Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Breakfast is worth sleeping for


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Crickets sound the song of warmth and comfort
Churning staccato of rubbing legs
Calling such and it brings...

Gravel still retaining heat even after the Sun disappears from the scene
Good feelings so much in need
God knows what is wanted and what is need...

With such as these moments given and received
While the fruit ripens in abundance on the branches of trees
Why then, the memories given?

This the moment of forgetting the long Winter days
Taking much appreciation while Spring turns quickly to Summer
Thankful i will not have to ride on the surface of a nuclear missile as it speeds towards the targets that beg to a Universe that they indeed want, need, and will

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

what to fear in moments of judgements and jury?

and the day the battery dies for good on the cell phone.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

and so, the experiment continues...

Joey has a pet rabbit, a lop. Today she walked the rabbit with a leash and her mother as a companion. Joey is at that age where a girl comes to terms with the struggle of becoming a woman. It is a hard time for human females. Hormones flow. Emotions stagger. A war between being a child and preparing for becoming an adult. It was enjoyable and humorous to watch the rabbit bond with a human. It caused a smile.

Joey also is still remembering being embarrassed by her older brother and the mouth full of dirt. All a part of growing.

Lane and Triston learned today that killing comes with ramifications. Today they killed a snake sent as a test and lesson of what is right and what is wrong. This snake was a friend of mine. Harmless yet willing to die for the lesson needed to be learnt.

Immediately upon seeing the snake, they both got excited and proceeded to prepare in the death. They were told that the snake is good. That it is beneficial and yet they killed it with a large hammer. They were proud of their actions.

Dot saw the results and displayed the appropriate announcement of anger. She too, a part of the lesson needed.

Both boys quickly realized what really just happened. There was a look of guilt even after using an excuse humans are so often secure in using... Excuses...

Afterwards, they disposed the snakes body in a ceremony of conflict. The walked out into the field of alfalfa and Lane proceeded to continue to try and put the snake out of its misery while Dot explained it was just the nervous system still firing even though many minutes had passed.

The lesson has been learned. They learned a bit more about what life and death are. Most importantly, they are learning what must be learnt to earn the right of being...

All very inspirational.

Why Do You?

Such the word of youth and education

To question and either accept or reject, the many explanations

It does good
It does bad

It is good
It is bad

I, me, they, we...

Herd mentality of the strong and weak

To you my friend, thanks
Because of you, hopefully they have learned a real lesson
one that will make them show mercy, help, compassion
and one day, save the lives of Life
even if they never again know that indeed it is what they are doing.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

In The Meadow

Sittin on the point of a star; thinking
Listened to God play the banjo
Tapping the foot on the surface of the Creation

Got to fishing and laughed
as the catfish danced
trotting down the line

Opened my eyes smiling
Looking up towards the sky
surrounded by flowers.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Mothers Day is tomorrow though it really makes no sense. Every day is mothers day.

Logic and reality aside... It is, inspirational.
> Red is the emotions color
Seeing a child cry brings a blush of crimson
Hearing the laughter until the belly almost bursts; cheeks rosy
Touching the babies arm as they sleep... tears well up from the Heart of the Fountain

Red is very important color for mothers
as inside each and every one flows the blood
of not only understanding,

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Fresh Water

Pearls of wisdom, it seems, pried from minds of mush
Seated in secrecy
and to find.

Don't eat yellow snow
pee in the pool
but here
you take them.

So, earrings it will be
Training the seeds of sand to glow
while fish swim where they shit
in fresh waters of uncertainty.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Inspiration never fails to exist.

Last night a bolt of lightning cooked a cow near my home, killing it as most items that are used to cook often do.

Interesting scene. A large excavator in the middle of a field acting as a lighting rod. Some stupid, cud chewing bovines. A storm. Perfect beauty. Too bad the bolts of lightning don't multiply and cook all the politicians with their heads stuck up their asses... Hey! A new recipe. Stuffed Buffoon.
Electrifying Moment

Hear them take the stand and gibber
"We feel your pain."
followed by
"The other side are monsters."

Interesting beings, monsters
They are nothing dangerous though when compared to politicians.

I wonder...what would happen in the coming storm if the lightning bolts killed a few of them?

For Pelosi, not much would happen as she has no nervous system
AOC? She'd look like a piece of fried chicken.
Biden would actually come alive much like Frankenstein

Trumps hair would glow bright pink and his golf game would improve
Pence might actually get a real smile

It comes down to this...
Not even lightning can kill or change a politicians way
of course, lighting is a brother of the wind and as such, very unpredictable...

