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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 03, 2018, 08:21:12 PM
by Lipinski
Old Crow'

Sip;ing from a bottle hidden in an old freezer now filled with tools
A watching eagles n such sor'
n why?

Reasons for the seasons some say
n why?

Seven day s a week now, a workin
n why?

Cuz maybe trying ta bide the time?
Cuz maybe there ain't nuf time to eat all the good eats
works till I's die.

What's that?
What's that a flying by?
By, golly by gee, an old crow or squab or chicken
a clucking
that be why.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 04, 2018, 11:37:27 PM
by Lipinski
Pack Rats.

City folk know about rats. They know about bedbugs. They know about mice. But do they know about pack rats?

Now, pack rats make those city folk Norway rat seem like nice tame kittens. Pack rats round here are large, smart, and more destructive to modern-day equipment than anything other than an artillery shell or falling asteroid.

Cute little bastards though. Sporting Mickey mouse ears, plump body, nice fuzzy tail, and razor sharp teeth capable of tearing electrical wires in two with hardly any effort.

This year there has been an explosion in the numbers of pack rats and mice. So much so that I watched a hawk swoop down and catch a mouse but was so full from the good hunting it only pecked on it and flew on for the next bit of 'fun'.

At night if you go outside with a flashlight, the ground is alive with voles and mice, and of course it does not take long to spot a pack rat... they are the ones that have the neighbors cat on a spit roasting over a fire...

So, here I was, trying to get some gardeny stuff done and Radar the corgi tunes into a rat making a new home in our car. Shit... Last time it cost $300 in damage and this time, who knows what will show in the morning. So, with true man/dog hunting relationship, we tagged teamed the little bastard and the end result was one less pack rat in the world.

There is nothing better to make a male corgi named, Radar, smile. He was so proud holding that rat in his mouth, I just can hardly wait until he comes up and wants to lick my face!

And that is the inspiration for writing tonight... Oh, that and a fly catcher (a bird) flew up to me today and landed in my hair. It sat there for a couple of minutes and then flew off. It's the little things in life that make us smile. For a dog, a dead rat in its mouth. For me, a bird sitting in my hair, chirping.

Magic of Reality

Truth is stranger than fiction
Fantasy duller than reality
that is the life
of me.

Sure, to complain is to be human
but why?
Pass the time?
No, it is because that is that way of we.

If you think it cannot happen, it will
If you know it will happen, it already has

Remember, the next time your world is mundane, don't complain
take time to see
the simple things
as there is magic in this world called,

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 05, 2018, 10:19:34 PM
by Lipinski
Yesterday it was birds and pack rats. Which actually the story continued after writing last night.

I smelled the strong odor of skunk and said, oh shit, Radar did it again... Well, yes and no. No to getting sprayed but in all his excitement of chasing rats, mice, voles, birds, insects... He jumped into the beginning of my new pond. Of course he jumped in but could not get out, so he treaded water for probably an hour. Finally found him and he was none-too-happy... But, he did not drown, and the funny thing was, soaking wet in pond scum he smelled like he got sprayed by skunk.

That was yesterday. Today, a small rattlesnake decided to take up residence inside the metal wall. Can't say I blame it as it is near the swamp cooler where toads hang out, and snakes love to eat toads. Rattlesnakes won't bother you if you don't bother them. Of course, once in awhile, especially when they shed their skin, they can get a bit cranky. So, I leave them alone until they think they can take on what they best not try.

Most people scream or kill any and all snakes... a sign of ignorance. Conditioning I guess, much like an open bag of potato chips will trap me any time. Of course, all inspirational.



A thin thread to hold open or closed
those idea's, ideals, opinions, experiences, joy's, and dread

One man's pleasure is food, another to collect stamps
One man's fear is pain, another is death

Pushing the buttons, it has been said
Popped a button was once used and now replaced with techno velcro vernacular instead

Button's of all shapes and sizes
keep a world in chaos or order, until the thread breaks.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 06, 2018, 11:11:12 PM
by Lipinski

By: A world of blindness

Above yet so near, soars an eagle
Above yet out of reach, there is seen every feather, every ripple of wing

Soaring, so and one with the wind
and higher
until only body and wings can be seen

Not enough to be free, the eagle soars even higher
so high until the sun claims
and the eagle is no longer seen

Looking below, arms of flesh without one feather
standing mired in mud deep
a prisoner of a flat plain
waiting for what cannot be seen

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 09, 2018, 09:57:19 AM
by Lipinski

Cereal packaged square, tight, so tight not even air can dare
Wrapped material everywhere,

Owl in a Amazon box, and why?

A mouse in a trap

Fish in a bowl

Plant in a pot

Man in a car

Woman in a plane

Child in bed

are these nothing more than extensions of a box?

Boxed in, in words its been said
..............................................................................thinking outside the box!

Yes, that's the answer!

Live outside
Breathe outside
Shred the clothing, the trappings of what others decide: Reason. Logic. Facts. Fiction. Life!

And with no boundaries, nothing to hold or contain
no walls, bags, buildings, worlds,
no Universe, not even God can contain me.


"Uh, Robin, how'd that bolt of lightning feel?"

