Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Sunlight and blue sky definitely are a great muse for both the body and soul but so too, pygmy rabbits...

There are many types of rabbits in the world. Big ones. Little ones. Fuzzy ones. Furry ones. And where I live there is a hoard of pygmy rabbits. They are rare and not supposed to be living in this area but try and tell them that.

They look like any normal rabbit except they are really tiny, really fast, and have a voracious appetite... especially for what I plant in the ground... bastards.

Had to replace a whole bunch of mulberry bushes as those little gnawing land parasites... "Someone mention my name?"

No parasite. Talking about pygmy rabbits.

"Okay numb nuts. Can I eat them?"

By all means.

Food Chain

Tug on one end, they pull on the other
Plant a tree
They dig it up and eat it all freely

Water a garden
They feast

Little brown bastards as fast as lightning
Almost able to outrun all
but the claw, and sometimes, even the dog
beat their tiny little feet

As the sun sets they sit next to the log pile
looking smugly
at creatures
like me

And I swear on a stack of Bibles
they all have one common thought
one main thing to say
"Hey, whatcha got, to eat?"

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


By: Construct of Perception

An eternal river this lid atop corneal reflection
kneeling as there upon the ground, alive,
such shimmers as the skins are divided

A Line

Where does such start?

Beginning at the end with the end neither here
so much so to look to the heavens as if in answer they would satisfy
only to circle back
and then
passing realization

With grains of sands passing through shifting fingers
Seeing the history as ever there
with living tomorrow as if today
filled such with lashes fully closed
afraid not
smiling not
crying not
laughing though, yes laughter is the best seat
sitting now
after the blink
controlling such
the line.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

In Her World

What could be better than a thorough destruct
Rendering life and limb, like a ball of lettuce shredded by razor sharp skin

When a crocodile ambushes the bats swooping for evening hydration
in turn
eaten by a leopard who knew cats could swim

Hummingbird needs the nectar in the monsoon rain every bi-hour
hitting drops weighing almost as much as him

Look at those sand castles there, a monument to their respective creator
Pictures, tweets, facebook, smiles, and then nothing except maybe
a used condom or discarded candy bar wrapper

Tear those fucking worlds apart, those worlds filled with such hypocritical colors
of light
and dark

Flowers to lure and then
with smells of fragrance
even the fungi
the mold

Falling the largest tree in the world
and for what?

What could be better than a thorough destruct?
Nothing could be better for this world
as this world thinks
it knows
so much to try
to remember
to forget
and with a last gasp the old woman remembers
that moment when she cut her umbilical cord to a better world
on that better day
a day of

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Mighty warrior sitting tall this war horse of flared nostril and impatient breath

Sparkle shine of brilliant specter as the acorns ripen upon the branch of time

Look there, solid lines this face of visor painted, a rune of invitation to battle lines.

And what of the fallen, those who dared to tarnish blood with steel

Their mounts now a feast for jackals

Their bodies ripe for thievery plunder

Blades sold for mead and sodden bread.


Ah, but smother the face in a bosom of bar room lust

She but a thing of paint, sweat, and moan

For a price, she can be held, fondled, fucked like those pigeons shitting on a church steeple

and in the morning, payment in full as in full stride, itching the crotch of temptation


so fine


You, yes you you stable boy sold into bond

Learning a trade of yes and no

Sordid thoughts of men as they watched you bathe

and yet, you held the keys to the saddle


Moor and Christian

Hoard and Roman

to the drum they beat the same

and yet, for all and all of this

no one notices the spiders in the thickets

the birds flying from branch to branch

as the maggots in a army of thousand devouring the warriors


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Two feathers today. A hawk. A turkey. And then talking to that rattlesnake who was definitely pissed by the vibration until appeased with a toy of metal with a hole, it was then there was common peace.

Another day today filled with wonderful weather, with work, and with indeed.

