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Shadow Crow takes on the Parasite Cont.

PostPosted: December 13, 2018, 09:11:22 AM
by TaoPhoenix
(Raven) "Rhino, do you have any hope of unpacking that?"
(Rhino) "I think so. Almost. We don't have Griffin yet. but I think it's something about Change of Faith. You're trained well as Buddhist, I'm just a Rhino, but Griffins are also Egyptian and Crow sometimes visits Anubis. I think. So it's a hybrid Hot-House system, it's not the "cool still waters" of Buddhism anymore I think! It's "Cat, will you jump to get Crow to veer off course before he flies into the sun again?"

(Raven Ponders.)
"And Pantheons do well by us. The Shimmer effect obscures precisely who we get but Crow knows at least a couple have gifted us a visit and Cat swears she snuck into someone's temple and wrecked their kitchen for a day lapping up ALL the milk! But it's not the Greek set. Starting our best guess is some of the Egyptian crew and they run a FAR more complex worldview. And somewhere in there is the story, but I'm just sadly not good enough at the TailFeather end to figure it out. Because our Crow in the Shadows thinks like a Temple Accolyte whose Mentor died and it wrecked him."

(Rhino) "Oh, yes, the post title. Something also about you need every last part of a team, and that means you Parasite. The reason Crow's dangerous is it's NEVER "Word Salad". Check it! "Check the timing of "Charcoal Beak" into this song!
Rain Man, Vegas song. But RIGHT before that. Been there. It's been there THIRTY YEARS. "The Five. The one of the far left. That's the Guevera of Tarot Pentacles, Money Crash right? That's what he does. This time it took THIRTY YEARS for someone to keep up!"

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 13, 2018, 09:11:13 PM
by Lipinski
What happened to you parasite? You're a bit... different today.

"Well, 'Doc'. Played a bit with a beaker, ' charcoal beak' to be exact. There was all sortsa critters flying and scampering about. Even got a date with a wereshark, huh, imagine that."

Your dolphins will be angry about that won't they?

"Nah. Me and them dolphins are real, real, really...tight. HeeHee..."

No, that's not why you're a bit different today...You're different because you look different. Haven't seen you look this way for a long time. I don't think nobody has.

"Glad ya noticed numb nuts, the life of a parasite is a strange one indeed. Now, down to business. Your blahthering always gets more play than me... so tonight, I get a bit of writing done instead of your lame ass."

Good to see parasite. Good to see. Haven't seen this side of you for a very, very, looooong time. I think I'll go check on how your dolphins are doing.

"Just stay away from Flipper, he's a bit cranky."

In a night sky from that which was, is the envelope sealed
Waxen symbol stamped upon parchment never accepted by
the People.

In fire consumed, with stirred ash and stone
therein, grounded with rock standing guard
a Dragons refuge.

Still, they try with dance, trying to bring back remembrance
Pictures of and more below
the People.

Crow and Raven, winged, footed,
as with voice to capture spirit
they too
the People.

In the Hands held; furnace of Sun eternal
Burning Hot
Breeding passions

When the eye stares from the Outside, Inward...
A maelstrom storm of winds, emotions...
Planet chained in and of the peoples making
Set free
the People.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 14, 2018, 07:20:03 PM
by Lipinski
Machine Awareness

To assemble all those teeny, tiny, itty, bitty...
Pieces of pie that when complete

One of a body with thought and mood
Moving all those teeny, tiny, itty, bitty...
Pieces of pie that when complete

Energy of potential and kinetic
as if eventually, there would be nothing left.

