Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Nerve endings bring to the front -

processing what's inside and outside
to decide



so many choices, so many reactions, so much stimulus
so many ideas, so much philosophy, so much intelligence
so much experience, so much training,
so much life...
but really
it is instincts that decide.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Finally finished with one job, now on to the next bazillion! All very inspiring of course. Speaking of inspired, this one is for Gary's daughter.

Poison Flows

Desert winds carry desert sands
Far above the clear waters of oceans beach
Far below the dunes stand
Whispering with heat and cold.

Once an oasis among a city of fools
Lost souls

She gossiped and snipped, her mouth full of poison
Dripping fang and claw
until the well
became tainted
waters such that no matter how much time
no matter how much sand
no matter how wind passes...

The water will never be sweet

Above the winds swirl and dance leaving the fools to thirst, to hunger, to long for

Filling their dead mouths, their dead eyes; soulless sorrow for ever eternal

Beyond the horizon the oceans waves, endless
filled with salted brine that while clear and eternal
can never be touched by nor consumed
by man or hatred.


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

music is one of this planets best and positive traits! the beat. the rhythm. the instruments. the vocals. the bass. especially the bass.

"Bass>=? which reminds me robin. you're an ass!"

Evening parasite. How'd ya like the fire? Got ya good didn't I.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... burnt me good but not as bad as the winds torching those sorry bastards in California."

Yeah, I heard. Imagine that. Wind. Fire. Homes.

There were no roots as the flames crackle

Setting a tempo ablaze

Cries and lamenting as if keeping time

Lifetimes torched, scorched, and why?

A snap
A crackle
A pop

Embers causing propane tanks to scream
Splintering crescendo as the building boom

Winds howling in warning
for much warmer songs inside.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Capital letters
Capital offense
Capital punishment
Capital cities

Buttons to push like basting turkeys to slide south into the gut of consumption




Jerusalem, capital for many reasons now Capital
again, it rains, slicking up the tracks, the grease, basting the turkey again


Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist; Capital beliefs all heading for a view...

What a capital idea!

Full speed ahead!

Headlong, in the sun we go, capital clouds mushrooming, capitals fall,
filled with capital sin

softly the sun rises now. birds sitting and knowing of the feeder. frost undisturbed with no
tracks showing. no drama. no capital inclusions. just another day.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

People fucking people. Fucking is as old as the sperm and egg. Interesting customs the various species has. Male plumage and dance to entice a dull colored female birds. Two salmon swimming miles and miles up teeny creeks to hopefully spawn while the body is half rotten, and then, die. Lions taking over a pride, killing the previous male lions offspring, and then, fucks till it all starts again.

But, nature aside. People fucking people. Women love fucking. Men love fucking. A wonderful way to continue a species. As such, so inspiring.

And, as most writers know, sex (fucking) sells.

Tonight's inspiration is provided by powerful men such as politicians, athletes, rich people, actors... All getting fucked! Popcorn anyone?

Blood, red with oxygen and yearning
Pumping muscle of heart squeezing muscles to strut

Wallets fat with accomplishments
Some the movies
Some the politics
Some just have the power, the cash, the heart

Engorged erection rising as fast as the ambitions in so many men's hearts
Pulsing and pointing
Vocals demanding
it starts

They or him?
Ask Monica Lewinsky
when really the answer is all about
and definitely not love or a real heart

It's all about fucking
And everybody in this fucking world
gets fucked.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Many stories, music, poetry... So much has been presented for the various Holidays. Christmas is probably in the top three for holiday inspiration.

Lately there has been the 'blah, blah, blah,' about Christmas, X-mas, no Christ, Black Christmas, White Christmas... Like I said, 'blah,blah, blah...'

To each their own just as each has their own forms of belief, their own form of writing. I however, love Christmas and not just for the religious aspect be it whatever religion has it's belief. Pagan, Muslim, Christian, whatever...

Could you imagine a world without fruitcake? I can't. I love fruitcake. I love eggnog. Christmas music, tree's, wreaths, and LIGHTS! I love Christmas displays consisting of lights. (others doing all the work that is. I'm too lazy to stand on a ladder standing on ice and only seconds away from a 911 call)

Living out here in the boonies there just so happens to live two families next door to each other who lately have been engaged in outdoing the other. It's great! AND, it's inspirational.