The best though was the shower of wild plum flowers being plucked by the breeze and watching each and every individuals travel... so very aromatic and wonderful indeed.
* ** *

What words snake, in your world deep, hiding from sunlight rays and within, feeling the heat
Coiled with rattle which at first
until yearning for notice
the creep.

What words snake, as your tongue tasted vibration and airy view
when all along
i knew
a new world, new times, newness of season,
all contained with the need of security

Along the world of roadway, sitting, waiting, a feather so simple yet so loud in speech
And then
another hidden by the spring
near the black walnut, cherry, locust
and on his face the fear so clean
he spoke of water, of power, of thorns, snakes, and weeds

Another day with so many tasks and jobs now set in motion
with so many

A blur

A motion

An emotion


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


Connected by a rusted surface
Coated with age
Inside though, steel as pure as the day the chain was forged

It sat in decay, in soil deep, wrapped around the box
Guarding the treasures inside
Riches some would say, "Fit for a King."

Together the box and chain were linked
until the day the Sun kicked the world
and oh, what a release

Flying into consciousness
Flying free
Free of the chains held so tight

Spilling open a chest full of...
full of...
full of me

Blinded for only a century or two or three
while on the ground
lay the chain

Rain had fallen, and snow
Ice covered complete
The wind blew the sand, the leaves,
a new form of attachment now found this chain

A new time now, buried deep
so deep beneath the Dragon's Keep
Deeper than Helle
Deeper than Hades
So deep there was neither stone nor lava nor life or nothing
it is here the chest is once more bound


A chain glowing brightly while inside is a treasure
Something such never again to be seen
Soon to be forgotten as if never remembered
Thank God
for the chain...

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Global Warming

Written by: An Ice Cube

Climate change changes the way a world freezes and boils
One moment the vast white sheets blanket a frozen life
the next
a jungle vast from East to West, North to South

And then...

Along comes a sentient species cold in soul, hot in flesh


Oh my, the hue and cry
Ban straws and plastic!
Save the whales, the rain forest, Starbucks, Google, Facebook
and for gods sake, click that fucking button that says, 'Like'.

But I digress
when the planets fluctuations in weather are put to the test
when some idiot shithead scientists start playing with politics 'making' the facts fit with what
deem best...

And real politicians?

Take away their rights, their freedoms, their guns, their religions,
Their everything until the control in sole/soul rests
with a bureaucracy so bloated
so filled with a cold logic and hot shit
just that 'fact' alone
puts all the bullshit
to the test


Yet again, I digress.


So tell me you holistic, tofu eating, hemp wearing little piece of
organic shit,
tell us all, your solutions?
when the volcano's blow
the tsunamis wave
earth breaking quakes, taking your yurts, your gender confused crap away
along with the solar panels, wind turbines,...

goddamn it,
such fucking pests
such stupid answers and logic misplaced.

Knee jerk reactions at best.

So, tonight turn that microwave on high and nuke some spam out of a metal can and put on a paper plate
Take a plastic bag and take out the red, raw, chunks of cow steak
Fire up the gas grill
Turn up the A/C in the house filled with electronic gadgets
Hear the news on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pravda, Fox, NBC about all this fucking damage to a planet
(while preparing to fuck with a latex condom stuffing your vagina with a piece of process plastic, wearing Croc's on feet with nails painted toxic.)

Such fucking hypocrites.

Meanwhile, I'll be steering a little gift your way
Just a small chunk of rock I like to call, 'friend'.
Oh, he's not that large, only a mile across
meandering across a Universe
and while you wait for it to come, and REALLY give pause and change...
Write a cyber check, or click away a bit coin
to try and save your pathetic

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

and most important today
Hummingbirds and Snakes.

To detach is easy, so easy to wear the skin, the feathers, the scales
in balance between fin, wing, feet.

The time now for little snakes, little quail, little chukar, pheasant
so many little beings
it fills the lines with song
as the world inside absorbs the speech.