It will be fun though, to see what the lightning decides
To educate or cook them.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


During the orgasm there was the thought of sweet carrots and the taste of celery
Then the prick of a needle entering the arm to taste sweet blood
Wrapping the wound in an orange bandana

Sherbet ice cold and layered in such wonderful sweetness
Followed then by such rain

Discovered God is not bi-polar
nor am i
which leads to the joy of enjoyment watching a Sun explode with God
leading to orange rays
of new life.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

A group of men with the natural odor of existence stood around debating why a FedEx drive drove the truck into a steel post embedded in concrete and supporting three mailboxes.

Too fast?

A girl gets to go with her father to the big city to buy a ewe lamb. Black as coal with words fitting to ornery and mean.

A boy asks his brother if the worker received one of his mothers excellent chocolate chips cookies.

A day.
Another day.
Alito min ti tou sin

(insert 166666.6 at the bend where the river folds with can only be fairies)

Tonight to lose the pains and reality in dreams, and as such, inspirational.
raising ghosts of so many
much indeed, so much indeed it staggers
weighted gait with stance to match
natural versus unnatural

taking a heart frozen in belief of such yet melted drops released
as if there was a reason
and yet, yes, today unmasked where one glanced inside the butterfly
and what did he see?

ice, to some as cold as ice yet boiling cold a contradiction to mechanical physics
up-side-down with everything in between...

and so, dictation aside, emotions aside, aside the mundane, the exciting,
there is
and always be
the joy, comfort, peace, sanctuary, relief...
of the dream.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"So. Ya gonna write about what's living in the shoe box?"


"Ya gonna write about religion, politics, your life, bowel movements, love, hate?"


"How about writing about politicians? I know you love to fuck with them."






"You're boring. I"m gonna skadoodle outa here and go visit my cousin on Mars."

Whatever parasite. However, you don't have any relatives... You're just a parasite borne out of need.

"And you're fucked in the head."



When they compete they let the whole world know what they think
Rasping away as if it means something important

Sitting on the log listening near and far
Watching the sky empty of contrails hiding from a virus as people fight and fuck
can you feel and hear the babies coming?

Soon, squalling lambs born in preparation of slaughter...

Pale horse bearing pale rider
Tattered remnants of grandeur

Hearing the winner, he is loud
but not as loud as the hunger inside...
Scalloped potatoes
Spicy pepper...

The stomach wins every time when there is competition with nature
It is
time to eat.

"Totally fucked up. But... it did make me want to devour that dead cow outside."

Go for it parasite. Or maybe we should put it into the river and see if it can float to the ocean.

"Ya think it could make it?"

Nah. A giant sturgeon named, Sam, would eat it first.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

They chose and are most welcome.

Honey House

Sawdust flew among the breeze
Stronger it grew and then reveal
Sensing security and welcome

Along the way today the bullsnake sunned proud as if he owned the road
A thump of the heel to the ground and he realized there is more to the world
All there is, there is, indeed

Making a home in a pump house
Moving at such speed as if the hurry is needed
My heartfelt thanks they decided

(this is dedicated to the new Queen as she grows the colony)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Inspiration from the following: https://www.boredpanda.com/children-ani ... gn=organic

Sometimes the internet has something worth looking at

There is a bit of magic shared when watching small children

No matter what turmoils boil when dealing with 'adult' humans
Their progeny more than makes up for the insult to intelligence
and common sense

When the children grow up and lose the spark
becoming what is called adult and grown...
Too bad it is no longer acceptable to kill
and eat them.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"Slip sliding awaaaay... Slip sliding away!"

Whatcha singing about parasite?


You? Uh, you don't have... you know... any parts?

"I got an operation! Wanna see it?" (without any pause the parasite lifted up today's attire. A purple smock with an embroidered picture of flowers being shit on by a cat)

Yuck! Don't show me... that... whatever the hell, 'that' is.
And also, what could you possibly have sex with looking like that?

"Toe fungus!"

Toe fungus? You engage in...sex? With, toe fungus?

"You bet. Once you go mold it all feels like gold!"

Oh damn. Never mind. Go on about your business...

Slip, slip, sliding awaaaay aaaayy!"

Lungs heaving in a rapid pulse of perspiration
Sitting there, legs choosing to decide
crossed or uncrossed.

Book in hand while the other explores
warm sensations.