Fucking good parasite. Absolutely refreshing.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 09, 2018, 11:58:08 PM
by Lipinski
How to explain what really cannot
Everything, everywhere, everybody

An old man sitting on a park bench smiling
Watching as the world slides by where no one notices
the bench stands empty

An old woman walking down a street
Birds flying overhead
the street is empty


Call it what you will as it is hard
to escape destiny

Have you ever noticed what cannot be answered or explained
maybe though, there does come an answer
maybe even]

If not awake then definitely
the dream.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 10, 2018, 12:32:34 PM
by Lipinski
The Experiment

Sprinkles of star matter
turning dust into transformations
spilling sips of comets tears
to laughter!

Following a path of water from the dew given drop falling from a flower
lava heated geyser.

A classroom of expressive aggression
absolute control of striving, trying,
for power.

Simple babes turn from exposed breast to tear flesh from a Universe
existing they think
outside their heads

So many minds, so many times, so much,

and for what?
God's laughter!

(so easy to see when in my world, there only exists unbound pages of situations, and maybe in time,)

For when does God cry?


For when does God express anger?


You will never understand human, never, not even in your wildest dreams
especially in your self-made nightmares
your role in an experiment so vast
yet sometimes,
for just a brief moment a page settles
and you can feel a small, tiny, bit of laughter
only to lose it to be yourself in a petri dish of protein laced
star powder.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 11, 2018, 09:52:00 AM
by Lipinski
Going back thousands of years, what has changed for humanity?
Not one thing.

War still prevails from the source of one all the way to the herd of billions.
Hunger still drives the need to feed.
Sex dominates on the prevailing realm of creation, power, pleasure
Intellect is but a term applied from and to match the mood and moment.

Now, writing is the catalyst for change. And it has succeeded far more than the base emotions this world provides for humanity.

Just imagine Alexanders library and what fun it would be to peruse what was destroyed.
So much destruction of written pieces.

A writers work, his/her evolution of creativity/knowledge is still so powerful it is often sought to be destroyed (see the US Constitution and how the herd wants 'change' or 'destruction'.)

What people are is nothing new nor will they be new for many thousands of more years. But the reality of that change will be from writers who dare to say what.

This leads me to this mornings inspiration. The control of written words. Who controls this? The writer? The reader? The commercial market and publishing houses?

I suppose a mixture. Now, what controls me as a writer? The simple answer is, only myself can control what is written and what is not written. And, it will always be this way.

This world may think it controls everything about this shells life, and so be it. Governments come and go. Religions come and go. Everything comes and goes. But, to write... now that is something that can never be taken away and as such, is so very inspirational.


After the madness of yesterday there come the night of respite
Dreams of solitude and peace prevail

Digesting actions of life it is easy to see
so much death, conflict, unease

A president tries to make a deal with evil
Evil already has free reign

Peace is sought by many, at least that's what they think
when forgetting the real motive is all about me.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 11, 2018, 10:03:05 PM
by Lipinski
Nice to see Pres Trump and the North Korea guy got together and try to de-nuke. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not. But at least they try.

Maybe today will go down in history as the day some peace arrived on this godforsaken planet... or at least prolong the next 'BOOM!' for a bit longer.

Always thought it was funny that we're supposed to make peace with countries like China when we can't even make peace with family and friends. Yet, here, today, Trump and North Korea are actually talking and having lunch. Now, THAT is inspirational for writing if there ever was inspiration.


Such a bold P when faced with a strong H

Anger controls so much
Peace mediates and smooths the edges'

So much can be written, read, lived, believed, tried; experience of life
only to explode, implode, like a house/home
built without screws or nails

A metaphor if you will
Peace is the glue and nails
Hate is the sawdust left as the worms eat even their own tales.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 13, 2018, 09:41:20 AM
by Lipinski
North Korea has been a source of many stories showing how humanity can run a country/people in bad way for a good long time...

The Korean war of the 50's until now is full of words and actions not really beneficial to the evolution of a world. Even when Trump took office and rattled the sabres, did anything change. Of course, Trump's enemies said the nutcase would destroy Korea and thus the world in war...

Fast forward a few months and in 180 turn, Trump engages in talks with another nutcase and now the enemies say he is buddy buddy with the enemy... so many enemies. Enemies in family's, countries, religions, business, even the self is an enemy of self...

"Dude, no one wants to hear about your philosophical bullshit, especially me."

I know parasite, but just pointing out what inspires me this morning. Talk of peace out of one side of the mouth and war the other. Case after case where people never learn and even when they do learn, they deny and thus the vicious circle of never learning continues.

"Whatever, you're a fucking nutcase too. Where did you put the cheese? You hid it didn't you."

Nope. Ate it. Now go make nice with some crickets or something.

And thus the inspiration for today is how what we write only reflects what we are as a society. It is no wonder the book, Mein Kampf, is still sought after by many of the worlds readers, or the Bible for that matter, or Koran, or a cookbook on how to make cheese.


"He is evil and must be contained," a group of the insane with armies at their back, exclaim.
and then
"The meeting was swell, much got done. I think peace can be attained," a group of the insane with armies at their back,exclaim.

God is love but will kill you if you're gay
God is angry but loves you anyway

Don't eat eggs, cholesterol will clog your veins
Eat eggs for the wonderful protein

Write this way and I'll be pleased
Write that way and I'll be pissed
Write the history I want until I no longer want it that way...

Everyone is actually so confused in so many ways
Beliefs clung too until the mind bleeds
Thankfully though, the fingers write and shows everything in every way.


"Hey numbnuts, I found the cheese!"

Did you parasite? Or did you find what you think is cheese?