Realigning the needs as to dig
when above appeared
three birds.

Two hawks in challenge to an eagle
biding flight until is was time
bolting down the hawk learned his place
even the snake
the marmot
the people

This was and is today
with this side now in darkness
the other side is blindness
but for the eagle now lost in flight
such memories do not matter.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Mothers Day

A day many nations around this planet celebrate, only on different days than the one today in the good ol U.S. of A. Sorta in tune with the mantra, 'Mother Earth'.

Mommy. Mom. Ma. Mother. So many other titles to describe the most important job in the world for without mothers there would be nothing but some bored, horny, males. Just kidding. Even with mothers around, males still exist that are bored and horny. Such this game of procreation.

For some of you readers/writers, check out www.boredpanda.com Today they had some fun mother day stuff that is humorous AND inspiring.

As far as mothers go, mine was the best one that ever existed as any other mother would have screamed and ran away in horror after being around me. However, some mothers are not fine. There are a lot of sick females that kill their children by drowning them, or poisoning them, and that's after giving birth to them. As for killing children in the womb, that is one of the most ironic forms of legal law ever to exist in the near and far galaxies. Illogical logic: An intelligent species that actively pursues death of an innocent life for reasons pertaining to legal protection given by the law of the land.

Anyway, thanks mom, you did good and died well. And even now, a source of inspiration for such as I.

Her laugh was real as the world grew around us
Feeding her family with trust
and even the discipline of the wooden spoon
applied in measured manner
to the butt.

All good as the tears of losing the tooth was smoothed by her fairy hands and a nickel under the pillow
or ice cream after stitches sewn
skin torn falling from a horses back.

One day though, a perfect memory:

Karl and I marooned on a metal slide
our personal playground of sort with a slide a swing and fun.

For hours stranded high
Crying for help as below
A gander
A goose
Trying to eat us young lads
for lunch.

She came to our rescue with a garbage lid and broom
like Joan of Arc doing battle
and then soon
the ax.

Best goose we ever ate
my brother and I even had seconds
It was good
until our next adventure with a psychotic rooster
Man let me tell you what,
I miss my mother
very much.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Island Sea

Hand holding a cup filled with coffee
Cold inside as the taste of smoke was left in wake

On the table an empty bottle
One of many tallied from past weeks

His mind dealt with age and sea
Ernest Hemingway

Putting words to paper
Simple really

Living his memories in such a way
Leaving a story

An old man
and the sea.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Taking the edge off
just one thin plastic

Taking the edge off
reward for rescuing a tree buried
under rock deep

Wind plays with the keep
of this

and why?

Why not in a speech
so long
and hollow

Taking the edge off
with part of stable sanity
enough to make a clown weep.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Writing conjures up the images of pictures.

Pictures inspire the words for writing.

Thus, if one is blind, words are the picture. As real as flesh and blood.

Hot Blooded Female

She stood, this tall...
She smelled, wonderful...
She hailed from Spain...

Soft small strands of hair...
Soft hands...
Soft smile...

Such sensuous breasts
So fine a pair

She walks with such simple grace
Swimming off a beach in a bikini that dares
So, since this scene contains senses to please most males
it really matters not as this exotic woman laughs
at such writers
like me
but leaves a picture painted on a mind as she twirls in a dress cut for reveal
with a waft of fragrance reminding one of flowers
and a dream later
of someones else's

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]



Just 'watching'

and in such, there was the 'thump thump, thumpity thump thump'

Can you feel the beat?

Of course you can, and such the simplicity of watching such things.


Thankfully though, I still have the dreams.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Carried a continent past the abyss
impossible some say?

Is it always another?
To blame and fault what seems impossible
to be

Okay or okee dokey
Simple shift and wiggle

So much impossible some say

Who gives a shit when the air is sweet after the rain
The hummingbirds lost in feed
Taking a good piss after a hard day
wearing a pair of sore feet as a badge of honor
getting ready
to carry
another continent
pass the abyss.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Numbers on screen.

