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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 02, 2018, 09:10:49 PM
by Lipinski
the crime scene glowed, the serenity lighting up where pictured shadow disperse
such a glow trickling

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 03, 2018, 10:56:51 PM
by Lipinski
Such beauty, the like of which fills dreams
So it is
this scene

I Robot

A man can try and deny but then, can a man live and not breathe?

Can a butterfly be such without crawling without feet?
a flower rooted in shit, how can such blossom and smell so sweet?

Chasing comets is easy, so too, to hold the moon alone in a pocket full of moutain's, oceans, deserts...
blushing though when it comes to romance

Asimov spoke about robotic beings
Science fiction presents to become science fact
and still
ever so much
such beauty, the like of which fills dreams.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 05, 2018, 09:48:36 PM
by Lipinski
Rain is inspirational... and wet.

As it rained today, the birds at the feeder were immune to the falling moisture, and it was fun to watch. Me, with a jacket and clothes getting soaked, and little, itty, bitty, feathered friends flittering about like it was nothing. Of course, sunflowers seeds are enticing and worth getting drowned.

One man's comfort is another man's pain
To sit for hours waiting for a fish to bite is a yes
To ride a bicycle for hours waiting to see the terrain pass is a no

Some complain it's too hot and dry
Some complain it's too cool and wet
Animals in the wild though
try and exist

They look for food, for sex, for shelter, for life
and I've never really seen anything other than man complain
in the world of life outside humanity
that exists.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 06, 2018, 08:54:39 PM
by Lipinski
Tilted axis where vocals mix the resonance
Chords strive to touch
so in
there lays
to hear and simmer
bubbling times
cooled afters
hot night

Delivered past where words were born
and this
it is

Whimsical way to work words
as why not?
The glowing orbs travel bears title
and it is
in indeed

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 07, 2018, 10:52:30 AM
by Lipinski
People who love to write often times spend a lot of time thinking about what they are going to write before writing. Some people do not... I'm a writer who does both.

Much of what these fingers put down on 'paper' has taken a very long time to finally get written and other bits are written without even a thought given before appearing. Fun. Thus never will this writer have writers 'block' (too many holes for the words to leak around the barricade made only by writers themselves)

This morning, while drifting between the world of shite and the world of that, I thought of the phrase heard in the past, "Pleased as punch." Interesting for a second or two but the mind kicked into another gear and came up with th4 following.

Top shelf results in a bottom line world

It has a meaning to it and then after thinking about it, it has many meanings. Thus, for me, proving writing is a tool that helps communicate the worlds swirling about to include society, religion, passions, and absolute insanity.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 07, 2018, 10:11:49 PM
by Lipinski
The Wind and i have a strange relationship... It blows and babbles constantly about such that borders on boring to exciting. Sometimes we agree, sometimes not. Today I had a blow with the wind and it blew right back. It blew with gusts over 79 mph and destroyed my old wind generator.

i laughed, the Wind laughed, and after it calmed, a hawk intervened and made peace.

Crazy? Indeed. I'm certifiably nutso, bat shit, bonkers! And i like it that way... So Wind, keep it up because you are the only one to be trusted in this 'sane' world. And you were inspiring, though a bit rude in your actions today.

tested by this around us
blowing dust until it matters

building strength to lean upon
and trust
with such matters

so much the calm intrudes
leaving ruin
and pain

bring me the storm with all the trumpets, banners, and riders
herald the coming clouds of change
shaking the foundations of rock and matter

only though, through the power
to stand against
resisting such

the blossom sweet
the fragrant flower
the butterfly and dragon

the kiss of the breeze
it truly does

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 08, 2018, 10:40:18 PM
by Lipinski
"You're weird Robin..."

Thank you parasite. So are you, though you also smell funny.

"That's because I scored with a dolphin and..."

Ha! No. You don't smell fishy, you smell like Radar after he gets sprayed by a skunk.

"But. But. But. But I wipe my own ass!"

What? Oh, yeah, you heard that from a friend of mine who likes to use that phrase. Even has me saying it now.

"No. No I don't. I, I, I..."

Ha! Amazing. The parasite is at a loss for words AND it stinks.