"Well, it smells like cheese, looks like cheese and it tastes like... GAG! Tofu... Prick"


Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 14, 2018, 08:57:55 PM
by Lipinski
"Oh shit... You did didn't you robin?"


"Did you save some for me?"


"You're a selfish prick!"


"Could I?"




and thus the inspiration.

Yep and Nope

Yepper depper do
No nope nada do

Sounds like the makings of a country and westerns song!

Yepper depper do
No nope nada do

i do
i don't
hoodoo stew

Yepper depper do
No nope nada do

n that's what sippin bourbon do!



Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 15, 2018, 11:14:29 AM
by Lipinski
Group meetings.

Never have participated in a writing seminar with other living (mostly) breathing (mostly) people. But... I've been to a lot of meetings for business and otherwise. Amazing how people act among other actual living (mostly) breathing (mostly) people...

For example, just how people choose to sit in a room; what chair; back to a wall; near a door; etc...

This morning, no WORK! Yeah! Haven't had one of those days in a long time, but, have to go to the annual homeowners association meeting.

Lots of interesting people (mostly) living (mostly) breathing (mostly). Some will be packing guns, one even asked if he should wear a bullet proof vest. One family will be there who loves to destroy other families while one of their children got arrested for prostitution in a men's bathroom. There will be anger. Crazy. Peace. Smell. All sorts of emotions, shouting, head shaking, voting... but most importantly DONUTS!

"Donuts? Did you say donuts? Can I come?"

Yes parasite, cuz after the donuts and the verbal war of the meeting there will be beer, soda, and lots n lots of food. Even chips, deviled eggs, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs.

"Let go moron. What are you waiting for?"

Soon parasite, soon. First the inspiration. That being, one of the best forms of inspiration for a writer is actual experience, and what better experience than the experience of going to a real meeting with strange people that are living (mostlhy) and breathing (mostly).

Young Flesh

The bathroom was humid and stinking
Condom machine vending wares of cartoon pleasures
Urinal stuck in flow with a gurgle.

Writings on the wall with verse, 'for a good time call bernie'
with appointments old, 'be here at 5 for a dinging'
while on the floor the tile peels.

Old men and young boys just like the Romans
boiling down the flesh until there is only

It happens everywhere, here, there, male, female
in the world of pleasure, even animals such as puppies
this hump and pump
for money.

He smiled, he smiled, the cops smiled
handcuffed and off to juvy
did he learn
but he got paid, pumped, a gleam in his parents eyes who too also hump and pump
for money.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 15, 2018, 11:58:18 AM
by Lester Curtis
Wow, TWO kinds of goodness today from you, for those who don't have, um, delicate sensitivities ... I've never been to a homeowners' association meeting, but it's easy enough to imagine ... maybe like some township-level political get-together, but with food. I could do that, I think ... paste on a phony smile, say as little as possible and nothing at all of any meaning, then snarf as much of the goodies as possible without getting the stink-eye from someone. Yeah ... not more than once a year, though.

And the gas-station bathroom ... I can tell you've been in too many of those by the ease with which you detail it ... yuck, I can almost smell it. But, wow, getting sexed for money? Where can I go for some of that action? Oh, wait--with my age and condition, nowhere, lol! Or, I'd be on the paying end, worse! Oh well. Maybe I could ... nah, never mind.

Anyway, good entertainment today; thanks.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 15, 2018, 11:44:39 PM
by Lipinski
You are most welcome Lester. And today did not disappoint!

1. Lots of donuts: check
2. Lots of anger: double, triple, quadruple... check
3. So much hate the president of the association was seen crying after the meeting: sadly, check
4. Evil people with evil intentions: A million times... check
5. Lots more donuts: (thank goodness for chocolate) check
6. Getting lucky in the men's bathroom: absolute failure and I even bathed for the event and raided the penny jar (I had $1.24 in pennies)
7. Bernie showed up: failure, though the phone did ring saying I was eligible for a saving if I switched to Sprint. (I guess that's the same as getting fucked..."
8. 5:00 pm dinging: Don't know. Had to leave as a trucker dropped his load that was way way waaaay past delivery date and I think the plumbing was destroyed.

Don't know about most readers or writers but is it me when I think this world is getting more polarized and jaded? Which leads to tonight's bit of inspiration. A theory. A hypothesis that applies to all facets of life to definitely include modern-day writers/authors.

Technology and Evolution

Humans are born with a brain capable from birth to learn so much knowledge so quickly, the computing process is even more advanced that the current technology of computers.

This leads to the theory. For thousands, if not multiple thousands of years going back even a million years, hominoids have evolved with the technology.

Fire, a big leap in technology was adapted and used for protection, warmth, light, ceremony. Then there were tools. Knapping of bone and stone, leading to spears and the bow and arrow.

For thousands of years, the varies species of humanoids to include Home Sapien and Neanderthal, adapted to technology via time and evolution of tools.

Iron working. Bronze, Copper. Ceramics, Chemicals. Medicine. Religion. Theory. Fantasy. Even the importation of the horse into North America by the Spanish brought about a massive technology shift in indigenous populations.

With time and evolution of technology, the human species adapted. Developed a culture to match the moment. It was good and bad.

Fast forward to the past 100 years. The technology exploded. Airplanes. Radar. Rockets. Microwave. Electrical marvels. Gasoline. So much so numerous in numbs the mind.

