Short course on writing fantasy & SF

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Short course on writing fantasy & SF

I may have posted this elsewhere, but this time I'm making it a sticky.

Excellent little course by Jeffrey Carver. Check it out.
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Re: Short course on writing fantasy & SF

Welcome to the world of Aphelion Peter. This forum and website is one of the better ones, (in my opinion) The editors are helpful and I've had a great experience dabbling here.

Lester got a new brain recently so it's still up in the air if he'll remain the same or change into a bloodsucking zombie. I'm betting zombie, but we'll see.

My advice to you is don't try and be a good writer, try and be a consistent writer and have fun while writing. If people say disparaging comments about your writing, laugh at them. If people like your writing, laugh with them. If people don't read your writing, write anyway.

Good luck.

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