It's true though, a man I work with was joking one day and said, "But, but, but, I wipe my own ass!" And every time he says it, I laugh. Amazing on what makes us laugh. Though sometimes it is not the words spoken but the context/style they are spoken in.

This is what I think is hard for a writer to portray to the reader. If one read, "But, but, but... I wipe my own ass!" without knowing the context of it being said, on the surface it appears crude and vulgar and definitely paints a mental picture. So, how does one show a reader what they want the reader to think?

Probably one of the answers is that everyone is different and some will laugh at something while others are offended. To read is one thing where one has to form a mental picture whereas when talking with a person there are other factors available to reach a decision on what to do... Cry. Laugh. Get mad. Sleep.

All fun, and of course, inspirational.

Mental Statue

Struck from such a state of mind
Pictured ambitions, traditions, questions, answers, weakness, strength
Showered fragments
scattered as in random patterns of a puzzle

Winter coldness and still the picture remains crystal clear
Summer heat shows the bird shit where the familiar fly
Fall brings closure
Spring brings relief

Such a state of mind
Carved until an entire world now remains.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 09, 2018, 09:19:46 PM
by Lipinski
Black Beetle

Crawling path towards a goal
paths cross.

Upon a finger he crawled with legs long, strong
upon a finger

There he sat, looking across, up, and down
listening to Matt's words
curious in nature.

His expression; mood
so strong
and humorous as upon one leg he stood.

Released at the edge of the world
Matt continued his journey
the beetle understood

For me, just another day of understanding
Looking around and finding
more light shining.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 10, 2018, 07:24:36 PM
by Lipinski
Basket down the reed lined river
floating softly and slow
Contents once the bread of the land
and now the fabric of life

splice there came the air where below the fish bubbled
twice hands almost took
with now a setting sun behind the pyramids
a maiden finds a grasping hand.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 12, 2018, 12:10:49 AM
by Lipinski
I call em, 'mud toads' and today I laughed when one started to sing at my house. Poor bastard will get chilly tonight as we have a winter weather advisory for snow... but, at a couple feet higher in elevation than where I sit.

Also, saw something today that I've not seen before. A herd of deer mixed with a herd of elk. Stopped to watch them while they stopped to watch me. Two spike bulls in the herd still had their horns, which will soon fall off.

The cow elk were funny. One was definitely pissed off at another and chased it around.

So. More inspiration.

Elk grunt, squeak, and whistle
Deer are silent
Toads are lousy singers
Birds tweet and chirp
Humans babble
Dogs bark
Cats meow
and modern day college students cry and suck their thumb when learning they have to pay back their student loans...

"Robin. That was the most shitty thing you've ever written yet."

Thanks parasite! I forgot to add, Parasite's belch and burp.

"Okay, that's a bit better."

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 14, 2018, 12:25:18 AM
by Lipinski
Ziggy doo wop she bop de go go whoo!

mud is the inspiration for today.

worked in mud, covered in mud, mud, mud, mud.

some people take mud bath's at fancy spa's
some guy like female mud wrassling
mud pies are a children's delight

I hate mud.

Got a new wind turbine made in China that goes up tomorrow. Probably won't last long in the winds around here but should be fun until it explodes... all the parts flying off into... mud.

Mud in Yer Eye

Gunslingers standing off against the other
Stance with a fingers twitch
and squinty eyes

Sun above the corral as horses whinny
tails swatting out the the afternoon fly's
Children a sitting on the fence rail

Ladies in bonnets standing next to the shopkeeper
as he holds a broom silent
after a vigorous sweep

Two men with attitude and speed
One a chawing on tabbaco
The other, a handrolled cigarette

Colt made men equal where the gun gets all the appeal
when really it's the heart beating inside
hands holding the smoking piece
as each men's heart receive in equal
a bullet.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 15, 2018, 12:02:46 AM
by Lipinski
Installed a 400watt VAWT wind turbine today. Technology is amazing. The last turbine cost over $2500. It was a 600 watt. It was nice but blew up in the last hurricane here. And this one is only 200 watts less in capacity but is actually better built/engineered.

It cost a whopping $199.00 and already I really like it. Gotta give China credit for coming up with something that not only works but does not break the bank.