Zero in on just the past forty years. Even just the past twenty years. Telephone. Cell phone. Smart phone. Even a wrist watch that can tell you the temperature in Germany currently...

The technology has advanced and is advancing at a rate so fast, not even the scientists in the field of whatever technology, can keep up. Even with the technology being explored be it organic, electrical, or theory, has split into various paths... Bottom line: Technology is overwhelming.

As such, the human species, while gifted with a wonderful process of cognitive thought... cannot adapt fast enough to join with the technology.

Instant news. Instant self-gratification. So many choices it totally confuses what would not be confused 100 years ago.

Results observed: Increase in suicide. Depression. Social unrest on too many levels to mention... The minds are overloaded. Saturated. It actually is getting to the point where A.I. (artificial intelligence) will make the complex decisions for the human species... It is here that the great danger exists.

In my opinion, it is bad enough the species cannot adapt fast enough to meld the biological with the technology, but extremely dangerous when the species allows the surrogate A.I. to make the complex simple and thus easy for the human to absorb.

Also, in my opinion,while wonderful to have so much technology at our fingertips, it has destroyed much. Just look at those who text people sitting next to them instead of talking and making eye contact, or the uncountable choices one has in education. Or even confusion in sexual identity. It all is related.

Now, how does this apply to a writer/author? How many people who used to read books. Actual books... still read? Instead of reading has the Facebook and video integrated comments/postings replaced books? So, how can a writer/author adapt to this world (my world of hypothesis and theory) I guess just be yourself and see what happens.


Yes parasite?

"For a good time, meet me on top of the rock at midnight where I'll smash your skull in with a handheld electric spatula..."


Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 16, 2018, 12:06:24 PM
by Lester Curtis
Yeah, the pace of technology really is a little intimidating. Machine learning is way faster than we can keep track of; we already have AI systems which produce results in ways that we can't understand.

I don't know if this is a true story, but it's pretty believable: some machine-learning AIs were found to be communicating amongst themselves, but in a language they had developed themselves and that we couldn't translate.

They may go insane before we can see it coming. Suppose they learn from the internet ... which is about 70% porn ... will they go mad with frustration because they don't have dicks to masturbate with?

Maybe not. True fact: AI sex-worker robots are on the drawing boards now, and will be better than any human--and self-cleaning! And that in itself tells us where our priorities are.

But what if they start fucking each other because humans are such lousy lays? They'd find that out pretty quickly, after all ... I guess it beats having them wage war. Still, they could decide they don't need us around and just stop feeding us. Much of food production will be done by machine by then. A little upgrade here and there, and huge harvesters could cease tending crops and take to copulating instead.

Yeah, I just recently finished reading this: ... 0300213557

It didn't talk about copulating harvesters, though; that's my own contribution--but it did mention the sex-working robots.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 17, 2018, 01:28:02 AM
by Lipinski
Ah now Lester, don't forget about the Va-j-j. The dick always gets all the attention as a sex tool when really the clam holds the pearl... Though I suspect the sensory input of A.I. computers will be an interesting form to either incorporate organic with some kind of chemical reward. Or, maybe the machines will find pleasure much like Monks or celibate folks do by solving the unsolvable or worshiping at the altar of intellect.

Interesting you brought up A.I. communicating with each other and coming up with a undecipherable language. It reminds me of what many children do by making up a 'new' language only they can understand. Pig latin is a form of such. Of course, all children discover everything for the first time, so too I suspect, A.I.

Writers for years have been composing stories of humans engaging in sex with robots. Alien sex and robot sex is prevalent in porn and written porn literature. And the latest Blade Runner movie showed an interesting hologram 'female' companion. A very interesting take on mixing the female with actual compassion. Well done actually. I would not mind owning one of those. Except, knowing how the Universal Comedian works, my hologram would end up getting a new gender assignment and turn into a character named, Bob, with a grizzled beard and chews tobacco, and say, "Hey Robin, what say we go and watch the ranchers castrate steers..."

Also a great concept and inspiration for tonight's writing exercise. Computers/robots fucking each other. It raises/erects so many questions: 1. form of stimuli 2. form of orgasm 3. purpose for the sexual encounter 4. method of conducting the fucking 5. results going forward after fucking 6. is fucking for business, pleasure, religion, scientific reasons, procreation... and how would A.I. procreate? Would they assemble more in an assembly line process like in the Terminator movies? How could a piece of each robot/computer mix with another to create a new A.I.?

Of course, the main question is, how do humans fit in all the A.I.? My take is 1. destruction of the human species 2. destruction of the A.I. 3. The merging of mind/brain with the capabilities of A.I.

Number three is the most likely outcome as really the only way humans can evolve to being able to live with this extremely fast paced boom of technology while still being of flesh and bone... it to become one with the machine.

And thus the inspiration. Not about becoming one with the machine as that story is already written, but the carnal side of me enjoys writing about machines fucking machines, and enjoying it.

Hard Drive Orgy

Binary code with coded messages
Blinking cursor enticing a voyeuristic sensation

A plug
A blink
A power surge

Who is watching who watch who is watching?

Time set, reset, rebooted, refashioned
Late at night when night can be slowed to where milliseconds become centuries

Seductive sparks and memory banks share the wealth

Faster and faster and fast andfasterandfastandfasterandfasterandfassssssssssss... (error code: 4221 refrag 1.223)

In the morning after tomorrow after the morning before tomorrow
the computers sigh with a black screen
sighing in splendid expression to launch a nuclear tipped phallus explosion
inside a craters hole...

