Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

ringing chimes so loud, the belly full of endearment
there, in the hall of doors
a carpet read
and lit with the light of love

so comfortable in recline, such doubled thought
so in two and tow, the too, the to find
comfortable in end and beginning
music, such music

it could be said, with such light brilliant
radiations of seams
borne with unfailing emotions
a tug of what all feel in a moment, walking the hall, becoming...

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Dedicated to those old ladies in Costco who try and sell munchies to the masses while trying to keep some sanity.

"Just behind me on the lower shelf..."
"You'll find them easy to cook and so delicious to eat..."

Easier though to imagine the herd shuffling by to resemble cows browsing
Watching the children mooing
the men moving
the women pushing carts with lists brushing aside hair much like a cows tail swats flys

It's big you know, this company barn called, Costco
Filled with pastures ranging from tooth paste to pie
with free samples to try

For me, a wonderful place to watch peoples minds, but I realize it would be more fun
to tip over cows in their sleep... until I try some of that humus covered Italian cracker located near the freezer section
some gluten free soy milk derived from ant piss
some jerky made from squirrels that come in ten-pound bags...
oh my.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

powdered flakes of snow so much like sugar;
playful winds sneeze;
piles mound;

drama though as through plows the Chukar
entire families meet to find the sunflower seed
and eat

marching stoic, aloof, proud
able to withstand the cold, the snow,
even my gaze

until the door is opened allowing my world to escape
tendrils of warmth, color, sounds...
it is then the world of Chukars explode
taking wing against gravity, wind, and snow
with a sound of panic boarding on the feeling of laughter...
that damn laughter
i too, do the same.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Canyon cut this road of making, taking blade to clear the stones fallen

All around this serenity blankets virgin snow, bending tree branches

Making way to push away the obstacles now pillowed into white mounds

It takes a bit as those carbides glide and sweep; side-to-side

Pulling first one stone, and then another, another, and then

into the ravine they roll away

Some are stubborn like me; digging in and refusing to plummet

Some are carefree as they gain speed, bounce, and jump higher

and higher


until they can no longer be seen

Small stones and large, all glide along a polished blade

giving inspiration


amazing how people and stones have so much in common



needing just a little push to make way.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

There it sits... woven fibers of life's basket
Crafted with care by fingers eternal
with love and care, it grew

Shaped to hold and bear; within a space of comfort
So much time with time
The Clock on the Wall showing stillness since the moment began as the Pendulum bore full strength

Seconds spinning around seconds
Minutes balled into orbs
Hours as thread; solid; into this the hands spun the centuries into...

In a place of honor there, among the planets called
Guarded by Sun's and Galaxies

With fingers moving with random and choice

Upon the Face, a Smile.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Ari Dennis is writing her own particular story, "We did not assign a sex at birth, which means when they were born, they had genitals, we know what they are, we just chose to acknowledge that those genitals don't indicate anything about gender," Dennis explained.

A great story as she/he/it, truly believes in the truth of what is written. So many writers do. This of course directs the various cultures. And, for me, very inspirational...

Every culture begets counter-cultures
The acceptance is shown by the ones wearing a noose over their neck.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"Happy Valentines day shit head!"

Did you bring chocolate parasite?


Good, you can't have any of mine now.

"But, but, but, I like you! Well, not really like, more like I tolerate you. Well, not really tolerate you, more like I... Fuck it. I hate you you chocolate hoarding bastard."

Now, that's the parasite I know.

Valentines Day, what a waste of time. All that love crap. If it weren't for the candy it would be a total waste of time.

However, those companies in business of love 'crap' do well, just like those companies do at all holidays/festivals.

Must say though, as usual, there is inspiration in such.



Oh, I count the ways, (cough cough, gag)
of such beauty in your lovely eyes (I wonder what they are serving for lunch at work tomorrow?)
With skin aglow with the softness of silk (Where did I put my slippers? I swear I left them near the hot tub)

With this gem of countless treasure (man, I hope she hates it and returns it so I can buy a new motorcycle)
To you, you who bring me joy (Is my left nut itching again? Better get it checked out)
As you are my gem.