If anyone wants a cool 'thing' to charge 12volt batteries and run 12v lights, search for the following: 12V/24V 400W VAWT Lanterns Wind Turbine Generator Vertical Axis + Controller USA

Speaking of lights, I also installed a 100 watt solar panel and hooked it up to 60' of LED light strips. Oh, my neighbor is just gonna love looking down on those. I got tired of constantly changing batteries in the stander LED lights that stick into the ground. This one runs on a 12volt car battery.

Why mention this shit? I say why not. It's writing and I love to write. Plus, playing with electrical stuff is inspiring.

Who discovered fire,
or did fire discover man?

Consuming a coldness and feeding a belly
with light showing the whole scene

Living in darkness for so long and then
Rubbing hands in front of embers and rubbing eyes from smoke

Today, a flip of a switch turns on the light
A gas stove cooks the food and provides heat

Today so many machines needing mankind's 'fire'

And much like fire, if you stick your hand into an electrical outlet
your flesh will sizzle, your hair go straight,
and you will discover the flame.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 16, 2018, 12:40:09 AM
by Lipinski
Held the sky today
letting the clouds slip by
forming a circle, a ring, to slip upon the fingers
like smoke blowing from a grizzled man in the bar
as his lips purse past secrets

Held the sun today
tight with forefinger and thumb
forming a circle, a ring, to bring sleep to the rain
like fog whispering of past and future times like an old woman in the bar
as her face shows a story for all to tell

Held my eyes high today
seeing so much beauty is the how and why
forming a circle, a pair of orbs lost in stare
like thanks from a dinner where friends gather
as their faces bring a community smile

tonight the Moon holds my hands, my eyes, my mind
a reflection of the sun
as sleep reminds us of yesterday
and tomorrow

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 16, 2018, 11:42:24 AM
by Lester Curtis
Wow, I like that one.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 17, 2018, 12:41:22 AM
by Lipinski
Glad you liked it Lester.
Washed Thoughts

Washed thoughts hung from a cotton cloth line
Pinned tight
so tight no wrinkles try
with a flap
a twist
they dry

Her tired hands untied the mess below
tangled ambitions
with unsettled reasons
like her long hair from youth
red blush on the cheeks
much like the years in making

His dreams wandered high above the line
Looking attentive at the attractive
blue jeans to fit humorous thoughts
white t-shirt to form sadness
A full line as long as time could see

As they go up and on
down falls so much
upon a ground dripping from sodden sorrow
and bliss

Pooled now to reflect a face(s)
blank stares
blank thoughts
blank dreams
and yet
feeling light and clean.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 17, 2018, 10:48:32 PM
by Lipinski
Thanks for the kind words Jim.

Amazing how words can evoke so many thoughts when used in poetry. When younger, I hated poetry and then when realizing everyone is a poet, it was then I started to appreciate it, and now, I love poetry.

Poems are the true measure of the human condition. And not to sound like a broken record, but in my opinion, no poem/poetry written sincerely by a person can ever be critiqued negatively, or changed, as poetry is the ultimate truth when written not only from the mind, but from the heart.

Thanks for the inspiration.
** *

Sun, Moon, Mood, Man

Homage paid in toll, Charon pushes as the ferryman takes

Holding in hand what is real; not bought or purchased
not earned

A balance made between the heart and a feather
scales to tell the lot
Grimace or smile
a highway to the stars paved

What are we if not beneath the glow
with feelings and passions

It is true the Moon smiles as the Sun sleeps
as too
the happiness and sadness
of man.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 19, 2018, 01:28:27 AM
by Lipinski

Finger nails chipped to the point of being bitten
Beneath, the oil mixed with soil
Palms only slightly clean

Wearing seconds purchased, as those racked donated from changed life-styles
Financial debates
and deceased

Hair an array where the imagination of children seeing hold sway
as holes show skin just above the knee
hiding though, the mixed socks
fitting into sneakers long past new
nothing to know but people decide anyway

A statement
so many choices to be
and yet
just another work day
now stacking it all for another pile waiting to be clean.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 19, 2018, 10:42:08 PM
by Lipinski
If you're a writer I'm sure you've had a story 'pop' into your head and pester the crap out of you. If not, you just might not have recognized it.