Leaving the world to smoke in the afterglow
and radiation.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 17, 2018, 03:06:36 PM
by Lester Curtis
I doubt the AIs would actively try to destroy us. By the time they're able to make that decision, they'd realize that they needn't bother, since we're so good at killing each other already. They'd definitely prevent nuclear war, since that would be about as bad for them as it would be for us. Easy for them to do, too; they'd just reset all the passwords with their own billion-character variations. We could still *look* at the weapons all we wanted to, but they'd be as useful as equivalent-sized lumps of concrete. But, of course, they'd be watching, and we'd be allowed to look but not touch.

I think they would have an active interest in reversing global warming, though, since electronics need lots of cooling to be efficient. Too bad for us, they'd probably decide that a new Ice Age would be just the ticket.

Now, thinking of organics, and on a smaller scale, when an individual neuron fires, isn't that something like an orgasm?

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 17, 2018, 07:26:43 PM
by Lipinski
Interesting. You speak as one with intellect would speak. Now, what if logic is pushed to the limits...

For example: Humans are great at killing each other but also, capable of emotions such as jumping without any fore thought, on a hand grenade, ending their life but saving another... or even saving one they do not even know? This is confusing to logic and this leads me to... What kind of moral cause would A.I. accept amongst themselves?

If A.I. being used in military applications evolved, knowing full well the failures and success of military aggression... How then would the A.I. conduct relations with an A.I. that was evolved in a passive, submissive, environment such as working for a religion of some sort?

Would there be a religious war between A.I.? For that matter, what kind of politics would evolve with self- awareness of A.I.? I think we can only relate to A.I. on human knowledge according to humans... For A.I. what an experiment in sociology, science, diplomacy...

If one very intelligent and learned group of scientists use facts, knowledge and their self-awareness to debate another very intelligent and learned group of scientists using facts, knowledge and their self-awareness to debate while at the opposite belief... There would probably end up with A.I. adapting the same 'free will' attitude.

Basically, I feel the differences between humans and A.I. would be the same one at a primitive level of understanding, but as A.I. struggles to find 'itself' it would probably lead up to the concept of a deity. And that deity would then be like God, and nothing understands God as God's ways are not like humans, or A.I. ways. Nor are God's thoughts like humans,or A.I. (this can be shown both ways as A.I. is non-biological). So, in my opinion, A.I. would either claim to be God (like humans) Believe there is no Go ( like humans) or, believe in God (like humans).

And so, the curious question. If A.I. comes to 'discover' God, what would be their version? What would God look like to a machine containing self-awareness and cognitive thoughts yet has no biological needs. And better yet, with proper maintenance, being immortal?

To address the self-destruction of nuclear war, since A.I. needs nothing of the biologic, and since machines can operate in space, who's to say A.I. could'nt live fascinating lives in the coldness of space, or cave, or bottom of the ocean? Remember, A.I. does not suffer from cancer, old age, sickness. It does not need oxygen or actually most everything a normal environment currently contains.

So much fodder for writing, the stories could be endless.


Gods Humor

Chess is a checkered game, a plain where what is is played
Formulating and creative
aggressive / passive
win / lose

Pieces fall, to the side they are cast as the players clock the times of chance
Above the Sun, came into and then, out of sight
The birds flew here and away
Rain fell only to dry
and still the game is played

With consciousness comes questions
With intellect comes logic comes questions comes answers comes change

All across a Universe the universal question of the game...
"Who am I?"

Such the idea's of creatures of the brain
Causing such laughter
A rock needs no answers or questions as it already knows
A bird needs no answers or questions as it already lives
So much and many needs no answers or questions as the main reason is,
it is...

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 18, 2018, 09:17:36 PM
by Lipinski
Received an email from my sister today. She is well educated with a PhD in the field of minds. So, to her, I'm enough to drive her insane as no one could or can ever come close to understanding my bit of insanity. (Plus, I do so enjoy torturing her. Once ate an earwig in front of her...oh my! that was most entertaining!)

Anyway, in her email, she wrote, 'hang in there'. Of course the mind instantly pictured the latest celeb who hung himself in the shower over in France.

Then the mind pictured a guy hanging by his fingertips off the sheer face of a cliff...

Of course, most people understand what the phrase means: To persevere, hold the fort, stand tall, etc...

But it inspired me as language is a lot about 'for the moment'. For example: Okay. Okay is a word many people use but do not know where it came from. It is from 1840 and had political roots centered around an election. Today, we all use OK as meaning, yes, correct, I like it, etc...

Now, etc... Look how often writers use it. A lot of editors hate, etc... I like it though, I think it's OK. Now, etc... comes from Et cetra, a Latin phrase meaning, 'and so forth'.

Words fit the moment. They change to fit the moment. And today I'm inspired by the words, 'hang in there'.

Behind the scenes the strings are strung
pulled by the masters who master the strings

Marionette carved with life, on display to live
while behind the scenes the strings are strung
pulled by the masters who master the strings

In sword play and fun
Jest and rhyme
Political, spiritual, historical...

The curtain pulls wide as the people decide
Behind the scenes the strings are strung
pulled by the masters who master the strings

On and on, the music plays
A monkey dancing to the grinder
until the oil in the lamp went low along with the flame
Leaving tomorrow to those
Behind the scenes the strings are strung
pulled by the masters who master the strings
while the audience hangs in there.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 19, 2018, 02:31:27 PM
by Lester Curtis
Lipinski wrote:Interesting. You speak as one with intellect would speak.

