Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

burp... " So?"

"So? What so, parasite?"

"So, how did you like green grapes?"

"Not so much, mine had seeds. But I did enjoy the canned dog food. Never imagined real beef byproducts could be so yummy."

"I'll have to try it but that's for next time. What do you want to do now?"

"What do you want to do?"

This dialogue between a spider and parasite went on and on, starting to sound eerily like some old comedy on the television. After a few minutes a new voice sounded.

"You both are fucking retarded..."

"And who are you? Another creature from Robin's imagination?" The parasite truly was a prick.

"I am a rock," was the stone cold reply.

"Hey, I know you rock. We've talked before." Fred beamed.

"Ha! Spiders with ice skates inside a fish, and now a stupid fucking rock that talks. What's next? Intelligent ice cream?"

"Hey. Parasite. Quick question. Have you ever played rock, scissors, paper?" The cold voice of the rock queried.

"Uh, nope. Sounds retarded like you."

Whack! SPLAT!


Fred exclaimed, "Wow, so that's how that game is played. Cool. Rock smashes parasite."

Unfazed the rock asked Fred, "You want to play the game also?"

"Nope. I'm fine. Hey, wanna try some of this canned dog food?"

"No. Rocks don't eat."

"That's cool, lets play chess."

(to be continued)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

"Hey, you can't do that. A pawn cannot move three places forward and then slide sideways all across the board."

"I'm a spider. I can do any damn thing I want. Oh, by the way, checkmate."

The rock pondered long and hard. Rocks have been known to ponder for centuries so it did not take long for Fred to state again, "Checkmate."

Now, rocks are not the brightest, that's for sure. Their hottest and brightest moment is usually the one where they pop out of a volcano, shriek while falling out of the sky or getting toasted in a forest fire.This rock Fred had made friends with was really no different. At least, as far as this world is concerned. As for the other worlds, that would just bore a reader.

"I beat you. I beat you. Naw na na na Naaaw na..."

CRASH! The rock bounced around the board, smashing all the plastic chess pieces to pieces. "You wanna be next to get squished spider?

Too late as Fred immediately sought safer ground, hanging by fine thread of webbing suspended off the ceiling. "Rock, you're a sore loser. But if you want we can do something you want to do. So, what would you like to do."

"I'd like to go take a nap. All this movement is tiring."

"You go for it rock. I think I'll go raid the fridge. I think Robin left some stale bologna in there. It should be turning green by now.

(to be continued)

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Find anything good in there Fred?

">yEp>... oh, hello Robin. Heard you were traveling. Was it fun?"

Yes and no. Learned a lot. Saw a lot. Last night was a doozy that's for sure. But enough about me, haven't talked with you in awhile, how's it been going?

"Well, first I got buried in snow, then I was made into a frozen flower for a snowman some snot nosed kid made, and then I went ice skating and fell through the ice and got ate by a fish, and then the parasite came along and blew it all to shit and I made friends with a rock who is lousy at chess and now I'm here eating old mac and cheese. Want some?"

Nope. Help yourself. So, where is the parasite lurking today?

"Ha! He played rock, scissor and paper with a rock. The rock smashed him into really tiny pieces of mush. Don't think you'll be seeing it in a while."

Doubtful. That parasite is one persistent creature. I'm sure it will be coming along soon. Anyway, good talking with you Fred. Keep safe. Watch out for mudslides.

Munch, munch, munch... "You too Robin, don't get squished tomorrow when you set those trusses."

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Good day, got a guy to help me set trusses today on a 40x60 shop. He said he'll be back working full time. If he does, great. If he does not, great. Learned a long time ago that people are highly unreliable, unless one considers causing grief to be reliable.

Once had to fire an employee because they said Margareta was possessed by demons and they were going to tear her head off... Kinda hard to have those kind of employee's around. Was fun to see though, and I still wonder who would have won the fight.

Today's inspiration came as the result of helping Joe and Connie deliver a calf that was too large for the mother cow to do on her own. Most wonderful. Haven't done that for years and the memories flooded back as Joe got covered in cow water and shit. Took awhile but after hooking chains with half hitches around the calf's legs and using the ratchet puller, the little bugger slid out.

The mother cow was released and the process complete. Poor little guy took a bit to start breathing even after clearing the mouth and nostril.

For those who never get to witness the miracle of birth, it truly is a wonderful sight indeed.


Shell of security cracked to reveal the soft fragile
Umbilical severed causing either life or death

Cell division of untold numbers when it all boils down to number one

Heat to mature
Cold to survive

Winds blowing gale, this wind called

Swirling around as nose meets tail
Consuming death
Creating life
Life ending
Life beginning

Did it ever stop?
This answer is
it is

Life always was
and always
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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Somehow "miracle of birth" doesn't sound so appealing when it involves chains and a hand-winch. Those come-alongs can be the perfect ticket sometimes, though, and it's good to know everything came out okay ... and in one piece ... ;-)
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Good point Lester. To have to aid in the natural process does seem... unnatural.