The other day I was inspired after seeing a tree that had grown out of solid rock, come tumbling down in a rock slide after all the rain. So, better get it out of my head.

It took to the air as if it could fly, and for a short distance it could. Gravity however took the small pine seed and brought it to a landing on top of a rocky cliff.

Rocks are hostile to life. Large. Hard. Cold. And for the most part, aloof and immobile. For the seed to have landed in such a cruel place almost insured it would end up being consumed by time. But fate is a fickle thing.

Gravity continued it's job, along with the Fall rains. The small pine seed worked it's way down the face of the cliff and found refuge in a small crack. It is here it rested for the winter, secure in the crack and covered in snow.

In the following Spring, the seed germinated and a small tree was born. The air had also worked with the rain to bring small particles of nutrient the tree could use. Not much, but enough to allow the tree to struggle and grow throughout the Summer.

Soon, a routine took place. Winter. Summer.Winter. Summer. Winter. Summer... In only a few short years the tree was visible for all to see. It was rooted firmly and secure on the face of a cliff.

The tree knew struggle. It knew famine, drought, wind, freezing, heat. It lived in a hostile environment for years. Then, after a period of about thirty years, it grew cocky. It grew arrogant.

"Look at me! I am a tree that can grow where nothing else can! Nothing can destroy me!"

The birds laughed as did the insects, snakes, and other creatures of the natural world. They had all learned life is a thin thread between living and dying. To see such arrogance in the tree, they knew something bad would happen.

And happen it did.

The tree had spread it's roots deep into the rock, following fine seams so small, water could barely pass through the rock. With its strength, the roots split the cracks wide open, allowing more nutrients and water to flow.

"Not even the rock can stop my growth now!" The tree bellowed. It spoke so loud, it startled a pigeon resting in one of the branches.

Summer. Winter. Summer. Winter. And then, one Winter was extremely cold and snowy. The tree said, "No amount of snow can bother me. No wind can topple me. I am king of the trees!"

The rock had listened to this tree from the time it was a seed. It had been the foundation for this tree for over thirty years. It had tolerated the roots tearing the seams apart. But it was enough. The rock talked with the wind and Sun. It talked with the rain and snow. It was time to teach this tree a lesson.

The Sun melted the snow. The rain filled the cracks along with the snow melt. And then, the wind blew.

For so long, the roots of the tree opened cracks wide and deep into the rock. With a puff the wind pushed against the tree.
Earlier in the harsh winter, the cold air had frozen the water causing the cracks in the rock to open much wider than any tree root could do.

As the wind hit the tree, the tree felt it's world crumble. The face of the cliff crumbled and tons of rock fell, bringing with it, the tree.

No words now from the tree. No arrogance. No life. Nothing but drying branches and wood that will soon rot.

It was not failure though, nor was nothing wasted. The wood fed beetles. The ants found shelter in the rotting wood. In a strange way, the tree was now more 'alive' than when singing to the world about it's success.

As for the rock laying crumbled, they knew eventually they would become even smaller and smaller, until one day they would turn to sand and fly with the wind and other pine tree seeds.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 20, 2018, 12:16:08 PM
by Lester Curtis
Wow, great story. Did you actually witness the tree fall, or did you put the scene together from forensic evidence after the fact?

I've seen lots of trees in potential situations such as this, though not many with rocks. I've been in lots of ravines, and silly trees think they're safe to grow close to crumbly shale embankments. I've seen fallen trees in the bottoms of ravines (sometimes partially bridging them), and the hollow sockets where their root-balls used to be.

This also reminds me of the way streambeds of all sizes behave.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 20, 2018, 10:59:18 PM
by Lipinski
Where I live there is a dominant rock called, basalt. While buried in the ground it is extremely hard, even more so than granite. For thousands of years basalt has remained very tough and impervious to the elements. However, once exposed to the elements is starts to weaken immediately.

Here, along the highways, the construction process has revealed about a billion tons of basalt. As the elements degrade the integrity of the rock, small seeds are able to take root.

Water. Roots. Freezing temps. Blistering temps. All constantly break down the rock and each spring, multiple rock slides occur.