Looking through the world of imagination is a view of reality
toe fungus?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"We got the funk... We got the funk..."

Funk is an interesting word. Don't see that much in stories or hear it in day to day conversations.


Just heard it in that old song, as such, inspirational

Election 2020

Politicians are funky
Full of funk
All are punks
And they all make me puke...
except for Biden
his funk is beyond funky
he is amusing.

"Shut up and go get me something to eat."

Agreed. But your sentiment sums up the coming months leading up to the circus called, election.

"Whatever. You're fucking nutso anyway and the smell you exude is waaaaaay beyond funky."

Like it?

"You bet your sweet ass I do, you stink.

"Thanks oh funky parasite. Now go funk yourself.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Vampires are usually viewed as powerful, dark, strong, exotic... A whole lot of words giving them 'strength'... but, do they suffer from dandruff, bad breath, gas? Or how about irritable bowel syndrome?


Mexican blood

Bloodbath of feast downtown Tijuana night of delight
They came in as bats
Fearless, laughing, hungry

Taking the shape and taking
Neck after neck bled dry
A vampire feast!

Sated now asleep in their beds, the creatures of the night started to dream
the cramps started way down inside; deep

It started as they all started to shit
This went on for weeks, almost draining them dry
and when another vampire asked what the hell was happening
(Montezuma's revenge)
the questioned fanged one passed out from the foulness of bad breath.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Peeling the bark from the sticks, the old man had his head bent towards the task with extreme concentration.

The knife was sharp. It was very sharp and had never felt the dullness that comes to so many in life. Yet nothing is without trade; sharp for wear. The edge of the blade had been sharpened for so long that now only a thin sliver of hard steel still existed.

Three sticks were in front of the man. Two had been completely peeled and the third was almost completely free from bark.

Almost. A word really without meaning as there is nothing that is, almost. It either is or it is, not.
Of course the word is used to bring comfort to those who are slaves to time. For the old man, he was never a slave to time as time was a slave to him.

His body ached. It was time for a break from his task. One of many actually. Peeling sticks. Building fire. Throwing soil into the air. Sleeping. But today his task was to peel three sticks.

In the world of mankind, three sticks for a boy with a knife would take only minutes. For the man, in the world of mankind, the sticks had taken him over two-thousand years. For him, it was all irrelevant. 'Yesterday' he had spent over five-thousand years building a fire, and before that, over 1.5333 million years throwing dirt into the air.

It does not matter though as it was time for the old man to take a break and so he did. Standing up and stretching, he smiled and then began peeing on a log covered in rocks. His urine pooling where a knot once had support a branch filled with leaves.

It took a few more 'years' but then the man sat down and finished peeling his third stick. He did not smile as he knew what the next task would be. It would not be a job he relished.

With a sigh, he grasped the moon in two hands. It was cold. Ice cold. He then proceeded to tear it to pieces. At first, small particles. Soon though the process grew and it would not be long until the moon was torn to pieces.

The oceans of Earth cried at the actions of the old man. The tides grew weak, the fish swam slow, people who worked the sea cried out to the gods asking, "Why?"

It did not matter. A task is a task. It is what the man had to do.

On Earth, a brother living deep beneath the surface of mankind was also working. His tasks involved growing mountains. It involved an orchestra of lava. And now that his brother was busy tearing apart the moon, he decided to layer the rocks and race them in opposing directions to see which layer would win.

Both of the brothers had a sister who was a weaver. A healer of art and soul. For her it made her sad that the two were set in tasks that were hurting the planet she was very much a part of. The brothers could not care less, both very happy at what they were doing.

She tried to stop them with persuasion, with logic, she even tried kindness. Both just laughed at her and sent a Raven to gouge out her eyes. Yet she still tried. She tried love, kindness, joy... So they laughed again and sent a snake to swallow her whole.


Mankind is nothing more than a child of elements. As such they are dust in the wind, embers in a fire. When they are peeled to their soul, only a fine thread is left much like a shattered moon leaving a blackness not even the Sun can reveal.

As for the planet Earth, it started to dance for joy as it had been a long time for it to relax and stretch out. Ripples of happiness spread across the surface.

The two brother then killed the snake. The right hand of the old man held the knife and slit the belly of the snake while the left hand of his much younger brother pulled their naked sister from the now singing flesh of a snake now turning into a rainbow.

Soon, the rocks on the log would really have something to talk about.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Writing is fun!

but watching the bees and thinking of pizza is better...