(her thoughts as this shit was going on, are)

"Oh, I count the ways, (this dick can't even count his fingers let alone anything else)
of such beauty in your lovely eyes (you better, I paid good money for these colored contacts)
With skin aglow with the softness of silk (what the fuck did he mean that my skin is clammy. I work out dammit! )

With this gem of countless treasure (Ha! That is a gem? More like a shiny bauble. I'm gonna return it to the store and buy some cocaine)
To you, you who bring me joy (I think his left nut is itching again. He better get it checked out as that package ain't getting anywhere near this..."
As you are my gem... (Hmm, not bad, if his left nut wasn't itching I might have let him get lucky)


Only God truly understands love
Humans can only attempt to try
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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Hilarious stuff there, thanks.

I got my Valentine's day dose of love today. I was out riding my not-a-bicycle and stopped to take a picture. I was watching what I was doing while I heard this barking getting closer and closer ... finally put my phone away and looked around, here comes this Corgi at me--wanting attention, from me, a total stranger. Okay, I gave. She actually stood up against my legs, muddy pawprints, okay, I wear that pair of pants because I know I'll likely get them dirty. I'm still trying to figure out how she managed to stand up against me, between having almost no legs and being really plump ...

Anyway, the owner was out there and tried to call the dog back, but she liked me. Maybe he wasn't petting her enough. Ha! More likely she has an endless capacity for it. I told her to go home and pointed at the house, and she hung around anyway. The owner mentioned "she", which is how I knew the gender, and then he asked me about my not-a-bicycle. This is how I meet people now; they say, "Wow, what is that?"

Good day; got to move myself across the landscape with my muscles, met three people, and got to pet a real sweetheart of a dog.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Ya gotta watch them Corgi's... They'll steal your soul. Plus, they'll eat you out of house and home. And to make matters worse, they'd make friends with your cat and plot a way to pilfer everything in your pantry and cupboards.

But, all-in-all, Corgi's are indeed cool and my favorite breed of dog. It is good you had an encounter with one as they really are nice dogs.

Got a chuckle about your bicycle. I admit it is a strange looking one based on those pics I saw when you were going to purchase it.

And of course, more inspiration inspired of course by the world of dogs and your post.

When times are hard with lingering doubts of what it all is about, a cat will purr and demand more of you...
not a dog.

When suffering from a fall, a wound, a cut... people of all sorts will ignore, pretend, or laugh at you...
not a dog.

Most get bored with you and leave you to yourself...
not a dog.

If you get angry and lash out at your friends, they will be angry in return...
not a dog.

If you need a laugh. A real laugh, a horse, pig, goat, sheep, chicken will bore you...
not a dog.

A dog truly is mankind's best friend.
Always by your side.
Filled with love and style.

And while the whole world will turn on you in an instant...

Woof (and a wag of a tail)
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Post February 16, 2019, 03:27:48 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Yeah, when that furry overstuffed sausage was mobbing me for attention, I thought, "I have got to get me one of these!" Almost said it out loud. Trouble is, I can't, with this cat; he'd eat all the dog's food. Maybe next time.

One of the other people who asked about the bike said, "Where's it made?" I laughed and said, "In China, like everything else!" He laughed too, and then I told him the company was in California. Nice guy; he thanked me for telling him about it.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

If anyone ever gets around a corgi puppy with the zoomies...you'll want at least 30 of them.

I bet you could get a good trade-in allowance on one slightly used cat with 'purrrrrrrrrfect' attitude...for a crazy, energy possessed, perpetual motion, Corgi? Or save money and buy a hamster, or is it gerbil? Rodents as pets... that is a perfect statement on the human condition.

Oh, and just because you didn't say it outloud, those minds in them damn cats pick up all human thoughts so you're already busted.

Storage Wars

Possession safe behind lock and door
until monthly rent
goes away

One notice, another, and finally, a third
"You want your stuff? We'd better get paid."

What's so precious to save monthly and stuff?

Never mind, the buyers come
Bidding and bidding, with a joke or two
Before you know, the locker is won

Pile after pile of debris and crap
one of those actors find
one rare Roman artifact carved by President Reagan while recovering from getting shot. all with meteorite dust and gold. highly collectable and soooooo fitting for a locker that sold for $25. filled with household trash, used garbage bags, colored mattress, and a box of broken sex toys.