Death for a world where it can be built with teeny, tiny, itty, bitty...
Pieces of pie that when complete

Life of a body with thought and mood
Moving all those teeny, tiny, itty, bitty...
Pieces of pie that when complete

Leaving a pile of teeny, tiny, itty, bitty...
Pieces of pie, available for others to eat
to absorb
which leaves me hungry for more
sifting through the crumbs
and finding i need nothing
though learning there is more to a World

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 14, 2018, 09:56:15 PM
by Lipinski
Pondering is a good partner to silence
Scratching chin and grin
with '
' within

For centuries tried
true, an exaggeration under, as even more
there splashed pointed paint upon the canvas

Those caves were spoken, held herald to stick and fire
Chariots racing golden wheels spinning
across those long-ago desert sands

Fires cold icy breath, melting soul
manners of braided felt
hair carried breeze so fine

Man: there stoick;proud; ambitious
Woman: supple breasts of nurture feasting on ravenous
Chiold: a balance needed

Sprial spiral spin, a time of then and now
and then again
leading to ponder
with a smile
a kiss
a grin.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 15, 2018, 12:37:35 PM
by Lipinski
Watched the Earth rise this morning
Tipping its hat towards the Sun

Above, the floor of clouds were dark
until the Light peeked in

Flashes of red and orange brought relief of night

With salutations made, the earth said, "Good morning."
The Sun replied.

And then, under the rim the clouds were gray again
while beneath the floor the light burnt bright again.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 16, 2018, 10:25:11 PM
by Lipinski
Inspired tonight by watching a car burn on the highway next to the river: 1. mechanical failure leading to flame 2. suicide 3. murder 4. fun 5. divorce 6. a bet 7. insurance 8. sacrifice...

So many reasons of imagination.

It was a nice car. Totally engulfed. Mercedes maybe? Audi? Beautiful though, burning there in the blackness. And no one stopped. Everyone passed as if it was normal. Beauty in a strange way.

This river of the Salmon, carrying traditions of the past
to the current
two lane

Geese wing up and down, crying their numbers

Raccoon plays along the edge
Beavers looking for a tree to eat
Nez Perce holding tradition

Fish going both ways

A sacrifice made in pyre
showing flame and glow
reflecting upon the waters
as if like the lava flowing millions of years ago
when the river was born.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 17, 2018, 09:38:28 PM
by Lipinski
Horticulture. Now that is a word I have not heard in a while and it just popped into my noggin. Don't know why as was thinking about cheese. However, it is inspirational.

Foods on the table
Sitting there
Steaming rice
Hot potato's
Ice cold lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, peas...

Slab of sour dough bread smothered in butter
Crab freed from its shell
Pizza's tempting aroma

So much indeed
and then...
Ice Cream!

Damn, it's good to be hungry
and then
well fed.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 18, 2018, 09:12:20 PM
by Lipinski
Impulses to act upon, spawning actions upon actions]
with reactions[
........... \
/ ........

Poke a sleeping giant, giggle, and run
Pick a hornets nest as if an apple
Sing in an aisle at a grocery store
Fart among people in public
Talk to a cricket
Give a monetary donation to a complete stranger that never even tried

Rigid fixations on daily actions

Push the Stop button
for that matter, throw all the shit away
the politicians
the teachers, lawyers, laws, religions...

Push the Play button
for that is what matters
nature, flowers, animals, friends, trees,
and of course, most important
only then will you truly See'
the Impulse of God and a World of Beauty.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 19, 2018, 09:19:55 PM
by Lipinski

Such the blankets of security

Finding favor in flavor, dress, home, work, play
Finding what is sour, bad, horrible, pain

Asleep, the dream
Awake; awake

With all these feelings come all the questions
Some true, some fake, some real, some surreal, some of sum adding to Me, I, We.

Who am I?
Who are we?
Is it, could it be, me?

Folly for when lifting the lid of reality, sticking the Arm in deep
Layer after layer until
even farther than deep; beneath a bottom where it all starts and never ends
there exists the Music, such sweet vibrations where all is answered and made

A World of Life, such life where there are no questions needed, no answers needed
such a wonder sound where there is no I, We, or Me...
the sound of laughter and love
a World of'

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 20, 2018, 08:57:44 PM
by Lipinski
The Writer

Stem of a quill shaped to the drop of ink
Old hands steady in alcove reflecting a glimmer of candles shadow
Surrounded by so many centuries of labored work

In the distance the hollowed stone walls moaned
this the excitement of night wind
whispering among owls stance, atop the walls as if guarding

the heart of the old man
beating, beating, beating
steady and calm as he cast character upon parchment