Tiny bulb of excited electrons
Glimmering army of thousands

Colors so vibrant they embarrass the frost and snow
White the background
Black the sky with stars taking second place
Even the moon smiles at what it takes in with a glance

Strung out for all to see
Hung with will and determination
An electric meter spins as if on fire

Thanks China, for making my day
Walmart and Amazon for feeding the display
Neighbors who spend their coin freely

And if I get distracted while driving by your place
Swerve off the road
and hit a tree...

I'm gonna unplug all electrical lines to your place
kick your dog
go home
turn out the lights
and go to sleep.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Snow. Nice how quiet it is yet how heavy and how much falls. Of course, inspirational.

Sleeping softly, head nested upon a white pillow
Laying beneath white sheets
Blackness of night a blanket

High above, a traveler from the Pacific ocean takes pause
falling frozen to glide down
upon an earthly bed

Layer upon layer they fall
Crystals of beauty one and all
to also sleep softly until some heat

Waking to share a moment as the dogs flounder through
Shaking off the snow and sleep
I too, stand and pause looking outside as the terrain accumulates
turn up the heater
and turn off the lights.
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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


It calls with temptation
Full of kernel, of seed, of destination
Daybreak to sunset, it exists
this feeder
half of sunflower half of mix, tilted balance to flower

Flitter and flap
Alight and dance
Flocks of attendance
So many beaks
all now sleeping for the night
full of and looking forward to tomorrow.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"Hey Robin, freeze your ass off yet?"

Yep. I find it an improvement. My ass was a bit large anyway so freezing some of it off is an improvement.

"Hey, maybe your head will fall off also?"

That too would be an improvement.

Working for a couple who the man of the family sold some kind of internet business a few years ago. It's nice working for intelligent people. And even more nice is he pays without any problems. Sometimes people aren't half bad and it gives something like me some faith in humanity. Not much, but at least a bit.

"Hey Robin, maybe your dick will freeze off also!"

And maybe it'll get so cold you'll freeze as hard as the dogshit out in the yard.

Thus, the weather is the inspiration. On second thought, and third, and forth, maybe something else tonight.
New Moon

Never ending it seems thus old
throw in a cycle of patterns
for those old, they bear out the same meanings
for those young, they bring in a new beginning

Questions arise, old take it in stride, young question
What is better? Old? Young? Same? Beginning?

Babies new breath air with their lungs for the first time
Old people gasp their last breath for the first time
Can it be the same?

Ask the moon, the new moon when it shines again as it always will until
it too
no longer shines for the first time.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


Ruffled dress encircling midrift
Waist a spring with legs

Floating with toes bringing bearing to gravity
With pose so trained so fine so vigorous
Seemly now so easy

He stands aloof yet attentive
Holding high and lifting true
Marionette of script

Music carries the page where upon the stage is viewed
Such women and men of beauty
Entertaining indeed.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

What's worse? Mud? Ice? Snow? Answer: Mud. Mud sucks. Mud is slippery. I hate mud... I love pudding though, even though it looks like mud.

"Hey numb nuts, do you like mud? Ha! Dick. Hey...Hey, what's that you're dumping on my head? Oh shit, it's MUD!!!.. ... ... I hate mud also."

Thought so. Though, female mud wrassling might be acceptable, or a mud bath in warm mud, but working in mud sucks. Inspirational though.

"How about dolphin sex in mud? That would be cool too, wouldn't it? I mean, wow. Just imagine.?

Parasite? You definitely need help.

"No, I need dolphins."


Dolphins and Mud

Whimsical this imagination
Oceans full of possibilities of ships sailed by dreams
where nothing is needed for explanation


Moon getting down, face full of soil and laughter
Fins flipping high and low, leading full circle
Illuminated by a impish sun

When the daydreaming ends
Sails furled
Dolphins asleep
the parasite satisfied
the writing appeased.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

I like this website. The people participating in running it are fun and make this site an excellent place to read, enjoy, and even write stuff on. Got an email from one of the members today wishing me a Merry Christmas. Now, that is cool.