Endless numbers highlighted in red and green

A blur with levels I, II, III.

When it opens some never want it to close

Puts, push, pull, hold.

Options, filled with options,

so close.


Playing the market

Or does the market play me?


Wall Street, where the money


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Lumbering mechanical means
these emotions
of machines

Prow of a ship carrier slices water with decisions
who lives
who dies

Jets sign the signatures of death
Flight status

Berthed in countries these sandy wastes
Jungle mess
Fields of corn
Speaking Russian, English, Chinese, Persian puppets
all dancing merrily
with shadowed smiles sewing deaths cloak

Will a world learn?
A question always answered with reality

Today another day today of playback
like a cocoon breaking free

From the corner a spider spins a web to collect the crumbs
From walls imploding
From flowers growing
From an empty child's swing seat, motionless in the wind.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Today all the vines lines up. Nothing could go wrong.
Finished and installed a door for a wonderful family.
Old blood flows through the father and mother along with their two daughters.
Strong memories flooded back from when memories were first started for the People.
Today is one of those rare, very rare days where the sky held true, the sun was just enough, the rain light and fresh
and the light glowed from the tree... as it was meant, as it is, as it should.

Tree of Life

Old dog with a shattered knee, ran the course barking warning to deer
They smiled and danced the pines shadow knowing his bark was of no bite

Hummingbirds fed in delight, swarming the air like buzzing bee's
Nectar of need sated by one very

Sawdust flew into the very soul, a soul needing the fresh cut
It felt very

Talk of music, of work, of accomplishments
Without break
Without complaint
he offered his help

Comedy of laughter
Sweat of labor
and soon
with the roots needed and now, taking firm hold

There is balance
A very
balance for the crossroads under the gaze
the tree

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Dusty drawers
Pulled shut

Dander of dogs

Pollen counts as pollution
gets a pass as it gets rid of winter


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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Quill laden burden this ambling creature
Carrying them on back and tail
Munching on pine and bush
Sauntering along his own highway

Scrub and hill
Mountain and valley
Slowly meandering
finding his way

He too, a traveler of sorts
In love with technology and sex
Figuring out what truth he wants to expend
and what
to accept...
or is it a lie to pretend?

On his back where so many fingers have grasped
only to feel his piercing sting
much like his porcupine friend
with so many of his now nameless


One ambles
One rambles
Both destined to meet
and what will this meeting bring?


In this, there is a decision to avoid
or hit
when really
is one already dead?
or is life, alive and free?-.


A prickly situation indeed
With a warning
A choice
It will be interesting to see.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

An individual cell knows nothing
Nothing: Nothing is nothing. Meaning: Unaware...

An individual human knows some things
Something: A mass of some fact to fit some things.

Black and white
Pro and Con
Yes and No
Grey? Grey means nothing it seems...

What is the true answer for humanity lost in its self?
Nothing they can or are willing to accept, at least, most things.

There is a saying, "Lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink..."
How true.
No matter the religion, the government, the rules, the law...
Humans actually are unable to think...

They blow like some bloviating disjointed form of wind so bastardized...
it hurts to think.

This world you all hold so dear is nothing...
Nothing but a cell...
And yet you think...

Sadly though, for some time has a concept, a meaning
It begins and it ends.

For some it is brief
For some it is long and normal
For some it is eternal
So, where do you fit in? And, what do you believe?

A 'blip'?
A 'dot'?
Did you 'divide' i with you i seed?

What a fucked up notion when something called nothing can actually think it can think!

This world should be thankful that something more, something much more powerful than self...
and does

This world should and would and will be amazed at what's coming
but that day
that day FAR into the future
a future where such words written will have no meaning...


in the world coming to devour this shit
will flower

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Laughing With... The Wind...