Black lines curved and followed his mission of evening
above the other

Ink sipped by time as the moon climbed higher
higher until replaced by the tired

An old man placed his quill into the hole so very old and colored
With a puff of lip snuffed the flame of such a colorful candle
Carrying then, an oil lamp one and same with a seal

Walking slowly through the large oak carrying hinged iron

Leaving a room filled with lives beyond countless
bound in book and file
where they never die

As he took time to sleep and gather
more black lines to ink

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 22, 2018, 10:57:12 AM
by Lipinski
No darkness. No light. Nothing in the calmness of after.
Battle drawn. Quartered

A field from far, of North Korea to the Turkish border.
Names arbitrary as pick any world of making
A horse ridden until the saddle worn thin by armor

Heavy shield a barrier so often
Sword though, sword the friend if only for companion
Mowing meadow, family, enemy, world

Blood, everywhere the maggot wine and corruption of orgy feast
Howl sssssstraight and trooooo
there standing beneath the battle between those that have too
and mostly fools

Inside beats the rime, cold frost of conviction, raising the fist of War

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 23, 2018, 01:48:51 PM
by Lipinski
Ilikeitheavy - halestorm


Look at life from front to back
from a distance
a train running towards the horizon
or is it?

If on the horizon it spreads like a wave towards the life
with the stars looking the same on top as on back

Mankind with the glass half full/half empty
Fist raised in anger as if to question the words whispering back

Choice chosen to choose and chew like stored succulent

Looky here now: Winter, has it started or is it already over, or actually, is it what this world wants, wanted,
or is it just a necessary fact?

Fall, it entered like a leafless breeze or did it end leafless?

Summer, ah, there we have it... Warm breeze, singing birds, dust, light... but, it entered the same and it left


No matter what we we we choose it, it chooses to filter our senses as if only time flows along in a linear straight path
Spring always Spring
Free from the bonds of hopes and ambitions of man
Free from the twine of anguish and pain
wherein everything emanates from Center of Circle
a radiation that casts the lines
of God.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 24, 2018, 07:31:50 PM
by Lipinski
knapping the stone to such a fine edge
sharp focus as thrust of such
means death

flung from a bow straight and true
through beast and foe
satisfaction of Cain

Throughout the centuries the means of killing bring the same
All the same as hunger of such is temporarily

Where is Love in all this equation?
Ask the warrior as he knaps the obsidian
Ask the woman as she slices the leaders throat
Ask the children as they ridicule and mock those most sensitive...

Has anyone actually asked Death?
Death is real wearing the mask of smile
donning the robe of black
sipping on poisonous wine

Has anyone questioned Life?
Life is real, with blood flowing wearing the face of experience
donning the robe of white
sipping on the waters of clarity

Alas, for in all tests from past, present, and forward...
Humanities choices usually leans towards
ignorance and death
once in a very long while
there sometimes comes the moment of butterflies, of sunshine and spare
where some embrace something special
that which is far
far away

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 25, 2018, 02:15:08 PM
by Lipinski
Christmas. Now in this is inspiration!

Pogy the Panda

Pogy, a robust, or should I say rotund fuzz ball of appetite with ample proof of padding showing his past eating habits.

Today, Pogy was laying on his back at the Bronx Zoo. His living quarters were spacious enough. There was some real bamboo, some imitation bamboo and his very own dipping pool. It was in this pool that Pogy playfully swished his rear paws, all the while dreaming of food.

Since it was Christmas, the Zoo was closed to the general public leaving only a skeleton staff of zookeepers to keep watch on the fairly large sized area filled with cages of birds, animals, and even some special rooms for reptiles.

When a bank or financial institution is closed, it truly is closed. Meaning that it would take great physical force to break and enter the barrier. Of course, great sums of treasure or currency is being protected.

For a zoo however, there is very minimal security to keep people from entering. There is far more security to keep the various creatures in the Zoo; contained...

She too, a bit portly, robust, or rotund. A woman with a big heart known by the name, Sally. She had a little difficulty climbing over the fence but with perseverance, she finally was able to wiggle her body over and into the realm of caged animals.

