Formal Dinner and Demon Dreams by Matt Spencer

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Formal Dinner and Demon Dreams by Matt Spencer

I did not finish this story.

No author likes to hear this, and I'm sorry for that.

Still, it's better to hear something rather than nothing from your audience, and no one commented on this one. I made it about a fifth of the way, started skipping ahead. When I was about a third of the way, I threw in the towel.

Good title, but I was not hooked by the opener, and no other bits caught my eye as I skipped ahead. I sincerely hope that this was just me, that others finished, and that another Aphelionite can give a better review.

Best of luck, and again my apologies.

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Re: Formal Dinner and Demon Dreams by Matt Spencer

I did finish the story. It starts out slow, I will admit, but the characterisation is good, particularly at the dinner party; the plot is well done and the plot twists are believable in the context of the story. I'll admit that, like the vicar, I don't quite like the protaganist's methods of resolving the plot, but it was sensible in context and matched his character. I particularly liked the way that the protagonist was set up as a villain at the start of the story, although that scene did drag a bit (but I'm not entirely sure how it could have successfully been made shorter, either).

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