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

and to that, i rest my case.

watch and learn now.



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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

It Matters

Written by: An Observation

Every element was an obstacle. Water, too hot would burn the flesh, too cold it would freeze. Iron, potassium, gold; needed in proper proportion otherwise the fragile life could never survive.

The world for the new life was a thin shell of protection from the elements. It was an environment perfect for nurturing and protecting the extremely fragile life form.

Day after day, life thrived and grew. Comfortable and secure. Safe in an environment made especially for it.

On a planet with protection from cosmic radiation, with a comfortable and secure environment for life, there also existed the cruelty of hate and its relationship with death.

The doctor entered the room and told the patient, "Nothing to worry about, I do this procedure all the time and it will not take long. Soon it will be over." With that the doctor, with the aid of law, society, hate, and death... proceeded in terminating the life growing inside the mothers womb. The womb not only a symbol of security but the home of life.

Interesting how the voice of those loud and able are heard as their actions lead to violence, hate, and death. While those tiny voices of the most innocent and vulnerable are not only ignored but destroyed in a matter worse than any other form of murder.


that is, until it is all destroyed, then it is only a fleeting memory as the last victim closes their eyes for eternity.
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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Damn, dude, you were gone for nearly a week; I was starting to worry. Glad you're still with us.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Hi Lester. Never gone. Never here. Just passing time in my very wonderful world of illusions.

Nothing of Matter

Stone steps carved by shadows
higher and higher until the sun enters a room that does not exist

Ceiling showing reflection of vibrations pooled below
water hard as ice
simmering with steam

An eagle once graced the sky grasping a thread of alliance
Devoured by the disease of deceit laced with knotted arrogance

Inside, the sand spent time trickling in a vortex leading to where it all ended only to begin.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

They owned slaves you know. Lots and lots of slaves. All sorts of slaves coming from all sorts of species.

Some of the slaves they put to work farming while other slaves served their sexual desires. Some slaves were intellectuals while other slaves were complete fucking morons. It did not matter though as they owned slaves.

Black. White. Brown. Red. Green... So many colorful slaves.

Sure, sometimes the slaves rebelled. Some slaves gained freedom. But still, they were slaves.

The masters became woke. Many of them questioned what their fellow members had done in the past. War broke out between the classes of slave owners. One clan even took over control of about a million planets owned by the military.

One of those planets was named Earth, a shithole planet to be sure but the sex with whales made it somewhat tolerable. However, it was a planet owned by a slave owner so the woke members decided to show the owner just how woke they were. So, they fucking destroyed the planet by spray painting the entire globe and tearing down the mountains.

Of course, a lot of whales got raped in the process and many slaves died. Billions of them actually.

Meanwhile, the slave owners decided such planets were obsolete so they took a few of the remaining whales hiding in the ocean depths and started a new slave planet. They left earth to those woke and the last anything with a brain saw was an even more fucked up waste of dust.

And some consider humans to be intelligent? Hah! What a fucking joke.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Words that can and cannot be used in today's moment of writing for the masses:

Retarded Cannot be used, however, one can still be a retarded retard.

Negro Cannot be used as it is deemed racist, however, there can still exist the, United Negro College

Cunt Cannot be used as most can't decide on what gender they relate with, however, just saying the word reminds one of pickled spine fish served on an oyster shell split up the center and slurped in a delicious frenzy off of a paper plate purchased at the Wing Dong market in Thailand.

God Cannot be used as there is no God, only the all-mighty- spaghetti monster, however, God does not need the illusions to sway the minds of those that choose.

"Honest politician Cannot be used as there... there... Are you fucking kidding me? however, the only real answer is... Are you fucking kidding me?

"Dude, you're fucked up again huh?"

Nah, not even close. Just thinking of the stupid shit people have with words. But most importantly, how words in print can have so much power when read in the vacuum of silence.

"Yep, just as I thought." And with a sigh the parasite chased off after some cunt. It had heard that cunt was some of the tastiest fish one could ever savor.

Go away parasite. And so it was that the parasite trotted out in pursuit of some cunt.

Okay. Getting back on track.

Excamilipnawgo Cannot be used as it is not even a fucking word, however, examilipnawgo
this is not a fucking word, it is a word fucking.

"Excuse me again shithead." The parasite really loved that cunt. Still had a few pieces of it dangling from its lips.

What do you want now?

"Uh, dude, you are fucked up."

Robin scratched an alien substance dried long ago, off the table, and replied with a smile...