"Hi Pogy, it's me, Sally." She said with a smile while standing if front of Pogy's cage. "I got something for you. A Christmas present." And with that said, she tossed an opened can of fruitcake over the fence where it landed in front of an interested panda.

Pogy rolled over and waddled to see what kind of food was being offered. He sniffed and snuffled the concoction of sugar, fruit and other mysterious ingredients. Finally, with two paws holding it, he place it on his head and looked at Sally.

"Oh my, you look silly!" Sally giggled and smiled at the antics of the cute panda. She was wondering why he played with the fruitcake instead of eating it. She thought for sure that he would just love the tasty cake.

From somewhere inside Sally, she raised enough courage to try and climb over the fence to get closer to Pogy. It could be said some of that courage came from the ample eggnog and rum she had been consuming the past few hours. It was after
all, Christmas.

Pogy sat there playing with the fruitcake and tilted his head from side to side as he watched Sally wade across the moat filled with sour water and then climb up and over the fence.

"Hi Pogy," Sally said with success. "You're such a beautiful creature."

What a magical season Christmas is. A season of hope and beauty. A time when family and friends get together. And this moment was truly one of those special moments.

Soon, the air was filled with blood curdling screams as Pogy happily mauled and started to devour Sally. In his heart he was so glad to finally get some real meat instead of the tofu and bamboo leaves. And as for that fucking fruitcake, it soon would be covered in fresh panda shit, shit consisting of excellent marbled fat from a very stupid and dead Sally.

The End (ah yes, nothing like a warm, comforting Christmas bedtime story for children)

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 26, 2018, 09:28:47 PM
by Lipinski
Damn, writing is fun! I mean, there is so much fucking inspiration floating around out there it almost is impossible NOT
to write.

Just the news alone is filled with so much fodder (today I read about a preserved Viking turd in a museum and something about Trump being an alien...) Shit! This era of information and creativity is so huuuuuge, I wonder why more people aren't writing.

Amazing how the contradiction of being Uber Politically correct clashes with so much freedom to write. For example: Just read that they (I love how 'they' is used all the time) Anyway, how 'they' are thinking of making the next James Bond movie with a transgender James) thus the inspiration.

"James, you really must take some time off this month. You're spotting and cranky."

"I know miss Moneypenny. May I impose?"

"Of course James. I use the extra absorbent pad. It sticks very well."

"Ah, yes. That's better."

After nature is attended to, James now moves on to the serious part of the movie...

"Miss Moneypenny, would you like a martini?"

"Why yes. Thank you James. I'll take mine with three olives, unshaken, and unstirred. And you?"

"Uhm, I no longer drink Martini's. I like a Long Island Iced tea... with yogurt, and a cucumber mud bath..."

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 28, 2018, 12:02:10 AM
by Lipinski
Music is indeed inspiring and I have much admiration for those who are gifted with skill of voice or instrument... I have no talent in music except for a really good blood-curdling war cry AND I play a really bad (bad as in good) set of coconut shells... Sounds like hooves from hell!


inside resides the sound of soul
can you hear it?

most are blind to the sound
most are deaf to the sight
all are filled with it

subtle, so subtle when the feet start to tap
fingers start to drum
and was that the lips pursing into a whistle?

tears well up in the eyes when a piece of music dies
a Father, Mother, Brother, Sister...
their bodies surrender to silence of breath

laughter, oh the laughter gushes as a baby tries to sing
arms waving
moving legs

a world,'=' huge '=' so immense
and yet
in tune
it is...

vibrations so deep the realm reached
so high, so low,
and in between...

such a blessing this world is blessed
and sometimes
if one really tries
they can hear, feel, see, and touch
a part of themselves, of others,
the song of God.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 28, 2018, 09:56:02 PM
by Lipinski
Giant Freezer
Filled Full
Frozen Fish
Fresh to Frost

stacked like firewood
as the man said, "That's disgusting. Would you eat anything from that grill?"
One after the Other

Take your Next vacation
Build a new house
and after changing the channel


Yet, there is no one to


the next commercial
Does this train go to Jersey?

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 29, 2018, 11:33:46 PM
by Lipinski
Flapjacks, another word for pancakes, another word for rings-of-torture-with-cream centers...