The story was inspired after seeing the remains of a slide.

Interesting side note: People plant trees and such in great soils and spoil them only to see them die. And if one tried to plant a tree on solid rock I'm thinking it would be a constant 99.99% failure rate, yet in nature, it happens all the time.

Amazing actually.


Can't be done, they say
You will fail, she said
She will not last, he said

She said
He said
They said

and yet?

Planes fly
Submarines swim
Rockets to the moon
and a North Korean dictator is trying to make 'peace'
with an American president.

(side note: If Trump succeeds making peace with North Korea will he get the Nobel Peace prize like Obama or Gore? The answer: No. Of course, that would be impossible)

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 22, 2018, 09:52:57 AM
by Lipinski
Man bitten by shark, bear, snake in less than 4 years

Got a chuckle when I was this headline today. Is the man extremely lucky to have endured? Or, was he extremely unlucky?

Thus the inspiration.



"Oh he was so lucky to have survived"

"Oh he has no luck, poor bastard getting bitten and such"


Fuck luck.

Spit in the face of destiny\

Tear the limb of fortune apart/

Bear the shield of self

Shark infested world where people hold belief in hope and luck]

Snake bite reality where it is strength of the mind, strength of the body; ability to survive from experience...

So again I say,

fuck luck.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 22, 2018, 10:39:59 PM
by Lipinski
"Bit testy today dickhead. Panties too tight?"

No. Feeling decent enough. Got a waterline going today. Nothing got broken.

"So you don't believe in luck or hope, well I hope you fall down a dry well and I get lucky enough to find your stash of chips."

Luck is for fools and hope only applies to those who can't do anything. And just what is hope? It is a make-believe concept of a 'fall back' word people use when a situation is not going the way they thought. And luck, that just is stupid.

All I hear is, "I hope this and I hope that." Or, "I hope you have a great day." Now why in the hell would a person want to 'hope' someone has a nice day? Why don't they say, "May your day be a great one, filled with good experiences and joy." No, that would make sense so people who don't really give a shit either way love to say, 'hope'.

And then there is the: "Man that guy sure is lucky." Or, "She was lucky winning all that money." And then if shit goes bad the same people (me included) say: "Man that guy sure is unlucky, too bad his plane crashed, I hope he'll be okay." Or, "She sure was unlucky when she tripped over the barb wired fence, I hope she'll be okay."

Thus the inspiration for tonight.


Words are a safety net
a neutral way to say
nothing real.

To hear, 'good morning' is a routine of social mannerisms
when really most could not care either way.

Someone sneezes,
'bless you'
some say.

Bump into another
'excuse me'
and why?

Words are just a tool, a safety net
which may
or may not
mean anything real.

Now fear
a primal scream
a yell
now those are real words

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 23, 2018, 02:42:55 PM
by Lester Curtis
Thanks for another laugh--"unlucky" to trip over a barbed-wire fence. Haha! Does she unluckily step in the toilet, too?

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 23, 2018, 09:29:02 PM
by Lipinski
I 'hoped' it would cause some to laugh so it is 'lucky' you did!

As for toilets... remember the old days when flush toilets would flush about 10 gallons of water per flush? Unlike the modern two pints that can barely move a floating turd?

Ha! I remember when those large toilets clogged you had to be really quick to shut off the water valve or the floating turd would be floating down the hallway. Nowadays, a modern toilet clogs and the water barely rises an inch... and the turd just floats in a circle.

Currently watching one of Ted Nugent's shows, now THAT is the America I love...


Cat Scratch Nature

Spirit of the Wild, sung by a guitar man who hunts
Says what he wants and when he wants too
be free.