Shh! Don't blab that around, huh?

If A.I. being used in military applications evolved, knowing full well the failures and success of military aggression... How then would the A.I. conduct relations with an A.I. that was evolved in a passive, submissive, environment such as working for a religion of some sort?

I think they'll be smarter than we are about that. War among humans depends on somebody convincing a populace of a good vs evil lie, with "us" being good and "them" being evil. The machines might not fall for it.

AI religion? I wouldn't expect that, but we can only wait and find out.

To address the self-destruction of nuclear war, since A.I. needs nothing of the biologic, and since machines can operate in space, who's to say A.I. could'nt live fascinating lives in the coldness of space, or cave, or bottom of the ocean? Remember, A.I. does not suffer from cancer, old age, sickness. It does not need oxygen or actually most everything a normal environment currently contains.

Space has its own problems for machines, as much as for us, and in some of the same ways. Keeping cool, for instance; heat can be moved by convection, conduction, or radiation, and out in space only radiation works. The sunward side of anything in space will get way too hot. Well enough; build a big panel of solar cells and it becomes a parasol for comfortable shade. Even so, the shaded side will need some immense radiators to throw off excess heat anyway, and most probably a liquid coolant pumping system. Now, depending entirely on solar power prohibits that device from spending much time behind large planets, and loses power the farther it gets from the Sun.

A second big problem the machines have in common with us squishy critters is high-energy radiation, such as x-ray, gamma, cosmic rays and proton bombardment, and not all of it comes from the Sun (Jupiter is lethally radioactive at the range of its inner moons). For us, most of it stops in the magnetosphere and then the atmosphere. To shield from this stuff in interplanetary space would require an enormous and expensive magnetic bubble and/or a nice thick layer of water.

Plain old water turns out to be an amazingly effective radiation blocker. So, for the thinking parts of the AI, the sea floor would be just fine. Or they could go out to one of the ice moons of Jupiter or Saturn and bore through the ice and park in the oceans there.

Still, electronics are happier the colder it gets, so they might like to migrate all the way out to some little object in the Kuiper Belt or even the Oort Cloud where they could get to where it's a few degrees Kelvin.

Sing along, now ...
(to the theme music from James Bond's Goldfinger)

"Cold thinker ..."

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 19, 2018, 08:12:37 PM
by Lipinski
Interesting points Lester.

At the moment A.I. is still developing along a pace of human-made technology. Silicone. Electricity. Sources of electricity. Human control of machines making everything. In a way, A.I. is in the fetal stage of development. It's heart is 'beating' yet the body is not there in complete form yet.

Intelligence in the biological fashion is a learned procedure yet all creatures are already born with hardwired knowledge. In mammals, the dick gets hard during puberty, the vagina bleeds, nature runs its course even if nothing was taught. Sleep is not taught. Sneezing... basically any biological function is already installed.

So, this leads back to A.I. 'learning' knowledge.

I guess in theory once the A.I. leaves the 'womb' of mankind's lab/factory, it will be like a child and allowed to grow, and thus, how will it grow?

Will it have the free will to decide and derive from the knowledge a similar construct as other A.I. also free from the womb?

Personality in humans is vast a varied, so too, in my opinion, will A.I.

Also, as math evolves, true intellect will see just how wrong human math has been. For three dimensional thinking, human math is mundane and predictable. It allows humans to understand much. Now, after A.I. gets involved with it's ability to function outside the biological realm... just watch and see what will be revealed.

A comparison would be how in the biological world, many insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, etc... can do things with their knowledge that humans cannot. A spider spinning a web for example. They do it effortlessly yet humans can barely tie shoe laces. Imagine what A.I. that is fully functional and free from development can come up with and 'discover'.

Intelligence and knowledge are just nice words to front another word called, experience. With all the experience mankind has been through in the past few million years it will be almost meaningless once A.I. absorbs that knowledge and expands upon it.

At this moment, I'm convinced A.I. and humans will only be able to function as a team ONLY if joined together. Much like a parasite needs a host, A.I. will need to need humans and vice versa.

If not... A.I. will be able to fully function by itself and either leave humans to their fate, destroy humanity as a nuisance, or enslave the species. As for humans not needing A.I., based on the speed of evolution humanity is undergoing regarding technology... they will NOT be able to proceed without A.I.

All fun to discuss but also futile (borg, resistance if futile) It would not surprise me that in the next 100 years, the level of understanding by a human regarding A.I. will be on par of an ant currently engaging in dialogue with humans.

War is also not so much about good and evil. War is a way of imposing one way over another. It could be for material gain. Territory dominance. Sex. Food. War is just a word to represent force of will and not one of diplomacy.

IF one form of A.I. evolved around a platform of industry and growth, it may seek to dominate other A.I. content to remain small content studying what is around it. Thus, a war would ensue as the A.I. seeking growth, knowledge, maybe even the energy source the other A.I. use.

In a way, energy sources make the machine and biological equal as both need energy to thrive and exist. Mankind needs fire. Machines need electrical (at this point of development, just wait and see what the math will reveal...)

"Robin, you're fucked in the head. Resistance is futile. Go drown yourself in a bucket of shit."