Writers a strange breed for sure. Some writers are outgoing and accepting. Some are aloof and arrogant. Writers are really a cross section of all types. It is good it is this way. It is wonderful Aphelion exists. And, on this thread, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and may your writing dreams come true.

'"BAh...HUmbug! You're an idiot Robin. And, you're my nightmare."

Thanks parasite. Maybe you can get a new job sitting atop one of those new North Korean ICBM's. I hear they are looking for volunteers to sit with the anthrax.


If only for a day the people could pretend to embrace peace
To share goodwill, a smile, a meal.

If only for a day the people could set aside the anger, the pain
To see a sun rise, a sun set.

If only for a day the people tried
just for a day, a few hours, some minutes, even a second.

Christmas could be such a day, or tomorrow, or some day in a few months
What harm could it bring?

If only and only if
one thinks
of such things.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Hushed with commands
and so

this gives way to that to which and why
and so

she viewed and listened
and so

he spoke and heard
and so


give and take
take and give
and so


where in this world can one hide?
from self
from those
and so

such a blur all the names and faces
faces filled with frowns
with smiles
holes in emotions
and so

taking wing among the words and worlds
spread wide the web cast
and so


it is
and so

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Engineers should have to work on what they design. Whoever designed the 4x4 operating system for Dodge trucks... should be taken out of the gene pool.

Wonky bastard, truck that is
Cantankerous and callous spewing out fumes
Wheels turning when so inclined
Wheezing wonder of white junk
Followed by oil and smoke
Looking ahead for more sorrow...
At least the radio works
Maybe the window will open so I can listen to the birds?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

A Christmas Moment

Written by: A rocks shadow

White in color, the plastic tree was festooned with the sparkle of tinsel. Sunlight bounced through the window, making the plastic tree seem...alive.

Below the tree lay brightly colored packages. There were large ones that could hold anything from a spare tire for a car to the small ones that could hold such value as diamonds. There even was a shiny children's bicycle standing there with a red ribbon tied to the handle bars.

It all appeared normal and festive except for some minor details. The first fact causing the body to sweat, was the temperature. It was extremely uncomfortable as the temperature in the home hover well over 100 degrees while outside it was even warmer.

On the mantle to the faux fireplace powered by electricity ticked a clock..."Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock..." The time showed 10:00am with the day being a Sunday.

The front door of the home showed the address of 305 on a street named after some person called, Parker. Also on the front door there hung a wreath. It too was plastic and looked as fresh as the day it was made in China.

All around it was quiet. It would seem that on Parker street at 10:00 in the morning there would be the sound of traffic. Of someone walking down the street, and yet it was eerily quiet just as it was extremely warm.

Back inside the home there were a few house plants that were not plastic but they might as well have been. All the plants inside were withered close to the point of being dust.

Next to the plants, laying on the sofa and chairs and even the floor, were the skeletal remains of the family once living there. Even the skeleton of a family pet, a small skeleton of a dog once named Moses.

Looking outside again, there were ample evidence of all sorts of skeletons. Birds. Dogs. Cats. People. Even the remains of insects were seen.

There was absolutely no sign of life anywhere. The grass was brown and dead. The trees stripped bare by the wind with their dead branches scattered across the dead lawns.

Earth had decide to travel the path of war to completion and it was a complete success. Everything once alive was now dead. Earth was no more a habitat than Mars. Later in the day, the sun would scorch this area at temps over 200 degree's.

Getting one last look inside, there on a coffee table sat a Christmas card the family had made. It showed a family of smiling faces with the dog Moses, grinning. Captioned above the picture it read, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

turkeys and deer, deer and turkeys, everywhere today.
plus, those little birds devour sunflower seeds faster than my dogs eat milk bones

Got a good chuckle watching the hawk sit on the wire and dream of eating the little birds. (they are safe because of where I placed the feeder)

All very inspirational.