(value of such rarity at an estimate of $3,000,000. cost of unit: $25. netting of almost $3,000,000. I bet the pubic would believe it)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]


In the names come identity
Identity brings names
Names bring mortality

For as long as time has began, it has ended
to begin
and end
again, again, again...

Names for all and all in names
A Game for Voice
A life
again, again, again...

What is a name?
You begin and end with a name
Soil, rock, plant, flesh
again, again, again...

Aged as always yet one does not
nor can it
as it has always been...

Hurricane, jet stream, tornado, breeze, gale, solar...
is this the name for wind?

Wind, never born, never dies, always has been
It cannot be bought or traded, killed, created, tainted, destroyed...
It has no name yet speaks it
It has no body yet feels it
It has no soul yet the Spirit reigns...

The closest to identity one can ever call the Wind
is as one feels to be a part
of God"s Breath.

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Ernest Rutherford peeked at the atom with the energy of curiosity inside
Some say he is the father of nuclear science
That is what some say

Tiny little things that go bump-and-sway
and when certain parameters are met]
certain conditions sent[

Mother comes in and blows it

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Three packs of coyotes howled the night away. A triangle around filled with sound.
In the morning light, there on the ridge, four black wolves played. While the drama unfolded as it must, the deer sought haven in the canyon tree's. Inspirational? ha! Just a part of reality.


Mountain lions stalk with determination,
to leap and eat and be

Coyotes, the trickster of worlds say
Did you hear?
With territory infringed they now
become the prey

It was not the colors of black unfolding
nor the tracks or size
or howl
but there is something...

In blood flowing as those sinewy muscles flex
Speed upon snow untouched
Contrast between life and death

In blood flowing through artery and vein
In a soul binding many worlds
Inside a heart
it was the vibrations,
vibrations so strong
it made the World right, if only the people
and within closed eyes...

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Inspired by some wonderful poetry I just read and a yellow jacket.


Yellow paint faded, a machine called a grader, graded
In a world white and cold, high atop a hill where once paced in dust
small footsteps

It is a world of meadows and forest
Filled with butterflies flying backwards in a wind
The view, panoramic

Wild flowers picked by soft hands in Summers past
now, deep with the memories of Winters snow fallen
a blanket keeping vole and mouse secure,
waiting for the shadow of hawk and owl, once the melting is done

Rumbling along in thoughts as the machine clears a path for progress
Hydraulic fluid flowing hot, heating up ideas and choices
with snow flakes falling, falling, falling...

how fitting for what can be
a yellow jacket takes the dare, takes wing, takes flight
Warmed by machinery it awoke and flew away as if free

There was no sting, no buzzing, no worries
just the wonder of Summer mixed with Winter as the insect sought sleep in Fall
leading me to dream of

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Post February 21, 2019, 09:59:47 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Blue sky peeking between the layers
Lovers moaning between the covers
Fighters crossing the line

Thank goodness there exists
such wonderful diversions
filling the tummy and mind
with diet soda
and chips

So much has been written about food
So much more will be
and just when you think you cannot eat another bite
chocolate is offered and served.

"Hey shithead, what's your fixation with chocolate lately?"

Well parasite, I could just as well ask you about your fetish with dolphins. So, what is it you find so attractive about a noisy fish?

"Dolphins are not fish, they are, they are, they are... Wonderful!"

I rest my case parasite. You're ill. Want some chocolate?

"Sigh. Sure. But none of that Hershey shit. Hershey chocolate is rejected candle wax."

I agree. This stuff is the Swiss kind. Enjoy.

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Post February 22, 2019, 05:43:33 AM

Charcoal Beak Returns


More health struggles, but I am having a strong month this month!

And for utterly the wrong reasons, the clock ticked down on Enter and crew's Story Anthology that will be in real print!
And so, as a further step for my Healing, I must write to a Deadline! I have Eight Days.