Written by: 4

Therein three moments come to mind
When the breeze blows warm it wears the name, Chinook
When the howling gale blows cold it wears the name, North Wind
When the currents caress daily, it tickles

Not much attention is paid to my greatest friend in the world
Lifting wings to such heights the oxygen lightens until the mind fades
Diving deep to the depths while overhead the waves pound their frustration of being denied

All around... all around on this world and others, the Winds travel
So easily
Faster than light
Faster than speed

It is all good when people think
They think the wind is bad, that the wind is good...

For me, the Wind is my best friend on many levels
Never am i lonely
laughing such that no amount of hate, or anger, or any emotion can ever intrude
as we laugh away the day.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Language From Afar

Stars glimmer faintly over the field of children
Scattered roam among the clusters

Separated from such concepts of love and hate
Aloof from actions of anger, war, rape

Knowing not of reactions to actions
Explosive results

Such energy for those little people lost in divide
Giving and taking and giving nothing back

Can anyone understand?
They try

Only on such a small scale does this understanding collide

Outstretched hand rejected
Such this earthly pride, the people lost in divide

And so, in answer as the hands welcome the sky
to the fingers, the heart, the soul\/
in language clear, so clear the music shatters
vibrations tear
explosive resonance of judgement
in moments
in a moment is is
and when the children arrive
in a moment it is gone.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Eating burnt pancakes with sizzling pork belly bacon
Listening to AC/DC
Man, life is fucking great!

Sun shining through a bug tracked window
Birds singing in the breeze
Parasite out fucking with dolphins...
Man, life is fucking great!


and why can such things be?

In countries around this shit hole planet that love to play war
It is the members of their military dying in service
that make respective countries

and even the gender confused, politically correct, sleazy country currently going by the name

It is in memory to those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice
that gives all of us
the ability to eat burnt pancakes
listen to AC/DC
protest a fucking broken system,
and get a restful nights sleep.

(to those souls of the United States Military now lost in eternal sleep, i for one, give sincere thanks)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"Hey numb nuts... You're sounding a little jaded about humanity. I like it!"

Not jaded parasite. Just seeing that people really do choose shit and hate over love and peace.

"Nah... People are just fucked in the head. Always have been always will."

Hard to admit but I'm starting to think like you parasite. Hope I don't develop a sexual fetish for dolphins though.

"Hee, hee. A dolphin 'blow hole' got a 'whole' other meaning..."

Well, as long as you and the dolphins are happy, good for you. As for humanity, one day it will grow up, of that i'm positive. But, that day is so far off into the future there will be three moons, the oceans will be crimson in color and the crystal structure of the matrix woven... sigh. What's the sense of thinking about something that no one else can even come close to understanding.

"Ah... wanna hug?"


"Mmmm...ah, ah, ahhhhhh....!"

OKay parasite! That's enough! You are one sick bastardized blob of goo!



Time travel is to travel not in time but with Time
Cadence is key as the key to dreams is to dream
Always the dream.

You say you did in yesterday
They say they will in tomorrow
Everyone says today.

Stick a toe in the water and what do you see?
A toe?
A fish?
How about

Bearing torches in the field as if there when actually centuries past to forward
A tree walking, talking, touching the moon
Animal spirits weaving a basket full of meanings
Birds to ride the night sky
oh, the hunting is good as to swoop the valleys in pursuit...

Oh, they try and yet in chronological order, die by the numbers even after seeding the field with millions
when all it takes
is one

Answer: Not of this world as the answer is none

Time has no ally or friend
It takes no side or chance
So easy to dismantle in disobedience
in answer though, to flow through fingers like water
sipped cool, hot, sour, sweet
and when the Time is over,
oh... the rest then...
the rest of knowing
the try.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

burlap bag filled with shallots
dust covering lace and lies
sitting on a floor excluded
tasting bud a body naked
sweat pouring from the heat

wasted wanton orgasm after orgasm
exploding siege of sight
for another
in her
in him

they drive the seat of think and thought
fresh meat
for a grinder
in turn
a burlap bag filled with shallots taking a view
spilling open in ecstasy.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


Again he said only this time
this time he lay
or did he lie?