Wildlife is not
Life is
It all is


With snow as a backdrop
Light as an illumination
Life in the wild is normal, nice, and

(with certain moments reserved for wild, sheer, terror)
(after all, it is, a huge food chain)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Brown Dancers

Hollow tubes of bark covered prank
impish little devils
twisting in the wind

Tall and dancing
to music of their own making
feasting on fun and soul

Hot fogs from the water
thinking they are safe to hide
blending in invisible

Only to those who are blind
unable to feel, to see, to find
what sights are inside

they dance

Soon, the fogs dissipate
cooling waters
aging life

Knowing though, the brown dancers
will once again
try with dance
and laughter.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

She sat there, quiet
In a world where legs cross, coffee enabled

Stars glare there, quiet to the deaf ear
In a world where lines cross, cosmic energy

Both connected from such vast distances

Can you hear the music?

Reaching out from the darkness

She smiled
Stars sang

A world now a bit better.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Inspired today by 1. Mass (steel Ford truck) 2. Frozen water (ice) 3. Speed

What a fun day to test physics. Also, felt bad for the driver who I thought had their truck catch on fire. Gave them a tow and a ride. Wish them well as the driver was recently laid off from work.

Rubber grips the surface, pulling, pushing, stopping
With wheels secure the ride is best

A corner, a bit of shade, a little more speed
Parameters of calm are now of the recent past

Coming to terms with the conditions before us
and then to see trouble ahead
smoke bellowing from out of the engine compartment
could it be worse?

A blown oil hose, maybe a head gasket
Something for a mechanic to test

Back on the road, up the hill with rubber gripping the surface
pulling, pushing, stopping
with wheels secure the ride is best

Dropping off a passenger so they can continue their test
and off to work, driving across icy dirt
testing once again mass, speed, friction
enjoying spinning circles and birds laughing at me
as I go in and out of the ditch.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

why do people say, "Happy New Year!" They state it as a fact not as a question. Some say, "Have a Happy New Year." This almost sounds like a command. Well, I say, have a miserable, horrible, rotten New Year, and try not to glow in the dark when Korea gets nuked...

"I like it Robin. Sounds like something I'd say.

Exactly parasite.

Actually what is a 'new year'? An arbitrary number on a calendar? BC, AC, 2017, 2018, 4038? All just meaningless numbers biological creatures cling to so as to mark historically the passage of 'time'.

I learned a loooooong time ago that time on this planet is absolutely meaningless. Days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millions, billions, trillions of 'years'. Ha! What a bunch of shit.

But, for this planet, tonight is New Years Eve and tomorrow will change from 2017 to a new number, 2018. To those who embrace such crap, have a Happy New year, maybe you'll become a famous writer, rich, healthy. Maybe you'll find love, or find that the one you hate, dies a miserable death thus making your life feel more enriched. Whatever floats your boat. I however, find such moments inspirational, and thus a 'new years poem'.


Passage of the water flows
From birth of a comet to the death of a comet
death and birth
birth and death
and why?

Who makes the laws decided when decisions cannot stop the waters
Flooding, torrential, weighted matters pertaining to such
this is the passage
of time.

Feeling star dust dissolve on the tip of the tongue as the snowflake melts
Feeling the heart beat, thumping muscle where it all stops
Feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing, thinking...
such folly in such

Unless and only one thinks of such thoughts
To feel alive and know why
To be and strive for to be a better being
and then
there is

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

I like salmon, I like ice cream, of course pizza is a food group all it own...

Now, gastronomy aside, just saw the new Jumanji movie and in my opinion, it is muuuuuch better than the original and I laughed my robust and very large ass off (see the first sentence of this post as to the reason why)

It is good
to laugh
much better than anger and sadness.

Waking to sense the buzzing alarm awoken to and with
Hearing two dogs begging for something only given by those who can

A click of a heater, pilot light igniting the day
Looking for rubber slippers, shuffling into another morning

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Snacks.
Repeating endless cycles of sleep and being awake

And then? Wait a minute? What's that?
Growing out of the ears, nostrils?
And what happened to the color of my hair? It used to be pink
Shirt size got bigger (or the manufactures made it shrink)
Trousers now big enough to let at least two midgets get a warm comfortable nap

Time only gets bigger
Thank goodness there is so much to eat.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Thought about the Jumanji movie again. Thinking it's worth seeing a few more times. Fun movie indeed.

"Robin, you have no life if you think movies are fun."

Well, they are definitely more fun than you parasite. All you do is act crazy.

"No. My New Years resolution is to be really nice to you... Though your writing sucks , you're a douche bag, and your feet smell worse than a rotting horse cock... Damn... I broke my resolution didn't I..."