In Boy Scouts we used Krusteez pancake mix. Mixing it up, pouring the goo on an extremely hot metal surface thus charring both sides to total black and cold/raw in the center. Amazing kids actually survive to be called adults.

Inspiring though.

Flipping flapjacks for breakfast of stomach pain
Canned stuff mixed in a pot for lunch
along with some dirt, branches and bugs...

Dinner, a feast for a King
Hotdogs just this side of rancid
with molten, flaming marshmallows
added to something resembling chocolate and soggy hotdog buns.

Amazing the childhood memories when eating adult food now
you know
Top Ramen, mac and cheese, canned beans, Twinkies, and Spam

Longing now for some fried bologna cooked in bacon grease
Some angel food cake
and lest I forget...
Valveeta cheese!

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 30, 2018, 02:47:58 AM
by Lester Curtis
Mmm, fried boloney. I remember it from when I was a kid. Greeeeeaasssse ... too bad I don't actually cook anything any more; I'd put that on my shopping list. But you know what? The stuff in baloney is the SAME stuff that's in hot dogs, just a larger diameter. So, split a hot dog lengthwise and fry that. Just as good. And you can also use a toaster-oven. Put the--whatever hot dogs are made of--on a piece of tinfoil, and cleanup is a snap!

Too much salt, though, which is why I'll never go back to Spam.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 30, 2018, 02:04:30 PM
by Lipinski
The pig snouts in thin sliced bologna are smaller whereas sometimes you can get almost a whole one in a hotdog!

I tell people that Spam is one of those perfect 'survival' foods to have once the end-of-the world comes. Reason being... High in fat (fat needed when trying to survive the cold and zombies chasing you) High in preservatives (lasts forever on a shelf) and, it tastes either too good that it makes one forget they are about to die from radiation OR, tastes so bad it makes one forget they are about to die from alien probing...

Some trivia about Spam... It is served in Hawaii McDonalds sometimes. The natives over there LOVE Spam!

I ask people what food (meal item up to two items) they'd consider living on for the rest of their lives. Interesting to see the answers. Kids of course love cake and sweets so answer accordingly. My choices would be bread with butter and potato soup. \

Just meat would end up killing you early. Lobster would get unpalatable after two weeks of consumption. Chocolate only would kill you in a week. Spam... two days (then the zombies eat you)

"Turd breath?"

Yes parasite?

"Do you have a life? I mean what kind of drivel are you writing about now? Zombies? Bread? How about getting off your ass and do something constructive?"

Good idea! I think I'll detach your head and bounce it off the wall for an hour or so...

"Never mind. Go about your business of food."


Nibble and taste with the first setting the pace
Smorgasbord of stainless bowls holding iced shrimp
and steaming meats.

One plate after the other
Spying a server bringing fresh treats

Stomach at first rumbling
then stretching
and finally

With a toothpick planted
Belt loosened
Paying the check
god of hunger,

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: December 31, 2018, 02:59:22 PM
by Lipinski
:idea: Emoji's!
:!: Such a novel idea
:arrow: Pointing a mind to a picture
Bringing out the little devil... >:D
Boggling the mind... :shock:
Shit! Whacked my weeny on the table... :oops:
but wait... found a hidden Pop-Tart ;D
and look... the parasite is grinning :mrgreen:
is there any :?: then, that humanity really is simple.

Pictures speak volumes
Words lead the speak
Books of our lives put together in this, the life we seek.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 01, 2019, 10:30:14 AM
by Lipinski
Andrea Bocelli, a singer last year and years before that

A good way to celebrate the day
new today like the today yesterday and days before that

"And don't forget bacon and Honey Nut bunches of Oats!"

Yes Parasite, a good way to start a New Year and a New Day.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 01, 2019, 10:40:13 PM
by Lipinski
It all matters...
star dust to make you who you

Cosmic art of compilations
Expression from a loving

To draw
To write
To be...

Sometimes, lost in conversation
trying, tried, and true

For some, something missing
For some, they cannot feel the art of a World so near
so near it becomes
so far

So easy to become a slave to emotions

So, is it all worth the trouble and pain?
To write?
To draw?