To him there is excuse in what words fall freely
Excused or excuse
in this
the reason

Again said this time
time he laid
he did lie or did he know it?

To believe is to be the fool
To deny is to give the fool
To this, a question...

Mock sincerity is so easy to believe
Anger the easiest to understand
Honestly honesty is the hardest of truths for in this the serpent bites, the lies flow, and the taste of vibrations sour...

there is the reality of chocolate, pizza, perspiration, laughter,
and tears.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Why do we write. Not really a question. More an affirmation of a habit millions of people have had ever since a mutually agreed upon language was devised for the different clans tromping around this planet.

so, why do we write.

I've written of this before and the answers still remain the same. People write for fame, money, attention, frustration, love, hate, politics, science, education, propaganda, patriotism, religion... So many people write for endless reasons. They always have and always will.

It is inspirational though to think about the answers different writers will give as to why they write.

After slaying his enemy with bloodied hand, wiping stain of story upon his chest
Read by many as success while his enemy read with dread.

They kissed under the moonlight with passion
educated only in living as is
writing a romance novel so vivid to be read over and over
in each others soul.

A preacher pounds the pulpit
Talking loud and reading the words
Pew bound the congregation listened just as they sang and read.

"Buy and read about so and so, you'll be glad you did!"
"Caution: Poison. Do not consume. If you do, you'll be dead."
"Ripping this tag off the mattress is unlawful unless you're the end consumer."

So many writings by so many people for such a long time
And why?
Why not put the words to the test. Make them work to their best.
As for me, i write not only because i must
i write because
i can.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


What is your world if blind, deaf and dumb? A world such as Helen Keller's did
What is the definition of worlds in a world filled with so many people with so many worlds in their head?
With ample evidence it comes down to this
1. This world is carbon based with solar dependence and oxygen balanced with lunar influence of H20 and temp.
2. Biological diversity derived by Spiritual experiment from a source of humor.
3. This world is a complex game of life and death.

In such it is simple. In such it is inspirational. In such it is so different from so many other Worlds, that exist...

Can you turn lead into gold or gold into lead?
With time turned on its head
and back goes forward to begin and end.

How many minds can be lent when such is but a touch, a look, a word... and then merged with
Footsteps when nothing exists
Vivid signatures
Living multiple lives 2h 3t 1m + 9.

What is a name you ask?
Nothing buried in the dirt yet so serious is a world lost in what does not really, in reality, exist.
This abortion so many think is important, or sex, religion, food, saints, sin, life, and yes, this death
Ha! Such the punchline humans exist!
A cosmic joke where insiders chuckle and plot
to them
a little

The ground so many find firmament, so many find sustenance, so many find foundation
is but a thin thread
a connection
now far beyond



Be careful of the worlds embraced by those who dread
and for me, sitting here, seeing the vibrations getting stronger to now beyond the comprehend
it is better to be thought of as a poem, or food, or sensation
than the World tearing me apart with such clarity, such vision, and yes, sadness for what they lost
sadly shaking
as they smile in death.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Sobo had the zoomies
Sprinting around like she was possessed by speed
and then spent
tuckered out
it was time for bed

Bed, such a wonderful place

Maybe dogs do know best.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

she lay there as bare as skin could be
among sweat inspired sheets disheveled
once the recent scene of heave
motions leaving sigh and moan

Her fingers unclenched the knotted fabric
after her release from colored fantasy

Light sneaking through soul and shade
Morning birds shrilling twill as if there was some sort of greet

Was it real this night as a blur showed passions released
missing indention of mass
with only slippers waiting for her on the floor untouched
a piece of reality to end the night dreams.

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