Yep. Of course. Though totally expected.

New Years Resolution

Eat less
Eat more
Save more
Spend less
Be kinder
Be crueler
Walk more
Crawl less
Quit smoking
Start toking
Turn off the television
and why?

New Years, a time for a reset
A button where so many press
Trying to better themselves or the world
and do they succeed?


It all depends on who is asked
and if they too
tried their best.
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Post January 03, 2018, 12:45:53 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

OK ... why would a rotting horse cock smell any worse than any other part of a rotting horse--or any other species of corpse, for that matter? You've piqued my curiosity (or, the parasite has, which is probably not a good thing ...).
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Post January 03, 2018, 10:09:20 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Hi Lester. Hope all is well in the mechanical skeleton engineering department and that the holiday season treated you well. As for the question, it is a good one and of course I better let the parasite answer it.

"Lester? Robin has told me about you, said you wear aluminum foil over your boxer short to protect your gonads and that you knit sweaters and play with rubber bands."

No I did not parasite. Just answer the damn question.

"Geesh... okay. Like it's a pretty stupid question as everyone knows why a rotting horse cock smells worse than the other parts of rotting flesh."

I don't parasite. And most intelligent people with a life do not either. So, go ahead. Enlighten us.

"Alright. As the epidural mass of living cells replicates they consume proteins while at the same time expending energy. All biological matter is in constant flux between replication/replacement/repair/death/ mutation. Even the bone matter, while seemingly a solid, is still a composition of cellular activity both present and past."

"Now, where I'm leading this dialogue to the obvious morons out there is this. Everything alive and dead, has a smell. Rocks. Sticks. Paper. Dust. Flesh (alive and decomposing) Everything has odor, presence, bearing, being. They exist."

Uh, parasite? You're stalling. Get to the point.

"Okay shithead. Rotting horse cock smells worse that the other parts of the rotting horse for one very simple and apparent reason: Protection. The penis aka cock aka dick aka prick... is an exposed piece of flesh of which cellular reproduction is much higher than the surrounding flesh while alive thus a much higher rate of decomposing when dead."

"Hair covered horse flesh is a protection from the elements while the beast is alive. After death, it distends as the belly bloats and contains the putrid mass fermenting inside. Such soft flesh parts as the eyes of the horse quickly glaze over with a protective film and degrade mainly due to the water content of the orbs dehydrating the eye and producing a slight odor but actually an odor some might find appealing. To the human nostril, a rotting horse eyeball (and eyeballs from many other species) to be more appealing than repulsive."

"Now, as the appendage of a male horse rots, it has an intense foul odor, much more putrid than any other exposed part of the horse. The smell is amplified even more so if the horse had recently engaged in sexual activity as now other body fluids start an entirely new decomposition as the natural yeasts in the air start a fermentation on the surface of the dick. This is like a 'cocktail', preview of what will then emerge as the cock rots"

"Soft tissues inside the body cavity of the dead horse contain strong smells, even more so than fermenting horse cock, BUT they are protected by the hair covered flesh. So, there you have it idiots. A simple answer that anybody knows."

Horseshit parasite. What a load of crap. Sorry Lester. I should have known better than to ask the parasite.

(see how easy it is to write about absolutely anything? if I can write about rotting horse dicks that anyone can write much better things about, well, anything. thanks Lester for the inspiration.)
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Post January 04, 2018, 01:31:41 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Ok, that was pretty funny, but I think the parasite could probably run for election with a bullshit engine like that. Well, actually, these days he'd have to throttle it back, as we here in the good ole you ess ay are forgetting we ever knew how to speak that well, even just to shovel verbal manure.

By the way, the whole rotten cocks thing reminded me of something ... I once read something I couldn't forget: someone describing a horse's dick as looking like a rotten salami. I couldn't leave that alone, so ...

There once was a fellow named Tommy
With a dick like a rotten salami
While trying to screw
He broke it in two
And ran away screaming for Mommy.

You're welcome.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Well done Lester! I do indeed love spontaneous laughter and short words used to bring the guffaw's forward. You succeeded indeed.