Pussy assed, race baiting, cry babies that don't hunt, don't work, don't do nuthin
trust babied
welfare slobs
but they fuck

What happened to this country where people smoked cigarettes
drank whiskey
worked hard
believed in something

I'll take a hardworking man/woman
swearing like a sailor on leave
who works hard
respects the same
some tenured college prof
weighing 400 pounds and flips off America
and when hunting can only stalk twinkies, potato chips,
and honey flavor yogurt
with a smile to kill anything within a mile...

of course
maybe I'd make an exception
if they would contribute anything positive to this country
like moving to Siberia
North Korea
anywhere where they'd soon,

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 24, 2018, 10:17:20 PM
by Lipinski
So much to write and so little time. I find it amazing that other writers experience 'writers block', I experience having too many words to write. I think I could write 24 hours a day! (taking breaks for chips, dip, and food not 'good' for the body)

Anyway, saw an osprey catch a fish. Amazing that they can spot a fish in the river now looking more like chocolate milk than water. But it did and the fish was not too happy about that.

And thus, inspiration.

Muddy Waters

On a clear night one can see forever
Forever is a long distance past here and eternity
And yet, what does one see?

Galaxies and clusters
Stars galore and black holes
Dust, light, radiation, blackness
a sight of such grand schemes...

And yet, what does one see?

Can they taste it, touch it, smell it, be it?
Yet, on a clear night one can see forever, past here and eternity.

Perched atop a wire, a small bird looks far below
a swirling scene of muddy water roiling past the rapids
filled with sticks and debris.

And, what does this bird see?

A flip of the wings and release
Soaring out and then...
Plunging down

As quick as it started
the bird releases the water and flies up
and takes a stance on top of a wooden power pole
to eat

I can see far, far, away, and see so many things on a clear night sky
and yet sometimes
I can not see through the mud puddle
where I place my feet.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 26, 2018, 11:03:56 PM
by Lipinski
One minute; muck, mud, misery spin

One hour; frost to melt

One day; rain

One week; rock hard, dust, hot weather

One month; snow to flowers

One year; a repeat of the same

One century; pattern to show defeat and progress

One thousand years; history forgotten and doomed to repeat

One is but a number, a small number with so many huge things (insert: concepts, success's, failures, etc... for 'things"

One is just a number where nothing else matters but the start of more when counting other things (see insert above)

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 28, 2018, 09:39:01 PM
by Lipinski
Torrid thought to think

To they, though they think...

To take?

To tally?


To be!

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 29, 2018, 11:39:16 AM
by Lipinski
What happened to ya parasite, you look numb this morning? Haven't seen this side of you in a very long time... Actually, it was just before world war two. A cafe in Berlin called, Zeutergurm? Yes, that was it. You looked just like you look now.

"Shit man, you'd look like me also after the visit I had with it."

So, it is here again?

"Fucking A it is..."

Well, you have nothing to worry about. What did it represent this time.

"War... A shit storm."

Ha! There is always and always will be war and rumors of war. Even war of rumors and always. So, no difference really.

"Yeah, true but it is here again..."


Yes. It is. And the amazing thing is they never seem to learn do they.

"No. They never do."

Pulsing though the light never seems to waiver
Unobstructed view for the blind
Unhindered hands raised for nothing
Clenched weapons of mind

Tree of Life so dedicated
leaves full of blight and disease as the children play and smile
soil full of wormy deed
turned furrow of planted dust

arm of Blackness extended
it's time again
it is back
as if it never left

listen as the world speaks in volume so loud the birds fall sick
the spider is dead
the snake bites the rock
the frogs return to ice
the sun hides
the moon, ah yes, the moon shattered, spilling chunks of night
fallen eyes with dry tears
it again,
is here.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: April 30, 2018, 10:06:09 PM
by Lipinski
Mixed between the lines lay so many layers
A point made, point
From all directions of center

First was one
Second was fun
Third, remains forever

From a direction which surrounds us
Pick from winds to emotions

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: May 01, 2018, 10:03:04 AM
by Lipinski
Can't get this word out of my head for the last two days. Maybe by writing about it it will go away.




there it is, released along with the rhyme, 'where people meet, in Mozambique'

(then there are pictures of smiling faces being torn to pieces and some kind of sand being released)

The world of words are indeed an interesting place.

"Robin, you need help."

That's right parasite, so grab your gloves and come help me unload rocks...

"Uhmm, I have to get my nails done, and then sharpen my fangs, followed by a very important meeting with a frog, and..."

Just as I thought. Mozambique, Mozambique... Mozambique, where the people meet, in Mozambique where the parasite won't be as it is a lazee disease!