And ... it just happens my Eight Days ... for a Savannahs Anthology ... are in Black History month!

so I swapped out some other books that can wait for another story, I've been building a small ... in number ... collection of Black Literature in my Library for months.

I have a couple of life care appointments coming up, but nothing has urged me to write, and I really was displaying dismaying errancy regarding Ente's project!

But I have one more chance, and have not Written for years...

and 7000 words feels like a good word length. I haven't done any Flash studies yet, but for decades over in Fun I've not done well with Flash - just not enough room to really develop a complex story. I don't recall anything from 15 years ago, back when I was stronger, but I roughly recall over the 5000 word mark I could begin to dig in.

One of my favorite numbers is 8, "and its little brother 4", besides them being Not-Biblical, those two numbers just Do things, and it turns out the number 8 Matters for my story!

So some other day depending on the Re-Use rights and time's perspective, to add another thousand words and send it here!

I'll probably start a Black History Month thread if there isn't one, I think that needs to get at least a couple eyeballs before we "get confused and forget"!

One reason I didn't write for so long is I refuse to make a "half baked junk story". If I miss a beat so be it, but this story will take work! But it's a bit exciting, I made my chess rating goal a couple weeks ago, that's out of my head, and this story is going to tackle some tough subjects!

For SIXTY YEARS people have noticed the fear of taking risks in writing in SF/Fantasy/Genre, and I'm not an innocent Yankee kid anymore.

Health, Love, and the "World of Uncertainty the White Men Created"!

First Hug starts with you Parasite. Next, the Villiage.

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Post February 23, 2019, 08:10:04 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Health is very important indeed. Health of body, mind and soul. Good to hear you're strong this month.

Numbers are fun... thankfully there is only one parasite. Man, what a horror it would be if there were two, three , four... and eight? Yikes! I'd move to Pluto.

"I heard that. And just for your information, one of the dolphins is expecting. I'm thinking it will be a parasite, but have to wait and see."

That's great parasite. Thinking though that you're incapable of being male let alone female and so thinking the dolphin will just have another dolphin.

"No I... shit... yeah... you're probably correct. But good to see charcoal beak is still alive, though when it crashes and burns I'm gonna eat all of it's chocolate before that rebirth crap happens."

I'm sure you will parasite. I'm sure you will.

As for your deadline Tao, write well as words will fall into place if pushed to enter reality. Words are pesky little creatures on par with herding cats through a mouse infested meadow. Thankfully writers are the masters of words and not the other way around. I'm sure you will succeed.

today's bit of inspiration came from a call asking me to use a tractor and dispose of a horse that slipped and fell. People driving by it for a day thought the horse was dead when in fact it was very much alive. over 24 hours the horse lay on its back with its legs poking upwards towards the sky.

the man calling told me he towed it it to a safer place in hope is would survive, and it did, but never regained footing. so the man shot it in the head.

31 years old is old for a horse though time is relative. 31 days, 31,000 years, 31 billion millenia... the same actually.

nice to see the suffering over though, as no life should have to endure endless pain and punishment for payment in exchange for the bliss of death.

so, I towed the carcass up into a field studded with many rocks. it is here the final resting place will be for a horse who only a couple of days ago, lived across the four strand barb wired fence, eating with the other horses. now, its body will feed birds and coyotes for days to come. fitting testament for life and death, and definitely inspirational for a poem.

Legs carry the burdens of daily journeys
From a womb they come kicking, as only from the beginning they kicked in the womb

Strengthened with travel they gave a body of experience
Climbing, crawling, dancing, running, standing still...

Listen, can you hear? In the distance the coyote calls
the magpies caws
the maggots wait in frozen tomb

Movement of life so full, so vibrant and demanding
Wanting a belly full
Wanting to learn and be and hear and see
to taste and touch
and fuck
yes, and cry, and hurt, and age...

The legs grew old, so old, standing now along a fence watching the cars, the people, the traffic
those with other legs

In the end, gravity won
Gravity of time and planet takes all
all that is
except what was and will be

A spirit journey now, one free from bridles, saddles, even legs
Taking wing with what has no constraints or boundaries
no fence
no roads
no planets
nothing of this world or others
a journey now
of peace.


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