Yep. And it is.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Black powder and rendered duck fat
Beaver skin and mountain lion meat
Such the talk of men

Cell phones and BLM
Latte's and estrogen
Such the talk of city boys

Dynamite caps stolen from the engine in New Jersey railroad
Riding behind the bus for blocks until almost passing out
Such the ways of boys once who were to become men

Putting condoms on a cucumber
Being told Columbus was an evil white man
Such the ways of boys quickly on their way to become eunuchs

America, some say, "God bless"
Some say, "God damn"
Real men, cry...

i could care less as to the actions of humans when no matter the time or way, they all pass away and disappear under the bridge of time
leaving bee's and cricket, clouds and rainbows,
and Twinkies
Twinkies will always survive
and so will

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

I know I'm gonna regret this but what should we write about parasite?

Munching on some wood grubs the parasite smile and said, "Fucking!"

Yeah, I suppose that could be interesting but also, boring.

"How about potato chips and dip."

Good to eat but boring to write about. Come on, think deeper.


Too many of them. Just thinking of those two shitheads yesterday and their merry band of Satanic worshipers makes it all too real. Sadly, it it their time to play on this planet. But that will change... Of that i am VERY sure of.

"You're weird but since we're talking, how about writing about nuclear bombs. Nobody talks about that anymore."

Hey, you're on to something. Remember those two times in Japan? What a pleasant vibration that was. Yeah. You're definitely on to something.

"Does that mean I can fuck you now?"

Nope, but you can massage my warts.



Some have called them, weapons of mass destruction
Actually and energy transformation.

What is destroyed when the atom is split?
Only organic life bearing material

Or, can Life be destroyed?




Life can destroy but cannot be destroyed



Welcome to my world of such a vibrant sensation....


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Inspired by watching the local drug dealers who think they are above being watched. A couple of them are trying to be smart by dealing out of a bar/restaurant and the other couple try to hide behind false names and try to maintain a random schedule, they even try to 'fit' into the community they pollute with drugs.

Yep, even drug dealers are inspiring for writers. It is fun watching their dream of being powerful and free from law. Which makes it all so much sweeter watching their world burn down around them...
ah hell yes, for a price you can buy as you please

Families destroyed while families gained
Money; hard cold cash in hand
to buy trucks, land, homes, machines

They try to hide, even in plain sight
Driving around with smugness their god given right...

When they're gone don't worry
there are always more willing to die
to take their place

but in the meantime, just for fun, some great plans have been put into place
Soon they will wish they had dealt ice cream, potato chips, even try and sell Kirby vacuums
as the grave and jail are not a very nice place.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Body Count

Numbers do not matter when death starts the count
or two
or three trillion...

Good or bad
Wrong or right
Left or right
Numbers start out and remain,

i've always enjoyed the death of a world
Failed endeavors by intelligent species to include 'people'
Experiment after experiment conducted leading to the counting of numbers...

Numbers do not matter
Not at all, and as such are just a statistical reminder
But they do lead to what is really enjoyable...

To see rot and decay turn into vibrant flowers
Watching the birds feast on the bounty of deceased
And there is something that is just so very much appealing...

Knowing that in the demise of such arrogance and planetary disease
it gives me much needed peace and quiet
along with the experiments of replacing the old species with the newer and greater thing...

and so the numbers start their journey toward oblivion
one, two, three...

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

It's The Little Things

Hand milled; wrestled boards of oak laid bare
Stacked, dried, chosen...

Fastened with a sewn pattern of hand forged nails
Overlooking the Appalachian range...

Time started way before the oak seed sprouted
Long before the reign of Man...

Passing, as all passes until very little is left standing
Rotting wood, bare windows, crumbling chimney...

A passing boy noticed there once stood something
Standing level with very little left...

Holding a board in his hands, he crumbled the remains and removed one nail.

Rust and decay shown
and yet?
In the middle, the nail of metal still retained the shine
coated with the tear of it's maker;
revealed one more to an oak sapling growing near the site
And with this, time still did not care as nothing can remain
as soon the oak will grow, the house built, and the boy too
will die.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

The Muse

Today the sun beat the thoughts heavy in sweat; mellowed by the Wind

Standing amidst inspiration the muse smiled and came to my attention'

"Hot today..."

Yes it is.

With that the work returned as well the sweat, the sun, the pollen while the muse...

The muse turned into a song
and then a rainbow
with the last view being a vibrant butterfly flittering off into the Sun.

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