Now, however, my mind (very visually orientated) has a whooole new picture of processed meat. Probably will come to mind as I cut into the new Costco summer sausage.

And, thanks again for more inspiration.

Voting For

By: Endless politicians

Verbage construed, constructed, connecting the minds of the voting masses
Fools and genius with needs, wants, virtues, vices
Yearning for,
for a larger slice of the powerful

Crusted fragrance wafting from tainted promise
Simmering goo of lies
Baked to seemingly perfection
Served by smiling faces
True meaning of deception?

Flies set to roost and feast upon crumbs and whole
Burping babies start to cry as their needs become foul shit
With empty pan now crushed on the floor
Price tags extremely revealed

This the feast, the dessert of bitter sweet, so full of empty calories
Leaving hungry eyes and brain
as the politician devours the guilty and innocent.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

There is so much inspiration it starts as soon as eyes open in the morning. Today on the way to work I listened to a show on the radio where they talked about bit coins. Fascinating. Money that only exists in the cyber world and currently worth $16824.00. Yep, all that for something that only exists in a world that really does not exist.

Now, if that was not funny enough to learn about the guys on the radio talked about a place in Switzerland that stores bit coins 'securely'. It is hack proof and able to withstand an atomic blast...

Huh? A coin that does not exist, protected in the middle of a mountain, AND will survive a nuke blast while the owners become dust...

Value given to things and considered valuable only if everyone else agrees. Shells were once used for currency. Sex. Food. Commodities. Metals. Paper. And now, a currency exists that really does not exist. Fascinating.


I give you you buy
You sell I trade

Scales to balance with food in play
War bought and sold with blood
Politicians pay with words and bribes

Worth 'so much' and why?
What I value has no price
It's free for the living

All other is just another name
to be
a slave.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

'Oprah for President.'
And that is the current state of humanities mind
and more mush.

Gonna be fun to write about though!

Let's all hold hands, save the whales, eat lettuce, ban cows, and say we don't hate...


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"What are you?"

"I'm Fred, a spider. And what are you?"

"I'm a parasite."

"You're an ugly parasite. Who do you infest?"

"Robin. I infest Robin... Do you know the prick?"

"Why, it just so happens, I know Robin very well. Speaking of which, where did he go?"

"I hope he died but then if he dies so do I. Actually though, I saw him gagging about some woman named Oprah. Said he was going to swim to the bottom of the Pacific ocean and study some fifth dimension creatures. Good riddance I say."

"So spider, why are you inside the stomach of this fish and why the ice skates on your feet?"

"Long story. And I suppose I should ask why you're inside here."

"Uh... Well, I thought is was a dolphin. Turns out it was just another stupid fish."


"Say parasite. Why are we here together inside a fish and on some forum? Sounds a bit weird don't you think? Maybe we should get out."

"Yeah. Here. Hold this while I light the fuse."

"That's dynamite? What the fuck are you doing with dynamite?"

(giggling profusely) "Because I'm a sick bastard." Click. Click. Sizzle. BOOM!!!

(to be continued)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"How many legs are you supposed to have Fred? I count eight... Did you lose any in the explosion?"

The area was a watery world of shattered ice, cold water, and fish parts floating and sinking all around the area of explosion. Clinging to what used to be the air bladder of the now deceased fish was Fred, the spider. Standing on the surface of the water with a big smirk on its face was the parasite.

"Oh, I got all my legs. Lost a bit of my hearing though...and, damn, lost my ice skates."

"Good. What say you and I go get something to eat."

The grumbling sound in both bodies were starting to get annoying and Fred was always up to some pizza, chocolate, a pop tart, even a nice juicy fly.

"Sure, what do you recommend parasite?"

"Well, I was thinking of eating you. But, your hairy legs are not very appetizing. So, I guess we could go shoplifting in a local grocery store. I'm kinda partial to the green grapes."

"Ha! How about I eat you... Though from the looks of you at the moment, green grapes sound great. Uh, but first, what is a grape?"

"Oh, you'll love them. They are sweet and juicy and if we're lucky we'll score the seedless variety."

"Okay. Maybe I'll get some snicker bars while there."

Fred started propelling the air bladder with his eight legs while the parasite pushed. There goal was now the nearest food store on land.

(to be continued)

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