this interview is just about over," I said. "Lady, you got the job. Nate will ship you the submissions backlog. He'll give you the passwords and the template files for the story display pages on the zine. Some mechanics on the uploading and whatnot, too. If you have any questions, we're all always right here. Just ask and we will give you the best answers we know how to give."

So I ask her what name we need to put on the masthead for her.

"Kate," she replied. The twinkle in her eyes was back again. "Kate Stuart."

"Kate," I replied. "Welcome to the Aphelion family." Then I turned and shouted across the bar to Max. "Bartender! Drinks for everyone are on me, 'til closing time!"

Max raised one eyebrow, looked at our table and everyone around it. Looked at me again, grinned, and asked "your table or the whole bar?"

"The whole universe, Max." I replied with a smile. "The entire damn universe! Make it so!"

"You're the boss," Max said with a smile as he started mixing drinks.
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