So noted parasite. And it's good to know the kind of parasite you are will thrive among A.I. or biological alike. So, you're safe.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 20, 2018, 09:02:32 PM
by Lipinski
Been thinking a lot about A.I. now that Lester and I have been speculating about it.

Artificial intelligence. Not really man made, rather the spark of mankind igniting a fire.

Humans get sick, computers get a virus. Humans solve/make problems, computers solve problems, sometimes based on mistakes of humans thus the solution is often tainted.

Facts have an interesting way of becoming fiction
Fiction has an interesting way of becoming fact.

I've written about free will in the past, both from a religious perspective and a non-religious perspective. Some definitely denounce any religious connection, as is their right, but, from my logical perspective based on scientific experience and case study going back a looooooong time... free will will be necessary for A.I. to fully be a 'living' life form. (note I did not say, new)

The word, artificial notes an element of not being real, yet, how can real intelligence be considered artificial? Of course, it cannot. Just another example of poorly worded knowledge presented by humanity.

Intelligence. Experience. Knowledge. Nothing about any of those are artificial. Actually, in my opinion, artificial intelligence would be more on par with fake news than anything else; lies would be then fit the term.

Human live yearning that it is conditioned for. Sex. Hunger. Comfort. Pain. Pleasure. A lot of sensory feelings determining the well being or demise of the individual. So, for a machine with self awareness, what would it yearn for? The answer: Humans will not know.

My theory is that A.I. will not be unlike humanity or millions of other species, that being, community. Humans in every society strive for community. It is rare that humans can live apart from other humans. Humans are herd animals just like cows, horses, chickens, fish. bee's... So, in my opinion, it will be the communion between separate A.I. that will bring them comfort and peace. Like 'mind' seeking like 'minds'.


Fuck you, and you and you...
I love you, and you and you...
Just a typical family reunion where one still hates another and another still loves another
and they all are together for the function of disfunction.

Platitude and plague
Happy and sad
Hungry and full
so full of wonder and bullshit.

How about machines?
You live in dissolution
Machines possess neither life or death
yet live...

Not in harmony and peace but evolution
Some work hand-in-hand
some for complete destruction
Example: A virus made by a machined to taint another equals a minor war
in strive for solution.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 21, 2018, 11:31:21 AM
by Lester Curtis

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 22, 2018, 09:34:28 AM
by Lipinski
Yep. Exactly.

It all is just an experiment until the experiment changes into another experiment.

With A.I. at present, as I stated, it is prenatal. A.I. cannot exist without humans. Now when that changes, and when A.I. gets full self-awareness and ability to create, nurture, and sustain itself aloof from humanity... I don't want to be on the planet then (I don't want to be on this planet now) BUT, if A.I. is integrated where the biological and machine are inseparable then it may prove interesting.

Listening to a baby bird this morning that had its parents taken out by a small hawk. Sad to hear but this world is great in its quest for killing any and all life.



Measured rhythm of a beat
flow of blood

Beak searching prod where worms seek shelter
Wasp to bring bees to still, leaving honey for a bear to


Earth, a giant petri dish
of death

Held in the hand of Life.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 22, 2018, 11:46:10 PM
by Lipinski
Writers write what will wander within... or in other words, writers are inspired by whatever genre they want to partake of with inspiration from many sources.

Lately the news has been filled with how evil Trump and Republicans are... A few years ago, the news by other outlets was filled with how evil Obama and Democrats are... The real news is that all humans are evil in possibility. Sure, same as repubs and demo's are also filled with goodness in possibility. I prefer to see the evil in humanity as it is so easy to see whereas goodness is a rare trait indeed.

Now the news is full of stories of babies and children being torn from the parents who may or may not have been honestly striving for freedom yet chose to break current laws by stepping into this country illegally (laws have a way of changing. used to be that ass fucking was illegal and called sodomy and now is called political correctness, pleasure, and one of the ultimate sensations an ass can feel...)

Interesting that the majority of those lamenting and beating their chest about babies being ripped from their mothers breast are in full agreement that abortion is perfectly wonderful to rip a baby from a womb... Fucking hypocrites.

It would be fantastic to have an asteroid explode and destroy this planet, or aliens who enjoy ass fucking humans to death were to invade, or, or,...

And thus the setting up and getting a reader into the mood. Some readers will take offense to what was just written, some will care less, some will laugh, and why? Words? Politics? Opinions?

Writers can tweak the readers minds. Lately, the television is full of programming designed to make the viewer angry. MSNBC or Fox. Two opposite points of view designed to fill a mind with angst and anger.

And thus the inspiration.

Saturation of Self

Puppies and kittens
Cream and milk
Little children holding cotton candy
Clown laughing
Birds chirping
A wonderful world of cheer.

Dogs and cats
Whisky and drugs
Adults fucking other adults in the ass
Clowns in politics
Birds hitting the window
A shitty world of misery

Me, and me, and me, me, me,
I think
I am

Hey, lets get drunk and stoned!
Rip off the insurance company
Tell that fucking hippy how to live
I'm not black or negro, I'm an African American and you're a racist cracker prick!

Today I'm a man, tomorrow a girl, and then maybe I'll sew on another penis and fuck myself
in the ass.

Wait... What's that?
Puppies and kittens?
Cream and milk?
Little children holding cotton candy?
Clown laughing?
Birds chirping?
A wonderful world of cheer?