The cow yesterday started the birthing process in the morning and it was not until 4:00 pm that human hands intervened. Sadly, the calf died last night in the middle of the night. Too much too late. Body temp dropped constantly and the lungs had sucked in too much fluid.

But, what is natural and unnatural? Mankind now can fly the skies without the aid of feathered wings due to the mechanical ingenuity of airplanes. With intellect it is only natural to aspire to do the unnatural. In the ranchers case, it was natural to use the knowledge of veterinary science to save the calf.

Joe told me today that if they had not noticed the pre birth mucus protruding from the cow, most likely the calf would most certainly have died, and then started to rot, thus causing the death of the cow. To a rancher it is about life (most ranchers truly love those beasts they care for) and it is about money as that is their source of cash.

Yes, you raise a good point also in that death is truly a sounding board for what genetics are to be passed on and which are not.

Not too long ago, 'primitive' humans bore children. If there were complications, they died and taken out of the gene pool. It was common for some woman to birth and then continue working. Today the science has proceeded to the point of saving so many with technology BUT it has not advanced to the point of solving the reasons why such lives were put into harms way.

Joe told me that in the past he has had to pull out dead, rotting calves out of the cow. He said they usually are so rotten they come out in pieces.

The 'miracle of life' is indeed, a miracle. Today, so many learned and well educated humans have tried to 'create' life. Using all the means available, they have failed. Amazing. It raises the question of how a planet borne of space matter, heat, energy... to somehow come to a moment where life was 'created'. Luck? Coincidence? Fate?

Some say life was seeded from the stars by a passing comet or impact from some other form of life-bearing matter. All well and good, but where did that life come from?

Religion or not. God, or god, or not. It does indeed give a mind something to ponder. A mystery that amazes many to no end.

I find life to truly be amazing. All forms of life. Virus's, bacteria, cells, anything that divides, duplicates, asexual, sexual, as with life so many other stories can be lived and written.

Good to hear from you Lester. And as always, you have provided me the inspiration to write.
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Post January 18, 2018, 01:33:47 PM

Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

Sad cow, dead baby ... too bad, but, yes, farmers do care about their livestock--aka, livelihood. Dead calf rotting inside the cow, though ... something I never thought of, but can immediately understand.

I've studied astrobiology, and I'm pretty convinced that if we ever get out into space and meet alien life, we'll recognize it immediately as such. From the molecular level up, there are a great many reasons that life will take a recognizable form. Most of this has to do with life being a lazy process that takes the easiest route; it does this because life is in fact a temporary violation of the laws of thermodynamics. It will be made of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and a few other elements, mostly because they're abundant everywhere and combine and react readily. So, whoever we meet out there will likely drink water and breathe oxygen (there are some that breathe methane, but they don't get far). If they live on land they'll probably be bilaterally symmetric because that form has convenient advantages; they'll be comfortable in roughly the same range of temperatures we are: cool enough to prevent heat-destruction of cells, yet warm enough to allow critical biochemistry. Cell walls, for example ... they form spontaneously from non-living lipids--proto-life can form inside them without having to expend effort to create them. Then, as the life grows more complex, it can develop the ability to make lazy use of this spontaneous process and to manipulate it so as to control access to the outside of the cell.

Astronomers are looking for planets bearing liquid water because that's the kind of place we could most likely find alien life. It's the realtors' motto: "Location, location, location."
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?

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Re: Writers Parasite [Contains Adult Language & Situations]

It all works out though, in a weird way. Joe told me today that they had a cow throw out some twins. So, lose one, gain one.

I agree with what you wrote about life but will expand it a bit. Many of the elements here on this planet are the exact ones out 'there'. Gold, iron, even mixtures of elements such as H2O. However, there are other elements out 'there' that are not a part of our world.

There have been some recent experiments conducted by scientists that under controlled conditions of extreme (pressures, energy, etc...) there have been momentary creations of new elements. But once the conditions are returned to normal, the element does not survive.

Life is and may indeed be a temporary and lazy violation, Democrats are proof of such (Oh, I do enjoy making myself giggle). However, I feel the most complicated things in life become so complex they become simple, again, Democrats and Republicans are proof of such. Drooling, mindless idiots comes to mind.

Mathematics as this planet knows it starts out very simple and logical: 1+1=2. Similar to the biologic map you portray. Yet, it advances quickly into theory and the realm of extremely complex. Dimensional theory. Chaos theory. All so intricate and complex yet all so closely related with roots going to 1+1=2 (and for me 1+1=3).

For me it does not matter if life out 'there' is lazy, complex, predictable, and similar to life here on this rock. As there is also life out there the likes of which humans cannot even fathom the possibility let alone the how and why.

What does matter for me is that life is life. It exists, and then again, does it? Is this dimension a dream? A matrix of electronic impulses? A game? Humans think they exist, but what is existence 'here' may just turn out to be a simple and lazy illusion on a whole other level.

And, thanks again Lester for the inspiration to write what I just did as I tried to point out that such dialogue and thoughts are the mainstay for fantasy writers, for science fiction writers, for philosophers...

There is so much that is known and yet an infinity of unknown.

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