The answer is simple: for as long as there breath to draw, words of the soul to write
it all
it all matters
even if no one seems to care except for those who understand and those who try.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 02, 2019, 10:06:32 PM
by Lipinski
swimming slowly
seeping seas so sincere
of ohs on ohs on ohs
oh my

you see, swimming slowly
seems serene
only lonely
when beneath the waves

almost as aged
asinine some could say
this coat is comfortable with stink and time

grime and grease
broken zipper
torn pockets

work is play as if play is work
mainly though
to pass the time
pulled to the side of the road
when really...'

so strange such situations
when lost in a dream
ice cold, molten warm
liking the justification just

jellied insides of mush and bone
jelly fish
floating in fortress of mind
still learning
to trust something
in a cruel world.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 03, 2019, 09:11:34 PM
by Lipinski
Science tries to find off world signs of life...
Philosophers try to understand the meaning of life...
Religions try to define the path of life...
Governments try to control life...
So many and so much deal with all aspects of life...

Interesting how children know all there is to know,
about life

They question while inside already knowing the answer
Full around and around and around....

When looking, understanding, defining, controlling, all with the word 'try'
Why deal with what is so powerful, so all-around-you?

The grains of sand, the wind, the soil, the air...
The very Universe of vacuum
as infinite and vast and mysterious and, and, and...

So simple as all is a cell, cells, dividing, growing, dying

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 04, 2019, 09:51:54 PM
by Lipinski
Japanese gardens' coe glimmer in the Eastern Star
Colombian empanada circling the meteor sweets
Thai beach filled with skimp and rump
India; GOA; sand crusted shrimp

Mix up the worlds words
add bit, a pinch, a wiggle
dribble some time
than sizzle.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 05, 2019, 01:11:56 PM
by Lipinski
Counter plain with clarity of diamonds glare
Washed walls they are
with lights beam

those there, in the dust
So many, so many sounds in a forest
as if tree's fell above the fallen for so long in the dark

A Spark floats, gliding above ethereal, some though

Fire and Ice
from a source beyond mere planetary influence
deeper than deep, higher than far
beneath a darkened sky
or maybe?

Yes, this is
as behind the cackle of vibrations
rack the air.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 06, 2019, 02:08:42 PM
by Lipinski
black leather, silver studs
electric guitar
big bass drum
hair swinging it up

drop it down low and make it heavy
i like it heavy
some like perfect and pretty
to see the good in the bad and the ugly

surround sounding vibrations
nodding head
sipping on a cherry drink.

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 06, 2019, 02:15:35 PM
by Lipinski

ever look in Pandora's box?

wrap your fingers with caress in Medusa's hair?

savor a sip from the fountain of Youth?


can't remember/?

wonder why?\

did you try/?\


simple really, really easy
to understand
and it must be said... it does not keep people on their toes
nor tow the line
this sailing illusion
of re-run

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

PostPosted: January 07, 2019, 08:09:41 PM
by Lipinski
fetal heartbeat

written by: a sound

crowds grouped together
society speak
this think

documents upon documents
countries borne with the hearts of men, women, children

look how proud the armies, navies, aviators, space
environments brimming with parks, forests; lands upon lands
and cities, how noble and grand!

heartbeat after heartbeat
marching parades filled with vibrations of bands
and there
the heart beat of education

you there, you are one
a heartbeat of sensation
and you
and you
and yes, even you...

sounds and vibrations abound in a world where tides pulse]
one orb of beating aorta
filled with rivers of veins, arteries of life...

step aside into the vacuum of soundless
aloof without any emotions
a sound that no one can hear...

below, around, it matters not to soundless sound
it makes nothing, nothing
without the air, the breath of God to bring the life into Creation
and yet,
so many sounds of 'me, I, we,'
so many sounds of expounding laws and rights
of those for and against...
this sound of vibration in many tongues: a-b-o-r-t-i-o-n

and yet, in the end,
in the vacuum of space where nothing is felt other than freeze and burn
for sound without soul of sincerity
it truly all means
nothing as another beating heart is vacuumed into