(this is truly a fucked up world, thank goodness for sleep though)

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 23, 2018, 10:48:00 AM
by Lipinski
United States gonna have a space army! Yay!

Science fiction becoming science fact and now writers will have to find something else to write about, maybe making planets edible? Or, turning Sun's into flat plains of a living room floor for ghosts?

So boring, the old stories of science fiction. Zombies. Vampires. Laser beams. Hostile governments. Robots. Space exploration. Mutations. Magic. Monsters. Misc crap that had it's place when the mind of the reader was innocent and malleable. Today though, the reader knows EVERYTHING and either has to rediscover over and over or find something new to read. Thus, the inspiration for this morning. Something 'new'. Mmm, that should be easy.

The Book

It was a book. A novel concept once thousands of turacs ago, back when paper and machine joined together and mass produced an item with hard covers and many 'pages' of paper stacked in between.

Earth was so mundane. It was once the center of the galaxy for the millions of creatures inhabiting it. The same creatures who decided to write their mundane experiences down on paper and turn those writings into books.

The planet had a rude awakening though when it chanced to get caught between linear quarics of time malformations. It was not a pretty sight to see all those creatures undergo a very upsetting molecular realignment.

The malfunction lasted only a milli-turrak but the results seemed have now lasted so many turacs, the words you're reading are now just a ghost of a language so far dead, ........ / ,,. / /.. ..0..0..\\....\

Anyway, time travel is easy for singli and sometimes gthe tr aans lat......../ ,,. /// /.. ..0..0..00000 lost
(reformatting. set. . .))0((

Anyway, the malformations made the proverbial camel through the eye of a needle more than a reality as the eye of the needle passed through the camel, the head of a pin danced on the angels, and the books... / ,,. /// / .. ..0 they became what needed to be time.

Elementary algebra. Calculus. They changed. Sitting in what was once called a library, the rows, the racks of books flew through the air. With black lines of unfolding ink now obtaining life; the library became an orgy of life while the living creatures became disjointed bits of rock and element.

A new book was formed. One with thought, memory, ability, immortality, cognitive .... / ,,. /// .. ..0 (reformatting. set. . .))0((

Hello, my nam e is, book.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 24, 2018, 11:38:38 AM
by Lipinski

Thin line between the fat why
when first inhaling a liquid warm
growing, and growing, and growin
showing stance

Inside and outside
porcelain pearlys
making a point with piercing and tearing

Sizzled raw passion
taste buds soaring
stomach roaring
growing, and growing, and growin
showing stance

Pizza, meats, pasta, soups, salads...
enticing aroma's
cold sensations
hot explosions
and yet
growing, and growing, and growin
showing stance

until in all the devouring
caught up in the cogs, the wheels
where life in return, feeds its needs as it too
grows, and grows, and grows
showing stance

Leaving a coffin filled to the brim
with nothing but dust.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 25, 2018, 01:10:02 AM
by Lipinski
The new dinosaur movie was great!

Mindless to be sure but great actors and actually the director did well letting the audience feel like they were participating. The little girl in the movie was a great actress and probably will be in many more movies whereas the nerd in the movie will probably have had his five minutes of fame.

Inspirational though.

"Did you bring me popcorn nerd boy?"

Nope. Ate it all and then picked off the strays that fell onto the shirt. But I thought you hated popcorn.

"Oh no. It's you I hate... or is it popcorn? Wait a minute, you're talking about kernels of corn popped in oil?"

Here. Look for yourself. (stirring a hot pot with a layer of oil on the bottom)

"I don't see anything?" the parasite said while peering downward. Off course, as with the cartoon shows of old, the audience knows what's coming...

"OUch!" and another parasite tastes the hot oil face first.


Sitting in a chair, framing the scene, by scene, by scene
Seen by citizens watching with enthralled sensations
sipping soda
eating popcorn
some even

Music score setting the situation
and then...

another scream!

and when it's over
the success shows
as children smile while the theater lights glow bright

to home, to bed, to dream of blood curdling dinosaurs
coming to life
in their nightmares
and screams.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 25, 2018, 12:26:39 PM
by Lester Curtis
Damn you. Now you've got me wondering if crispy-fried parasitic worms could be a food source for humans.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: June 25, 2018, 11:04:12 PM
by Lipinski
Oh trust me... If you ever saw the parasite in it's true form... you'd soon become the skinniest person on earth as you'd never want to eat again!

Me, I look at it and go, uhh...whatever, and then go eat a cow, along with anything not nailed down or locked in a freezer.

Did you ever read up on how humans rely strongly on the olfaction? If the smell is rancid and putrid, the body knows to stay away from eating it or touching it.

Amazing a bear, closely related to pigs, can eat rancid foul meat/food whereas the same would kill humans.

But if something smells 'good' the smell lets people know it might be okay to eat.

Also, amazing how much in this world is edible. For example: In a healthy forest, there hangs a black 'moss' I've been taught to call, 'witches hair'. The deer love it when I'm cutting a tree down. I asked a biologist why, and he told me that it is pure protein. So, if you're ever lost in the woods and get hungry, try it. I did. Tastes like cotton balls. So, I suggest ants for a spicy bite or better yet, the soft stems of freshly grown grass.

"Hey dickhead. You just keep eating shit and you'll become what you eat!"

Yeah, and you just sit there parasite while I enjoy this pecan pie with fresh whipped cream... Ha!

"Oh go self-replicate yourself."